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Tower of Fantasy Zero build 2024: Combo, Gameplay, Matrices & More

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Zero Build in Tower of Fantasy.

Best Zero build guides for Tower of Fantasy 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Tower of Fantasy builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Zero build for the meta. Learn more about Zero’s Weapon, Awakening Traits, Advancement, Matrices, Combo & Gameplay.


Element: Fire
Role: Support


Negating Cube
Negating Cube

Build Matrices

4-SetBest Zero Build Matrices
2To switch to the current weapon, use a discharge skill. Gain a shield equivalent to 120%/150%/180%/210% of ATK for 4 seconds.
4When the shield is in effect, you and your allies deal an additional 16%, 20%, 24%, and 28% of damage.

A defense unit that focuses on shielding and healing his team, which gets much stronger with his 3rd advancement. He excels in group play where he can provide an AOE damage immunity buff (discharge) and damage increase buff (matrices).

Awakening Traits

Accurate CalculationOverall Planning
1200 Awakening4000 Awakening
Reduce the amount of time that Relics have to cool down by 1.5 seconds when Zero employs a weapon skill. can only be used once every five seconds for the same weapon.Reduce the amount of time that Relics have to cool down by three seconds when Zero employs a weapon skill. can only be used once every five seconds for the same weapon.


1In addition to dealing damage, this orb also creates a healing effect that lasts for 20 seconds and restores a teammate’s HP to 60% of their ATK. A two-second delay.
2Up the base ATK growth of the current weapon by sixteen percent.
3Shorten the 60-second skill cooldown to 30 seconds. While the shield is active, restore HP equal to 30% of ATK every second.
4Boost the base HP growth of the current weapon by 32%.
5A damage orb is also released when a target is damaged; it lasts for 20 seconds and gives a 2% 30-second boost to all of a teammate’s damage and healing. Stack ten times or more. The skill has a 2.5-second cooldown.
6Allies receive damage and healing orbs proportional to the quantity of Omnium Cubes when they use an ability.


Name SkillType
Normal AttackAttack
Omnium MissileJump,
Energy OverflowJump,
Hold: Attack
Omnium ShockAttack,
Hold: Attack

Energy Sentinel
Energy MissilePassive
Soul SurgeDodge
Omnium Shield
Omnium WaveDischarge

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