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Best Alice build 2023 :: Items, Emblems & Strategy [Mobile Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Alice Build in Mobile Legends. I will assist you in playing this Alice champion more effectively in Rank and Classic.

Best Alice build guides for Mobile Legends 2023. I works hard to keep my’s Mobile Legends builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Alice build for the meta. Learn more about Alice’s abilities, Items, Emblems & Strategy.

Role: Mage/Tank – Gold: 15000$ | 399 Diamond

Specialty: Charge/Regen

Lane: EXP | Mid

Hero Tier: S+

Movement SPD: 240Physical Attack: 114
Magic Power: 0Physical Defense: 21
Magical Defense: 10  HP: 2573
Mana: 493Attack Speed: 0.8
Hp Regen: 7.2Mana Regen: 3.6

Alice Spells Build

Alice Items Build

Sustained DPS

Late-game Core


Pro Build (Recommend)

Alice Emblems Build

Alice Mage emblems set:


Alice Skill Order

Skill Order: Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 2.

Flowing Blood
Flowing Blood
Flowing Blood
Blood Awe
Blood Awe
Blood Ode
Blood Ode

Effects from skills’s Alice:

Passive (Blood Ancestry): Buff.

Skill 1 (Flowing Blood): Blink AoE | Type: Magic Skill/Blink.

Skill 2 (Blood Awe): CC AoE | Type: Magic Skill.

Skill 3 (Blood Ode): AoE HEAL | Type: Magic Skill.

Alice Combo

These are the basic combos for Alice, I hope you’ll do well with it.

Combo 1: Skill 1 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> AA.

Flowing BloodFlowing Blood -> Flowing BloodFlowing Blood -> Blood AweBlood Awe -> AA

Combo 2: Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> AA

Flowing BloodFlowing Blood -> Blood OdeBlood Ode -> Flowing BloodFlowing Blood -> Blood AweBlood Awe -> AA

Alice Pros & Cons

+ Good initiator.
+ Extremely tanks late game.
+ Good harasser in lane.
+ Highly mobile for a tank.
+ Decent sustained damage.
– High Mana usage. Is susceptible to running out of Mana in a team fight if not managed correctly.
– Needs time to come online as a tank. Cannot be played as a main tank in most team compositions.

Alice’s Rival & Teammates

Alice is strong against: Karrie, Sun, Layla, Natalia, Aurora.

Alice is weak against: Chou, Hanabi, Aldous, Harley, Fanny.

Alice must team up with: Aldous + Chou + Estes.

Alice Play Strategy

Alice is a Mage/Tank has good harasser in lane, highly mobile and tanks late game. You can use Alice for EXP lane and Mid lane.


Spells are suitable for Alice:


Using spell Vengeance for Alice mid lane.

Items are suitable for Alice:

Magic Items:

Clock_of_DestinyEnchanted_TalismanWinter_TruncheonHoly_CrystalIce_Queen_WandBlood_WingsLightning TruncheonGenius_WandGlowing_WandShadow Twinblades

Defense Items:


Movement Items:


If you like Alice sustained DPS you can use combo items: Clock of Destiny, Demon Shoes, Enchanted Talisman, Winter Truncheon, Holy Crystal, Ice Queen Wand.

If you like Alice late-game Core you can use combo items: Enchanted Talisman, Demon Shoes, Clock of Destiny, Winter Truncheon, Holy Crystal, Blood Wings.

If you like Alice burst you can use combo items: Enchanted Talisman, Demon Shoes, Lightning Truncheon, Genius Wand, Holy Crystal, Glowing Wand.

If you like Alice pro build you can use combo items: Demon Shoes, Clock of Destiny, Dominance Ice, Lightning Truncheon, Shadow Twinblades, Winter Truncheon.

Emblems are suitable for Alice:


Mage emblems set:

  • Magical PEN: +13.5.
  • Magic Power: +17.
  • Cooldown Reduction: 5%.
  • Magical Lifesteal: +5%.
  • Movement SPD: +2%.

Best lane for Alice:


Exp LaneX
Mid LaneX
Gold Lane

Win/Ban/Pick Rate for Alice:

  • Win Rate: 57.74%.
  • Pick Rate: 1.04%.
  • Ban Rate: 0.63%.

Alice best for rank:

Mythical Glory
Mythical Glory

How to play Alice:

Try to practice skill 1 (Flowing Blood) as this is a fundamental part of her kit. Use skill 1 often to give your team vision of the enemy team, to poke and to avoid being ganked. Make sure you always have at least enough Mana to cast your first skill.

Try to kite melee heroes with skill 2 (Blood Awe). You can also use this in combination with skill 1 (Flowing Blood) to chase down enemies or to run away.

Try to position yourself near as many enemies as possible in teamfights when use skill 3 (Blood Ode). She becomes more tanky the more enemies there are around.

When running away, try to use skill 2 (Blood Awe) before blinking for a better chance of survival.

Alice may struggle to deal enough damage to take down tankier enemies and is susceptible to being kited if crowd controlled.


Early game (level 1-7): Alice is a versatile and potent hero in the early game, able to hold her own against most opponents.

Mid game (level 8-12): Alice’s power really starts to shine in the mid game, as she gains more items and levels. She can easily turn team fights in her team’s favor

Late game (level 13+): Always be on the lookout to start teamfights and communicate with your team on when you intend to go in with your blink.

Alice Skills

Passive – Blood Ancestry

A blood orb is generated whenever a minion dies around Alice, which can be absorbed by her, increasing her Max HP by 10 permanently and restoring 50 Mana for her. After absorbing 12/25/50 blood orbs, she will permanently gain additional 10% CD Reduction/15% shield received and HP Restoration/40 Movement Speed, respectively.

Skill 1 – Flowing Blood

Alice casts a sphere of blood energy in the target direction, dealing 400–600 (+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies in its path.

Use Again: Alice immediately teleports to the blood sphere’s location.

Skill 2 – Blood Awe

Alice deals 270–395 (+90% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to nearby enemies, immobilizing them for 1.2 seconds and slowing them by 70% for 0.8 seconds afterwards.

Skill 3 – Blood Ode

Alice enters the blood-draining state, continuously consuming 40–80 Mana and dealing 120–160 (+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to surrounding enemies every 0.5 seconds. She also recovers 60–80 (+20% Total Magic Power) HP each time she damages an enemy (50% of this amount for non-hero enemies. The blood-draining state lasts until Alice runs out of Mana or the skill is cast again.

Other MLBB Heroes Build:

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