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Best Irithel build 2023 :: Items, Emblems & Strategy [Mobile Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Irithel Build in Mobile Legends.

Best Irithel build guides for Mobile Legends 2023. I works hard to keep my’s Mobile Legends builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Irithel build for the meta. Learn more about Irithel’s abilities, Items, Emblems & Strategy.

Role: Marksman – Gold: 32000$ | 599 Diamond

Specialty: Reap/Burst

Lane: Gold

Hero Tier: B

Movement SPD: 260Physical Attack: 118
Magic Power: 0Physical Defense: 17
Magical Defense: 10HP: 2540
Mana: 438Attack Speed: 0.826
Hp Regen: 7Mana Regen: 3

Irithel Pros & Cons

+ Burst damage.
+ Escape tool (skill 2).
+ Great kiting.
+ Great critical strike.
+ Armor break.
+ High carry potential.
+ Scales well with items, high damage.
+ Can move while attacking + AOE basic attack, every marksman dream.
– Weak early game.
– Skill dependent.
– Requires item to shine.
– Doesn’t have reliable crowd control.
– Slightly short range for auto attack.
– Need proper coordination with the team.

Irithel Spells Build

Irithel Items Build

Sustainned DPS



Irithel Emblems Build

Irithel Marksman emblems set:


Irithel Assassin emblems set:


Irithel Combo

Best combo for Irithel:

Skill1 > Skill 3 > Skill 2.

Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 3.

Irithel Is Strong Against

Irithel Is Weak Against

Irithel Skills

Passive – Jungle Heart

Irithel’s movement won’t be interrupted by her attacks. She shoots 2 crossbow bolts on each Basic Attack (the bolts take longer to refill), each bolt dealing (+55% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage. Only the first bolt can trigger attack effects.

After traveling 10 units, Irithel will shoot 1 extra bolt on her Basic Attack.

Skill 1 – Strafe

Irithel launches a volley of arrows on the target area, dealing 330–530 (+60% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies within and reducing their Physical Defense by 15–40 for 3 seconds.

Skill 2 – Force of the Queen

Leo lets out a piercing roar, dealing 200–350 (+60% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to nearby enemies and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds.

Skill 3 – Heavy Crossbow

Irithel order Leo to leap in the target direction and empowers her crossbow for 15 seconds. For the duration, she gains 30 extra Movement Speed and shoots an enhanced crossbow bolt on each Basic Attack instead, dealing 120 (+60–80% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to the target and enemies around them. The preparation time of the extra bolt from Jungle Heart is also reduced.

Irithel play Strategy

Irithel and Leo are the definition of late-game monsters, gaining more and more power as the match goes on. The ability to move with Leo while Irithel attacks makes Irithel even more capable of dodging enemy attacks and pumping out damage in the process.

Although you may be riding an enormous beast into battle, it’s important to play safe as Irithel, especially early in the game. You need to farm consistently, acquiring gold to rush your items and gain an advantage over the enemy team.

In team fights, stay safely positioned to avoid damage, especially from assassins and mages. You are your team’s source of sustained damage, and to be able to do that, you need to be able to avoid burst damage and see the fights out to the end.

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