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Best Lylia build 2022 :: Items, Emblems & Strategy [Mobile Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Lylia Build in Mobile Legends.

Best Lylia build guides for Mobile Legends 2022. I works hard to keep my’s Mobile Legends builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Lylia build for the meta. Learn more about Lylia’s abilities, Items, Emblems & Strategy.

Gold: 32000$

Hero Tier: B

Movement SPD: 245Physical Attack: 113
Magic Power: 0Physical Defense: 17
Magical Defense: 10HP: 2501
Mana: 500Attack Speed: 0.808
Hp Regen: 6.8Mana Regen: 3.8

Lylia Pro & Cons

+ Very tough in the early game.
+ Has hight mobility.
+ Difficult to target opponents.
+ Fast cooldown skill.
– Ultimate use that rely on timing.
– It’s hard to focus on attacking one target.
– Difficult for beginners to play.
– Not a late game hero.
– Easily lose if one against one.

Lylia Spells Build

Lylia Items Build

Sustainned DPS

Late-game Core


Lylia Emblems Build

Emblems Guide:


Lylia Combo

Combo skill: SKill 2 > Skill 1> Skill 2> Skill 2> Skill 2> Skill 2> Skill 3

Use the ultimate skill wisely, because Lylia herself is a hero who is easy to guess where she is.

Lylia Counter

Strong Against

Weak Against

Lylia Skills

  • ANGRY GLOOM – Lylia gets power from Gloom, increasing Movement Speed by 15%. Each time Gloom levels up, she will increase extra Movement Speed by 5%. Gloom will increase his levels by devouring Shadow Energy. Up to 5. The higher level he is, the more damage he can deal.
  • MAGIC SHOCKWAVE – Lylia releases an attack wave ahead, dealing 250 (+100% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemies on the path and slowing them by 40%. Lasts 1.5s. Gloom will hitch a ride on her Magic Shockwave. If Gloom touches Shadow Energy, he will devour it and immediately detonate the energy.
  • SHADOW ENERGY – Lylia condenses Shadow Energy to the designated area, dealing 100 (+50% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemies nearby and slowing them by 80%. After Gloom devours Shadow Energy, he will detonate the energy and deal 250 (+100% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemies nearby. Each time Gloom upgrades himself, the damage dealt by Shadow Energy will be increased by 30%, up to 120%. Lylia was born to have the ability to use Shadow Energy.
  • BLACK SHOES – Lylia immediately returns to the position where the Black Shoes was 4s ago and stacks max times up to use Shadow Energy, regenerating 10% of Max HP and increasing her Movement Speed by 20%. Lasts 2s.

Lylia play Strategy

Lylia excels at poking enemies at range, forcing them off of objectives and allowing her team to push freely. Her Shadow Energy stacks allow her to deal considerable burst damage, and her ability to go back in time four seconds can help her reposition and get out of a sticky situation.

In the early game, Lylia can use her Shadow Energy to zone and harass her lane opponent, forcing them to take damage or miss out on experience and gold. 

In team fights, Lylia is able to stay at range and continue her zoning, placing Shadow Energy on the battlefield and forcing enemies to position wisely or take heavy damage. As a mage, she should be in the back lines applying pressure to the enemy frontline, but she also has her Black Shoes to help her if an assassin jumps her in the midst of a team fight.

Lylia Story

At the underground lab of the Magic Academy, warnings and danger signs are everywhere. This is paradise for dark magicians. Sudden explosions and pungent magical potions make the place a horrible “Haunted House”. Few will come here, and no one is willing to befriend the dark magicians.The once brilliant black magicians are hard to find now. As a descendant of dark magicians, Lylia has a quirky character and unparallel magical creativity. According to historical records of the Magic Academy, Lylia’s parents were the highest authority among the dark magicians and the pioneers in the creation of the Academy. However, due to the destructive power and particularity of black magic, Lylia’s parents were forced to leave the Magic Academy a long time ago. Lylia grew up alone and was often misunderstood because of her identity as a black magician. At too many thrilling moments, people called her “Little Witch” in a not-that-friendly way. Lylia really wants to prove herself. She wants friends, and to be recognized, like other magicians. Lylia offered to help her classmates. For example, when Eudora needed lightning magic, she used a black magic lightning rod to help Eudora create a larger lightning strike. But her “help” eventually led to Eudora being wounded. On another occasion, Harley wanted to improve his magic ability, so Lylia practiced black magic on Harley’s Magic Hat. Again, Harley was hurt by the black magic. No matter how she tried, it was impossible for her to get rid of the name. The magicians of the Magic Academy regard Lylia as “trouble.” Over time, Lylia came to accept such an identity and behaved like a real “troublemaker”. But her obsession with black magic never changed; she knows that black magic is omnipotent and capable of docking different spaces – connecting the real world to any time in the past or in the future. She wants to become the greatest dark magician, and she wants to meet her parents. This wish drives her to fight on despite repeated setbacks to find the most powerful black magic. Lylia has tried to use dark magic to crack the time gap, hoping to find the “critical moment”. Unfortunately, each cracking brought meteorites or other creatures from alien worlds. Lylia is not reconciled; she keeps deploying her magical energy, hoping to find the most stable way. Until recently, when Lylia found a strange creature from the torn cracks with black magic – the Snores, a kind of void monster who enjoyed devouring magic. When Lylia practiced dark magic, Snores almost completely filled the lab. They reproduced themselves at an alarming rate. They were so loyal to Lylia that every instruction of Lylia was responded to in time. For the first time, Lylia felt that she has many lovely friends. But these strange creatures were getting increasingly greedy. Lylia had an idea. She opened the door of the underground lab. Snores swarmed out, looking for all kinds of magical energy. Lylia looked at the “disaster” with an imperceptible smile. The “trick” indicated that the greatest black magician of the Magic Academy has finally returned. Magicians, are you ready?

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