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Best Belerick build 2022 :: Items, Emblems & Strategy [Mobile Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Belerick Build in Mobile Legends.

Best Belerick build guides for Mobile Legends 2022. I works hard to keep my’s Mobile Legends builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Belerick build for the meta. Learn more about Belerick’s abilities, Items, Emblems & Strategy.

Gold: 32000$

Hero Tier: A

Movement SPD: 250Physical Attack: 110
Magic Power: 0Physical Defense: 15
Magical Defense: 10HP: 2769
Mana: 450Attack Speed: 0.81
Hp Regen: 8.4Mana Regen: 2.4

Belerick Pro & Cons

+ His Ancient Seeds that force enemies to attack him are great for drawing pressure off allies.
+ Belerick shines with a large area of effect immobilizing ultimate.
– Belerick requires constant teamwork.
– Belerick is difficult to use during the laning phase.
– Belerick can’t contribute as much if he has no farm.

Belerick Spells Build

Belerick Items Build

Team Buff


Sustainned DPS

Belerick Emblems Build

Emblems Guide:


Belerick Combo

Combo skill: Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> AA -> Skill 3.

Belerick Counter

Strong Against

Weak Against

Belerick Skills

  • FLOWER OF LIFE – The HP obtained from Equipment are increased by 15%. For every 225 points of damage inflicted upon Belerick, the Flower of Life attacks in the direction of an enemy unit, dealing Magic Damage equal to 50 points plus 2% of Belerick’s Max HP. The Flower of Life first attacks nearby enemy units marked with Nature’s Seed.
  • NATURE’S VINE – Belerick casts vines in a designated area, dealing 250 (+60% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemies on the path, and immobilizing them by 1s. To minions, 50% extra damage will be dealt.
  • NATURE’S STRIKE – Belerick scarifices 300 points of HP to increase his Movement Speed by 40% and strengthen his next Basic Attack, which deals Physical Damage equal to 250 points plus 8% of his lost HP, and slow the target by 30% for 2s. Belerick also regenerates certain amounts of HP depending on his lost HP. MEanwhile, Belerick puts Nature’s Seed effect to enemies. Lasts 1.2s.
  • NATURE’S SHIELD – Belerick recovers 10% of his HP and creates a guarded area. The teammates who have entered the area will enjoy the effect of Flower of Life Shortly. When allied heroes within that area take damage, Belerick will absorb 40% of their damage taken. While this skill is active, damage dealt to Belerick is reduced by 30%. Use Again: Belerick cancels Nature’s Shield.

Belerick play Strategy

Belerick is a regenerating tank, able to poke and harass enemies while protecting his allies and keeping them safe.

He can stick with the team’s marksman in the early game, helping them have an easier time farming gold and items and assisting them with killing the enemy. He also can roam to help allies across the map.

In team fights, Belerick shines with a large area of effect immobilizing ultimate, capable of locking enemies down and letting his allies finish them off. 

His Ancient Seeds that force enemies to attack him are great for drawing pressure off allies, allowing Belerick to tank the damage while controlling enemies.

Belerick Story

Legends say, the Ancient Ones of the Land of Dawn trusted mystical creatures with grand tasks. Belerick, a member of the tree people, was one of this creatures. Belerick’s heart is filled with nothing but kindness. He absolutely hates conflict. Within his ancient self, Belerick possesses a strong life force that provides strong resistance against a attacks, but also allows him to reincarnate. Due to his kind nature, wherever there is conflcit, Belerick will be there to help the righteous and weak. One day, Belerick believed he heard the words of the ancient ones guiding him towards the desert. However, he was met with disaster. The great Minoan empire was left in ruins and Minotaur people were filled with despair. In order to save what was left of the Minoans, Belerick unleashed all of his life force to create a beautiful oasis. The Minoan people were filled with hope once more. Seeing this, Belerick’s heart was at peace and fell into a deep slumber. Although Belerick can not pursue the task the Ancient Ones bestowed upon him, he felt no regret—There’s nothing more important than life after all.

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