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Best Ruby build 2022 :: Items, Emblems & Strategy [Mobile Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Ruby Build in Mobile Legends.

Best Ruby build guides for Mobile Legends 2022. I works hard to keep my’s Mobile Legends builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Ruby build for the meta. Learn more about Ruby’s abilities, Items, Emblems & Strategy.

Gold: 32000$

Hero Tier: A

Movement SPD: 260Physical Attack: 129
Magic Power: 0Physical Defense: 18
Magical Defense: 5HP: 2509
Mana: 430Attack Speed: 0.858
Hp Regen: 6Mana Regen: 5.8

Ruby Pro & Cons

+ Good Crowd Control/Damage in AoE
+ Good Utility
+ Good Sustain
+ Good Mobility
– Squishy and her attacks make her vulnerable in some cases
– Mana reliant
– Expensive to buy
– Less burst damage

Ruby Spells Build

Ruby Items Build

Sustainned DPS



Ruby Emblems Build

Emblems Guide:


Ruby Combo

  • Ultimate + Skill 2 + Skill 1+ Basic Attack
  • Skill 1 + Skill 2+ Basic Attack

Ruby Counter

Strong Against

Weak Against

Ruby Skills

  • LET’S DANCE! – Ruby has 5% Physical Lifesteal Effect on her own and inherits 125% Physical LIfesteal Effect from Equipment. (Her Basic Attack enjoys no lifesteal effect). After any skill is cast, Ruby can jump to another place, increasing 16(+1.6*Hero Level) points of Physical and Magic Defense for a short period of time. (Effect scales with levels. Stacks up to 3 times and lasts 4s.
  • BE GOOD! – Ruby quickly slashes her scythe forward, dealing 60 (+60% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage. At the same time, she casts a shockwave forward, dealing 90 (+90% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies and slowing them by 40% for 2s.
  • DON’T RUN, WOLF KING! – Ruby wields her giant scythe to attack twice. Every attack deals 60 (+55% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage, stunning enemies for 0.5s and slowly pulling them to her. Deals extra 20% damage to enemies in the outer ring.
  • I’M OFFENDED! – Ruby uses the scythe to attack in a wide range, dealing 205 (+180% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies, pulling them to her and stunning them for 0.5s.

Skill Upgrade Priority: 1ST SKILL > 3RD SKILL (ULTIMATE) > 2ND SKILL

Ruby play Strategy

  • Poke enemies with your 1st skill
  • Clear minion waves faster with your 1st skill and 2nd skill
  • Use your skill to trigger passive in chasing or escaping from enemies
  • You can pass through some walls with the help of her passive
  • You can use your Ultimate to drag enemies closer to your tower or teammates
  • You can combine Ruby’s Ultimate with flicker to drag the enemy further
  • Using your skills will make Ruby more tanky for a few seconds
  • Maximize Ruby’s lifesteal by hitting as many enemies as possible

Ruby Story

A long time ago, brave hunter grandpa saved Little Red Hood and her granny from the wolf\’s belly and they lived happily ever after….though that was not how the real story ended. The wolf pack, harboring bitter resentment from this, never forgot the scars on the belly. One dark night when the moon was hidden, the new wolf king Haas led the pack and attacked the village in revenge, and elderly hunter grandpa was slained in an attempt to save granny. All of this happened before the eyes of Ruby, the Little Red Hood and drove this innocent girl into madness. With a scythe she sliced the wolf king into two pieces then peeled off its skin and swallowed its heart raw. Althought the happy memories with grandma and grandpa still vividly flash before her eyes, things would never be the same again. After burying her families, Ruby started to wander in the Land of Dawn carrying her scythe. She made a vow – that she would create a happy ending for every story.

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