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Best Odette build 2024: Items, Emblems & Strategy [Mobile Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Odette Build in Mobile Legends. I will assist you in playing this Odette champion more effectively in Rank and Classic.

Best Odette build guides for Mobile Legends 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Mobile Legends builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Odette build for the meta. Learn more about Odette’s abilities, Items, Emblems & Strategy.

Role: Mage – Gold: 32000$ | 599 Diamond

Specialty: Burst/Poke

Lane: Mid

Hero Tier: B

Movement SPD: 260Physical Attack: 105
Magic Power: 0Physical Defense: 18
Magical Defense: 10HP: 2491
Mana: 495Attack Speed: 0.8
Hp Regen: 6.8Mana Regen: 4.6

Odette Spells Build

Spells are something that you can utilize in-game to give Odette an extra skill.

Odette Items Build

You need get the strongest items for Odette. This is how to make your heroes stronger and easier to win.

Sustained DPS

Late-game Core


Pro Build (Recommend)

Effects items build:

EffectsRecommend Items
 Magic PowerClock_of_DestinyGlowing_WandHoly_CrystalDivine GlaiveBlood_WingsLightning TruncheonWinter_Truncheon
Movement SPDArcane_BootsGlowing_Wand
Reduce Magic DefenseDivine Glaive
ManaClock_of_DestinyLightning Truncheon
CD ReductionLightning Truncheon
Physical DefenseWinter_Truncheon

Odette Emblems Build

Emblems are enhancements for Odette that provide effects as well as bonus attributes.

Odette Mage emblems set 1:


Odette Mage emblems set 2:


Odette Skill Order

Skill Order: Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 2.

Avian Authority
Avian Authority
Blue Nova
Blue Nova
Swan Song
Swan Song

Effects from skills’s Odette:

Passive (Lakeshore Ambience): Buff.

Skill 1 (Avian Authority): AoE, Slow | Type: Magic Skill.

Skill 2 (Blue Nova): CC, Damage | Type: Magic Skill.

Skill 3 (Swan Song): Blink, Burst | Type: Magic Skill.

Odette Combo

These are the basic combos for Odette, I hope you’ll do well with it.

Combo 1: Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> AA.

Blue NovaBlue Nova -> Avian AuthorityAvian Authority -> AA

Combo 2: Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> AA.

Blue NovaBlue Nova -> Avian AuthorityAvian Authority -> Swan SongSwan Song -> AA

Odette Pros & Cons

+ Have good crowd control.
+ High burst damage.
+ Extensive aoe attack.
+ Deadly combo skill.
+ Able to combine with other heroes.
+ Great poke.
+ Very good at team fights.
+ Amazing AoE ultimate.
+ Amazing wave clear.
+ Very easy to master.
– Does not have escape mechaism skills.
– Very rely on a good position.
– Ultimate skill easy to counter.
– Pretty weak in the late game.
– Very dependent on the team.
– Easy counter.

Odette’s Rival & Teammates

Odette is strong against: Cyclops, Miya, Layla, Irithel, Kimmy.

Odette is weak against: Guinevere, Chou, Fanny, Gusion, Kagura.

Odette must team up with: Bane + Angela + Karrie + X.Borg.

Odette Play Strategy

Odette is a Mage has high burst damage, good crowd control, great poke and good at team fights. You can use Odette for Mid lane.


Spells are suitable for Odette:


Using spell Flicker or Purify for Odette mid lane.

Items are suitable for Odette:

Magic Items:

Clock_of_DestinyGlowing_WandHoly_CrystalDivine_GlaiveBlood_WingsLightning TruncheonWinter_TruncheonGenius_Wand

Movement Items:


If you like Odette sustained DPS you can use combo items: Clock of Destiny, Arcane Boots, Glowing Wand, Holy Crystal, Divine Glaive, Blood Wings.

If you like Odette Late-game Core you can use combo items: Clock of Destiny, Arcane Boots, Lightning Truncheon, Holy Crystal, Blood Wings, Divine Glaive.

If you like Odette burst you can use combo items: Lightning Truncheon, Arcane Boots, Glowing Wand, Holy Crystal, Blood Wings, Winter Truncheon.

If you like Odette pro build you can use combo items: Arcane Boots, Clock of Destiny, Holy Crystal, Genius Wand, Glowing Wand, Winter Truncheon.

Emblems are suitable for Odette:

Mage emblems set:

  • Magic Power: +30.
  • Pengurangan Cooldown: +5%.
  • Magic Penetration: +8.

Best lane for Odette:


Exp Lane
Mid LaneX
Gold Lane

Win/Ban/Pick Rate for Odette:

  • Win Rate: 52.49%.
  • Pick Rate: 0.1%.
  • Ban Rate: 0.01%.

Odette best for rank:


How to play Odette:

In order to stay safe from killers and hired gunmen, Odette must play it safe.

Before you engage in combat, poke foes to death, or help your jungler or support as they approach to lend a hand.

Use skill 2 (Blue Nova) to stun enemies and deal damage with skill 1 (Avian Authority) + skill 3 (Swan Song).

Odette is strong in team fights with skill 3 (Swan Song) dealing wide area damage.


Early game (Level 1-7): Push minions fast, harass enemies with your skills.

Mid game (Level 8-12): Odette should to roaming to other lanes to gank and support teammates.

Late game (Level 13+): Join the fight with teammates.

Odette Skills

Passive – Lakeshore ambience

Odette’s next Basic Attack or skill will launch a sound wave that bounces between her and opponents, dealing 140 (+4 Hero Level) (+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage with each bounce. This happens after each skill is cast.

Skill 1 – Avian authority

When Odette concentrates her energies, a swan appears to strike the enemy, slowing them by 30% and causing 300–550 (+150% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. is 2 seconds long.

Skill 2 – Blue nova

Odette sends a series of magical energy balls flying in their direction, dealing the enemy struck 250–400 (+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and rendering them helpless for 1.5 seconds. Then, another energy ball will appear and target a nearby foe, prioritizing foe heroes, dealing 250–400 (+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and rendering them helpless for 1.5 seconds.

Skill 3 – Swan song

Odette leaps in a predetermined direction, gaining a 1400–1800 (+150% Total Magic Power) shield and beginning to gather energy. For the next five seconds, she will deal 240–320 (+90% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to all foes in the area.

When Odette uses this skill, opponents in the area are slowed by 90% (decays over 2 seconds). When the skill is in use, the sound wave from Lakeshore Ambience in the vicinity has a faster rebound rate and a higher count.

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