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Best Johnson build 2021 :: Items, Emblems & Strategy [Mobile Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Johnson Build in Mobile Legends.

Best Johnson build guides for Mobile Legends 2021. I works hard to keep my’s Mobile Legends builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Johnson build for the meta. Learn more about Johnson’s abilities, Items, Emblems & Strategy.

Gold: 32000$

Hero Tier: S

Movement SPD: 255Physical Attack: 120
Magic Power: 0Physical Defense: 27
Magical Defense: 10HP: 2809
Mana: 0Attack Speed: 0.826
Hp Regen: 8.4Mana Regen: 2.4

Johnson Pro & Cons

+ No reqiored Mana.
+ High armor stats.
+ One of the fastest hero when used ultimate, making Johnson an effective roamer.
+ Best for countering MM heroes along with Gatotkaca.
+ Easy to initiate, join teamfights, chase enemies, and roam.
+ Various and Powerful CC effect.
+ Superior nuking ability despite being a tank.
+ Significant amount of damage from second skill and ultimate.
+ One of the strongest tank in late game.
– Weak to Magic and true damage compared to other tanks
– Long skill cooldown, especially passive
– No directional blink skills to run away
– Hard to control the car freely, need a lot of effort and experience
– Too easy to counter or evade the ultimate

Johnson Spells Build

Johnson Items Build

Offensive Build

Balanced Build

Johnson Emblems Build

Emblems Guide:


Johnson Combo

Johnson Counter

Strong Against

Weak Against

Johnson Skills

  • ELECTRO-AIRBAG – When John’s HP is lower than 30%, he generates a shield that absorbs 300 (+700% Total Physical DEF) points of damage for 10s. This effect has a CD of 100s.
  • DEADLY PINCERS – Johnson throws a spanner in the designated direction that deals 200 (+150% Total Physical DEF) points of Magic Damage to enemies in its path. Enemies in the area that the spanner lands will be stunned by 0.8s.
  • ELECTROMAG RAYS – Johnson raises his shield, continuously dealing 80 (+20% Total Physical DEF) points of Magic Damage forwards in a fan-shape range and slowing enemies. While holding the shield, Johnson can cast Basic Attack and skills.
  • RAPID TOUCHDOWN – Passive: Permanently Increases Physical Defense by 10%. Johnson jumps up and transforms into a car, accelerating over time. Only 1 teammate can get in the car when it’s moving slowly, and then they will rush forward along with Johnson. The car will explode upon hitting an enemy hero, stunning the target and nearby enemies for 0.5s-1s, and dealing 300 (+90% Total Magic Power) – 750 (+225% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage according to the car’s speed. After the explosion, the ground will be electrified, slowing enemies and dealing 80 (+20% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to those who are in the area. When the car is going slowly, tap the skill Throttle again to move faster. Tap the skill Brake to stop immediately.

Johnson play Strategy

Early game

  • Spam Missile Tackle as much as possible to harass enemy heroes. Assist allies in killing jungle creeps for buffs.
  • As far as possible, walk towards enemy heroes and try to deal basic damage to them. This is more of a territorial scaring effect.
  • Since Johnson’s passive will generate a shield, do not be afraid to go near enemy heroes. But only do so when your lane has another ally hero.
  • Rejoice if enemy heroes in your lane are melee type. However, if the enemy heroes are range type, avoid going near them consistently.
  • Spamming Missile Tackle will suffice when faced with ranged enemy heroes in your lane. Once level 4, keep a lookout on the mini map and see which lane needs assistance.
  • Then use Rapid Touchdown and drive your way to provide support!

Mid Game

  • Move together with your allies as much as possible. Avoid soloing lanes to farm while your allies are clashing somewhere.
  • Before entering any clashes, signal to your allies to wait for you. You are vital in any clashes so always stay close to your allies to avoid distance disadvantage.
  • But if you are really too far from your allies and they are already engaged in team fights, quickly use Rapid Touchdown and drive your way towards the clash site! If done correctly, you will be able to stun enemy heroes and giving your allies more time to deal damage to them.

Late Game

  • Similar to mid game, always stay close to your allies to provide the required support as a Tank. If you have an ally who is far from the clash site, give him/her a ride!
  • During team fights, spam Missile Tackle first before Iron Sack to increase the chances of slowing and stunning enemy heroes respectively. This will greatly aid your teammates in dealing more damage to enemy heroes.

Johnson Story

Johnson, with a hardy constitution as a rock, when he ran through the dome stadium like a heavy truck, the cheers of girls Burst out loud. He led the team to lift the champion’s trophies and achieved his peak of his life as a super quarterback with millions fans around. However, fortune is always fickle. A little girl rushed to the road in a sudden while Johnson was driving his sport car. To avoid hitting on the little girl, his car crashed severely. Massive hemorrhage was going to take away his life soon in a minute. At that moment, a miracle occurred, that the wreckage of the sport car started to blend into Johnson’s body by a mystery force. Consequently, he not only just survived from the crash, also became a magical new human who can transform to a sport car.

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