TFT Builds Set 11

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about champions & comps build in TFT Set 11. Learn more about champions ’s items and synergies.

I works hard to keep my’s Teamfight Tactics builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best champions (Synergies) build for the meta.


TFT Champion build

Each champion in TFT set 11 will have different abilities and synergies. Depending on their role, we build the most suitable items set.

Pick 1 champion to learn about champion’s abilities, items, comps, synergies & stats.

TFT Synergies Build

I will help you build the strongest team comp in TFT season 11. These are the team comp that I have experienced and won high positions on the rankings.

I don’t believe they will help you win, but my perspectives will make it easier for you to build your team.


Dragonlord TFT: Dragon will attack to deal true damage to enemies and increase attack speed to allies.

Dryad TFT: General Dryad will receive magical power and 100 HP. When an enemy dies, additional health will be granted to Dryad.

Fated TFT: Fated Bonus will be unlocked when you drop a Fated champion on another Fated champion to create a pair. Your pair gains 20% HP.

Fortune TFT: You will gain luck when you lose the match and lose luck when you win. During the match, you proceed to convert luck into rewards by Roll a die.

Ghostly TFT: Ghostly champions will send 2 ghosts to haunt enemies near, restoring 4.5% health in 2 seconds when dealing damage or receiving damage 7 times. Haunted enemies will take additional damage for each spectre.

Heavenly TFT: Heavenly grants unique stat bonuses to champions in the squad. 2-stars increase by 50%. 3-stars increased by 90%.

Inkshadow TFT: You will receive unique Inkshadow items. Inkshadow champions will take additional damage and reduce damage dealt by enemies.

Lovers TFT: Depending on which Lover is positioned in the front or rear two rows, switch up who goes into the field. The other gives an additional effect when the fielded Lover casts.

Mythic TFT: Mythic champions will gain health, attack speed and magic power. Becomes Epic after 4 people fighting, increases bonus by 50%.

Porcelain TFT: Porcelain champions will have increased attack speed and take less damage than after casting.

Storyweaver TFT: Storyweavers will summon Kayle and evolve her. Storyweaver’s maximum health is increased. At each star level, Storyweaver will increase Kayle’s health and magic power. Kayle gains 20% attack speed for each phase of the match.

Umbral TFT: At the beginning of the match, the moon will appear to illuminate the hexagons, shielding the champions placed in them. Umbral champions in the illuminated hexagon will destroy the enemy with the lowest health.


Altruist TFT: Your team gains magic resist and armor. Altruist will heal the ally with the lowest health for 15% of the damage they deal.

Arcanist TFT: Arcanist champions will gain magical power and provide magical power to allies.

Artist TFT: Artist will draw a champion that you have placed in a special box. Receive a 1-star copy of the champion placed there upon completion.

Behemoth TFT: Behemoth champion has increased armor and magic resistance. When a Behemoth champion dies, the nearest Behemoth champion will increase by 50% for 5 seconds.

Bruiser TFT: Your team will receive 100 maximum health. Bruisers will have their maximum health increased.

Duelist TFT: Duelists will gain increased attack speed on each attack, stacking up to 12 times.

Exalted TFT:

Great TFT: After 3 uses, Wukong will upgrade his weapons and adjust his abilities.

Invoker TFT: Invoker champions receive mana after 3 seconds.

Reaper TFT: Reapers can critically strike. Reapers will make enemies bleed.

Sage TFT: When the match takes place, champions in the front 2 rows receive Omnivamp. champions in the 2 rows behind receive magical power.

Sniper TFT: Innate: Get 1 Attack Range for Snipers. Snipers will deal more damage to distant enemies.

Spirit Walker TFT: When Spirit Walker’s health is below 50%, Udyr will unleash his strength, heal, increase running speed and change his ability from Ram Slam to Tiger Strikes.

Trickshot TFT: When activating the attribute, Trickshots will create each bounce and deal a percentage of the damage of the previous bounce. Applies to Rakan’s healing.

Warden TFT: Warden’ champions will receive reduced damage. They will receive an additional 12% damage reduction for the first 10 seconds.

How To Play TFT ?

Being the last person standing in an eight-player free-for-all match is the ultimate aim of TFT. Throughout the game, you must gather things and gold, as well as make choices that will allow you to assemble a squad of units with a variety of skills and weaknesses.

Your team will be strengthened with enhanced properties if you put together units that work well together. During the rounds, your unit team will randomly face off against the other players’ teams.

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