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Best Cecilion build 2024: Items, Emblems & Strategy [Mobile Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Cecilion Build in Mobile Legends. I will assist you in playing this Cecilion champion more effectively in Rank and Classic.

Best Cecilion build guides for Mobile Legends 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Mobile Legends builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Cecilion build for the meta. Learn more about Cecilion’s abilities, Items, Emblems & Strategy.

Role: Mage – Gold: 32000$ | 599 Diamond

Specialty: Poke/Burst

Lane: Mid

Hero Tier: A

Movement SPD: 255Physical Attack: 105
Magic Power: 0Physical Defense: 20
Magical Defense: 10HP: 2516
Mana: 700Attack Speed: 0.8
Hp Regen: 6.8Mana Regen: 6

Cecilion Spells Build

Spells are something that you can utilize in-game to give Cecilion an extra skill.

Cecilion Items Build

You need get the strongest items for Cecilion. This is how to make your heroes stronger and easier to win.


Late-game Core

Sustained DPS

Pro Build (Recommend)

Effects items build:

EffectsRecommend Items
 Magic PowerClock_of_DestinyLightning TruncheonGenius_WandIce_Queen_WandDivine GlaiveHoly_CrystalBlood_Wings
Movement SPDDemon_ShoesGenius_WandIce_Queen_Wand
Reduce Magic DefenseGenius_WandDivine Glaive
ManaClock_of_DestinyLightning Truncheon
CD ReductionLightning Truncheon
 Spell VampIce_Queen_Wand

Cecilion Emblems Build

Emblems are enhancements for Cecilion that provide effects as well as bonus attributes.

Cecilion Basic Common Emblem Set:


Cecilion Mage emblems set:


Cecilion Skill Order

Skill Order: Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 2.

Bat Impact
Bat Impact
Sanguine Claws
Sanguine Claws
Bats Feast
Bats Feast

Effects from skills’s Cecilion:

Passive (Overflowing): Buff.

Skill 1 (Bat Impact): AoE, Speed Up | Type: Magic Skill.

Skill 2 (Sanguine Claws): CC, AoE | Type: Magic Skill.

Skill 3 (Bats Feast): Burst, Speed Up | Type: Magic Skill.

Cecilion Combo

These are the basic combos for Cecilion, I hope you’ll do well with it.

Combo 1: Skill 2 -> Skill 1.

Sanguine ClawsSanguine Claws -> Bat ImpactBat Impact

Combo 2: Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 3.

Sanguine ClawsSanguine Claws -> Bat ImpactBat Impact -> Bats FeastBats Feast

Cecilion Pros & Cons

+ Can spam skill 1 with high damage.
+ Cecilion is very dominant in late games.
+ Has a very large burst damage.
+ Very good for team fight.
+ Have good crowd control skills.
+ Passive skills are very useful.
– Low durability for a mage.
– Weak if attacked at close range.

Cecilion’s Rival & Teammates

Cecilion is strong against: Masha, Kimmy, Carmilla, Valir, Lunox.

Cecilion is weak against: Gusion, Wanwan, Silvanna, Ling, X.borg.

Cecilion must team up with: Nana + Layla + Aldous + Helcurt.

Cecilion Play Strategy

Cecilion is a Mage has burst damage, good crowd control and strong late game. You can use Cecilion for Mid lane.


Spells are suitable for Cecilion:


Using spell Flicker for Cecilion mid lane.

Items are suitable for Cecilion:

Magic Items:

Clock_of_DestinyLightning TruncheonGenius_WandIce_Queen_WandDivine GlaiveHoly_CrystalBlood_Wings

Movement Items:


If you like Cecilion burst you can use combo items: Clock of Destiny, Demon Shoes, Lightning Truncheon, Genius Wand, Ice Queen Wand, Divine Glaive.

If you like Cecilion late-game core you can use combo items: Clock of Destiny, Demon Shoes, Lightning Truncheon, Holy Crystal, Blood Wings, Divine Glaive.

If you like Cecilion sustained DPS you can use combo items: Lightning Truncheon, Demon Shoes, Genius Wand, Blood Wings, Holy Crystal, Divine Glaive.

If you like Cecilion pro build you can use combo items: Lightning Truncheon, Demon Shoes, Clock of Destiny, Blood Wings, Ice Queen Wand, Divine Glaive.

Emblems are suitable for Cecilion:

Basic Common Emblem Set:

  • Hybrid Regen: +12
  • HP: +275.
  • Adaptive Attack: +22

Mage emblems set:

  • Magic Power: +30.
  • Cooldown Reduction: +5%
  • Magic Penetration: +8.

Best lane for Cecilion:


Exp Lane
Mid LaneX
Gold Lane

Win/Ban/Pick Rate for Cecilion:

  • Win Rate: 50.05%.
  • Pick Rate: 0.79%.
  • Ban Rate: 0.02%.

Cecilion best for rank:


How to play Cecilion:

Cecilion is a mage hero that excels at dealing damage and crowd control. He can quickly take down enemy with use skill of him.

Use skill 1 (Bat Impact) to poke enemies.

Use skill 2 (Sanguine Claws) to deal magic damage for enemies and immobilizing them.

Use skill 3 (Bats Feast) to deal magic damage and slow enemies.

Cecilion needs protection from his more tenacious teammates and depends on correct posture to survive.


Early game (level 1-7): To prevent falling behind, it’s critical to play safely and start farming early. Cecilion is able to protect himself while using his talents to intimidate adversaries early on.

Mid game (level 8-12): Cecilion becomes more powerful in the mid game. He can also clear minion waves quickly and help secure objectives such as the turtle or buffs.

Late game (level 13+): Cecilion is a powerful poke and burst mage that scales well into the late game.

Cecilion Skills

Passive – Overflowing

When Cecilion uses a skill on an enemy target, he raises his maximum mana by 10 and restores the same amount of mana.

The damage from Cecilion’s skills scales with his Max Mana and he has higher Mana Regen and Max Mana.

Skill 1 – Bat Impact

Cecilion commands a huge bat to dive in a specific direction, striking opponents in its route with magic damage that ranges from 100 to 250 (+80% total magic power) (+5% total mana). The enormous bat will remain where it is and make a second assault, inflicting 200–500 (+160% total magic power) (+10% total mana) Magic Damage on adversaries and activating Overflowing an additional time.

Every time Cecilion uses this talent for 6 seconds, the mana cost will go up by 1.8 times (up to a maximum of 4 times). He also receives 30% Movement Speed for 1 second when using this talent.

Skill 2 – Sanguine Claws

Cecilion summons a set of claws to a certain spot. After a brief delay, the claws will advance in the direction of one another and draw nearby foes into the center, where they will be dealt 200–300 (+45% Total Magic Power) (+1.2% Total Mana) Magic Damage and become immobile for one second.

Skill 3 – Bats Feast

Cecilion summons Blood Demon power, which increases his movement speed by 60% (decreasing quickly over 1.5 seconds) and grants him immunity to slow effects. This power lasts for six seconds. He also fires 40 blood energy bolts at the adjacent opponents, each of which does 35–45 (+8% total magic power) (+0.3% total mana) magic damage and slows the target by 3% (up to 30%) for a second.

He is healed for 10 and 1% of his lost HP when he strikes an adversary.

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