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Best Fanny build 2024: Items, Emblems & Strategy [Mobile Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Fanny Build in Mobile Legends. I will assist you in playing this Fanny champion more effectively in Rank and Classic.

Best Fanny build guides for Mobile Legends 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Mobile Legends builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Fanny build for the meta. Learn more about Fanny’s abilities, Items, Emblems & Strategy.

Role: Assassin – Gold: 24000$ | 499 Diamond

Specialty: Chase/Reap

Lane: Jungle

Hero Tier: A

Movement SPD: 265Physical Attack: 126
Magic Power: 0Physical Defense:19
Magical Defense: 10  HP: 2526
Mana: 0Attack Speed: 0.894
Hp Regen: 6.6Mana Regen: 0

Fanny Spells Build

Spells are something that you can utilize in-game to give Fanny an extra skill.

Fanny Items Build

You need get the strongest items for Fanny. This is how to make your heroes stronger and easier to win.



Sustained DPS

Pro Build (Recommend)

Effects items build:

EffectsRecommend Items
Physical AttackBloodlust_AxeWar AxeBlade_of_DespairBlade _of_the_HeptaseasMalefic RoarHunter Strike
CD ReductionBloodlust_AxeQueen's WingsWar AxeHunter Strike
Movement SpeedWarrior_BootsBlade_of_DespairIce Hunter's Tough Boots
HPQueen's WingsBrute_Force_BreastplateWar AxeBlade _of_the_Heptaseas
Physical PenetrationMalefic Roar
Spell VampQueen's Wings
Physical DefenseBrute_Force_BreastplateImmortality
HP RegenImmortality

Fanny Emblems Build

Emblems are enhancements for Fanny that provide effects as well as bonus attributes.

Fanny Assassin emblems set 1:


Fanny Assassin emblems set 2:


Fanny Fighter emblems set:


Fanny Skill Order

Skill Order: Skill 2 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1.

Tornado Strike
Tornado Strike
Steel Cable
Steel Cable

Cut Throat
Cut Throat

Effects from skills’s Fanny:

Passive (Air Superiority): Buff.

Skill 1 (Tornado Strike): AoE | Type: Physical Skill.

Skill 2 (Steel Cable): Charge | Type: Charge.

Skill 3 (Cut Throat): Burst Blink | Type: Physical Skill/Blink.

Fanny Combo

These are the basic combos for Fanny, I hope you’ll do well with it.

Combo 1: Skill 2 -> Skill 1.

Steel CableSteel Cable -> Tornado StrikeTornado Strike

Combo 2: Skill 2 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 2.

Steel CableSteel Cable -> Cut ThroatCut Throat -> Tornado StrikeTornado Strike -> Steel CableSteel Cable

Fanny Pros & Cons

+ High damage.
+ Mobile hero.
+ An incredible snowballer.
+ Fast farmer.
– Weak in late game.
– Reliant on walls to use skill 2.
– High energy cost.
– Requires high skill and very hard to control.

Fanny’s Rival & Teammates

Fanny is strong against: Estes, Karina, Layla, Natalia, Bruno.

Fanny is weak against: Akai, Chou, Ruby, Eudora, Franco.

Fanny must team up with: Nana + Layla + Johnson + Zilong.

Fanny Play Strategy

Fanny is an Assassin has high damage, mobile and fast farm. You can use Fanny for Jungle.


Spells are suitable for Fanny:

Retribution->Ice Retribution

Using spell Retribution for Fanny jungle.

Update: Retribution -> Ice Retribution.

Items are suitable for Fanny:

Attack Items:

Bloodlust_AxeWar AxeBlade_of_DespairBlade _of_the_HeptaseasMalefic RoarHunter Strike

Defense Items:

Queen's WingsImmortalityBrute_Force_Breastplate

Movement Items:

Warrior_BootsIce Hunter's Tough Boots

If you like Fanny jungle you can use combo items: Bloodlust Axe, Flame Hunter’s Warrior Boots, Queen’s Wings, Brute Force Breastplate, War Axe, Immortality.

If you like Fanny burst you can use combo items: Bloodlust Axe, Warrior Boots, War Axe, Blade of Despair, Queen’s Wings, Immortality.

If you like Fanny sustained DPS you can use combo items: Bloodlust Axe, Warrior Boots, Blade of Despair, Queen’s Wings, War Axe, Immortality.

If you like Fanny pro build you can use combo items: Ice Hunter’s Tough Boots, Blade of the Heptaseas, Malefic Roar, Hunter Strike, Blade of Despair, Immortality.

Emblems are suitable for Fanny:

Assassin emblems set:

  • Adaptive Penetration: +16.
  • Adaptive Attack: + 10.
  • Movement Speed: +3%.

Fighter emblems set:

  • Spell Vamp: +10%.
  • Adaptive Attack: +22.
  • Hybrid Defense: +6.

Best lane for Fanny:


Exp Lane
Mid Lane
Gold Lane

Win/Ban/Pick Rate for Fanny:

  • Win Rate: 57.2%.
  • Pick Rate: 1.73%.
  • Ban Rate: 32.31%.

Fanny best for rank:


How to play Fanny:

Fanny is a highly mobile assassin in Mobile Legends. But, she is difficult to master.

Her mobility and damage output allow her to quickly move around the map and secure kills. However, if she falls behind in gold and experience, she can become less effective.

Fanny should attack high priority enemies, like the enemy marksman or mage.


Early game (level 1-7): Fanny is one of the strongest heroes. She needs to focus on farming to get her core items as soon as possible to increase her damage output.

Mid game (level 8-12): Fanny should try to secure objectives such as turrets and the Lord to give her team an advantage.

Late game (level 13+): Fanny’s main role in the late game is to provide utility for her team by isolating targets, controlling the enemy’s movements, and providing vision.

Fanny Skills

Passive – Air Superiority

Fanny applies a stack of Prey Mark (up to 2 stacks) and 10%–20% more damage (scales with flying speed) to every foes she hits during combat. On subsequent skill strikes against heroes of marked enemies, she receives 8 energy per stack restored. If she hits numerous enemy heroes in a short period of time, the energy regeneration is lowered.

Skill 1 – Tornado Strike

When Fanny spins her blades, the enemy in the area take physical damage from 300 to 540 (+80% Total Physical Attack).

Skill 2 – Steel Cable

Fanny fires a cable in the desired direction, which pushes her toward the first struck barrier. She has two seconds to cast this spell once more before her energy runs out. The energy cost of the skill is reduced by 2 with each subsequent cast.

As long as she has enough energy, Fanny automatically casts Tornado Strike when she collides with an enemy while in flight.

Skill 3 – Cut Throat

With her swords, Fanny leaps at the targeted enemy hero or Creep, dealing 500-860 (+240% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage. This damage is increased by 20% for every stack of the target’s Prey Mark.

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