TFT Builds Set 7

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Champions Build in TFT (Teamfight Tactics).

Best champions (Synergies) build guides for TFT set 7. I works hard to keep my’s TFT builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best champions (Synergies) build for the meta. Learn more about champions (Synergies)’s items and comps.

TFT Champion build

TFT Synergies Build

Origin set 7:

Astral TFT: Every 5th Shop has increased odds to show Astral champions, and also grants an Astral orb.

Guild TFT: Grant a unique bonus to your team; Guild allies gain double the amount. Increases for each Guild member in play!

Jade TFT: Summon movable Jade Statues that grow in power. Each combat, allies adjacent to a statue gain Attack Speed and maximum Health healing every 2 seconds. When a statue is destroyed, it deals 50% of its Health as magic damage to nearby enemies.

Mirage TFT: Variations: Electric Overload, Warlord, Pirate, Dawnbringer, Executioner, Spellsword, Duelist

Ragewing TFT: Innate: Convert Mana to Rage; attacks generate 15 Rage. After casting an Ability, enrage for 4 seconds: 30% Attack Speed but can’t gain Rage.

Revel TFT: After dealing damage with an Ability, launch a firecracker that deals magic damage to a random enemy.

Scalescorn TFT: If you don’t have a Dragon on your team, Scalescorn champions deal bonus magic damage and take 25% reduced damage from enemies with more than 1700 Health.

Shimmerscale TFT: Grant exclusive random Shimmerscale items.

Tempest TFT: After 9 seconds, lightning strikes the battlefield. Enemies are stunned for 2 seconds and take a percent of their maximum Health as true damage. Tempest champions gain Attack Speed.

Trainer TFT: Every round, Trainers feed 1 Snax to Nomsy each, adding Health and Ability Power. Nomsy’s star level increases every 25 Snax!

Whispers TFT: Whispers damage shrinks enemies, reducing their Armor and Magic Resist by 40% for 6 seconds. When they damage a shrunken enemy, Whispers gain stacking bonuses.

Origin: set 6.5

Debonair TFT : Debonair champions gain bonus Health and Ability Power. If there is a Debonair VIP in play, they activate their unique bonus. (Sell the old VIP for a chance to see a new one in your Shop.)

Hextech TFT : At the start of combat and every 5 seconds after, the Hexcore sends out a pulse that charges up allied Hextech champions with a shield for 4 seconds. While the shield is active, attacks deal bonus magic damage on hit. This shield does not stack.

Mastermind TFT : At the start of combat, the Mastermind grants the 2 allies directly in front of him 40% of their maximum Mana.

Rival TFT : This trait is active when you have exactly 1 unique Rival unit, as Rivals refuse to work together. Vi’s mana cost is reduced by 20. Jinx gains 40% Attack Speed for 3 seconds after scoring a takedown.

Academy TFT : Academics have bonus Attack Damage and Ability Power, and can learn from their allies, increasing this bonus whenever an ally casts an ability.

Chemtech TFT : After dropping below 60% Health, Chemtech champions gain 25% Damage Reduction, 50% Attack Speed, and regenerate 5% of their maximum Health each second.

Clockwork TFT : All allies have increased Attack Speed, and additional Attack Speed for each Hextech Augment you own.

Cuddly TFT : Yuumi attaches herself to her nearest ally at start of combat, or to the lowest Health ally after being briefly unattached. Attaching grants the ally a shield equal to a portion of Yuumi’s maximum health, and Yuumi detaches if the shield is broken. While attached Yuumi is untargetable and can’t attack, but gains mana per second, and whenever the ally attacks.

Enforcer TFT : Enforcers detain enemies at the start of combat, temporarily removing them from combat.

Glutton TFT : Once per planning phase, you can feed a unit to Tahm Kench. This unit is consumed, granting permanent bonus stats. The more valuable the unit, the bigger the bonus. To feed Tahm Kench, hover a unit over him until his mouth opens, then release.

Mutant TFT : Mutants gain unique bonuses. These are different each game.

Imperial TFT : At the start of combat, the Imperial who dealt the most damage last combat becomes the Tyrant. The Tyrant deals bonus damage. When the Tyrant dies, the Imperial who has dealt the most damage this combat becomes the new Tyrant.

Mercenary TFT : Gain a treasure chest that opens when you win combat against a player. At the start of each planning phase, roll the dice to add more loot to the chest! The longer you’ve gone without opening the chest, the luckier the dice.

Scrap TFT : At the start of combat, a number of incomplete components on Scrap champions turn into an ephemeral full item for that combat. Additionally, at the start of combat, Scrap champions gain a Health shield increasing with each item equipped in your army.

Sister TFT : Sisters are empowered by trying to one-up each other. Vi’s ability range increases by two hexes. Jinx gains stacking Attack Speed for 3 seconds on takedown.

Socialite TFT : Socialite reveal a spotlight on the battlefield. The unit standing in the spotlight at the start of combat gains unique bonuses.

Syndicate TFT : Chosen allies are cloaked in shadows, gaining Omnivamp, Armor, and Magic Resistance.

Yordle TFT : After combat with a player, a random free Yordle appears on your bench!

Classes set 7:

Assassin TFT: Innate: Leap to the enemy backline when combat starts. Assassins’ Abilities can critically strike and they gain bonus Critical Strike Chance and bonus Critical Strike Damage.

Bruiser TFT: Your team gains bonus maximum Health. Bruisers gain double this bonus.

Cannoneer TFT: Every 5th attack fires a cannon shot that explodes for physical damage around the target.

Cavalier TFT: Innate: Charge quickly towards their target whenever they move. Cavaliers gain Armor and Magic Resist. At the start of combat and after each charge, gain double the amount for 4 seconds.

Dragon TFT: Dragons provide +3 to their origin trait, but require 2 team slots. They also gain 600 bonus Health. This trait is active with exactly 1 Dragon champion.

Dragonmancer TFT: Use the Dragonmancer Blessing item to choose a Hero. The Hero gains massively increased Health and Ability Power, which increases by 5% per star level of your Dragonmancers.

Evoker TFT: Gain Mana whenever an ally or enemy casts an Ability.

Guardian TFT: Once per combat at 50% Health, Guardians shield themselves and their closest ally. Shields stack!

Legend TFT: Each combat: An adjacent ally bestows their spirit to the Legend, which gains 100% of their Health, Armor, and Magic Resistance, plus 40% of their Ability Power.

Mage TFT: Mages cast twice and have modified total Ability Power.

Mystic TFT: Your team gains Magic Resist.

Shapeshifter TFT: Transforming grants bonus maximum Health, and heals for that amount.

Spell-Thief TFT: Nab a new Ability after each cast and at the start of every round.

Starcaller TFT: The first Starcaller to cast their Ability heals you for (2/4/100), depending on their star level.

Swiftshot TFT: Innate: gain 2 hex Attack Range. Swiftshots gain Attack Speed for each hex between themselves and their target.

Warrior TFT: Warrior attacks have a 25% chance to increase the damage of their next attack.

TFT Tips

  • Pick up Pairs Early On.
  • Always try to have an item holder for your late game carry unit.
  • Shotgun Playable Item Components.
  • Always try to have at least two comps in mind when queuing up for a game.
  • Always know what to get from the Carousel and have a backup plan.

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