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Best Julian build 2024: Items, Emblems & Strategy [Mobile Legends]


Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Julian Build in Mobile Legends. I will assist you in playing this Julian champion more effectively in Rank and Classic.

Best Julian build guides for Mobile Legends 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Mobile Legends builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Julian build for the meta. Learn more about Julian’s abilities, items, emblems & combo.

Role: Fighter/Mage – Gold: 32000$ | 599 Diamond.

Specialty: Chase/Magic Damage.

Lane: Exp, Jungle, Mid.

Hero Tier: A+.

Movement SPD: 262Physical Attack: 128
Magic Power: 0Physical Defense: 24
Magical Defense: 15HP: 2878
Mana: 420Attack Speed: 0.99
Hp Regen: 7.8Mana Regen: 16

Julian Spells Build

Spells are something that you can utilize in-game to give Julian an extra skill.

Julian Items Build

You need get the strongest items for Julian. This is how to make your heroes stronger and easier to win.

Sustained DPS



Pro Build (Recommend)

Effects items build:

EffectsRecommend Items
 Magic PowerClock_of_DestinyGenius_WandStarlium ScytheArcane_BootsDivine GlaiveFeather_of_HeavenWinter_Truncheon
Movement SPDMagic_ShoesGenius_WandArcane_Boots
Reduce Magic DefenseGenius_WandDivine Glaive
ManaClock_of_DestinyStarlium Scythe
CD ReductionMagic_ShoesStarlium ScytheFeather_of_HeavenOracle
HP Regen
Mana RegenStarlium Scythe
Magic LifestealStarlium ScytheFeather_of_Heaven
Attack SpeedFeather_of_Heaven
Physical DefenseWinter_TruncheonBrute_Force_BreastplateImmortality
Magic DefenseOracle

Julian Emblems Build

Emblems are enhancements for Julian that provide effects as well as bonus attributes.

Julian Mage emblems set 1:

Julian Mage emblems set

Julian Mage emblems set 2:

Julian Mage emblems set

Julian Mage emblems set 3:

Julian Mage emblems set

Julian Skill Order

Skill Order: Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 2.


Effects from skills’s Julian:

Skill 1 (Scythe): Damage.

Skill 2 (Sword): Blink.

Skill 3 (Chain): Crowd control.

Julian Combo

These are the basic combos for Julian, I hope you’ll do well with it.

Combo 1: Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> AA

ScytheScythe -> SwordSword -> AA.

Combo 2: Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> AA

ScytheScythe -> ChainChain -> AA.

Combo 3: Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 3 -> AA

ScytheScythe -> SwordSword -> ChainChain -> AA.

Combo 4: Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> AA

SwordSword -> ScytheScythe -> ChainChain -> AA.

Combo 5: Skill 2 -> Skill 3 -> SKill 1

SwordSword -> ChainChain -> ScytheScythe.

Combo 6 (Attack combo): Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 2 -> AA

ScytheScythe -> ChainChain -> SwordSword.

Combo 7 (Attack combo): Skill 3 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> AA

ChainChain -> ScytheScythe -> SwordSword -> AA

Combo 8 (Escape combo): Skill 3 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> Run

ChainChain -> ScytheScythe -> SwordSword -> Run.

Julian Pros & Cons

+ High mobility.
+ Tremendous damage.
+ Short cooldowns.
+ Excels in duels and strong late game.
– Low defense.
– Elies heavily on mana.
– Significantly weaker in the early game.

Julian’s Rival & Teammates

Julian is strong against: Chou, Gusion, Benedetta.

Julian is weak against: Aamon, Edith, Paquito.

Julian has low defense, easy to counter, elies heavily on mana and significantly weaker in the early game.

Julian must team up with: Wanwan + Angela + Gusion + Chang’e.

Julian Play Strategy

Julian is a Fighter/Mage has high mobility, tremendous damage, short cooldowns, excels in duels and strong late game. You can use Julian for Exp lane, Jungle or Mid.


Spells are suitable for Julian:


Using spell Retribution for Julian jungle, Execute for Julian exp lane and Inspire for Julian mid lane.

Items are suitable for Julian:

Magic Items:

Clock_of_DestinyGenius_WandStarlium ScytheDivine_GlaiveFeather_of_HeavenWinter_TruncheonGlowing_WandNecklace_of_Durance

Defense Items:


Movement Items:


If you like Julian Sustained DPS you can use combo items: Clock of Destiny, Magic Shoes, Genius Wand, Calamity Reaper, Brute Force Breastplate, Oracle

If you like Julian Burst you can use combo items: Clock of Destiny, Arcane Boots, Shadow Twinblades, Divine Glaive, Feather of Heaven, Winter Truncheon.

If you like Julian Durable you can use combo items: Clock of Destiny, Tough Boots, Brute Force Breastplate, Immortality, Oracle, Guardian Helmet.

If you like Julian Pro Build you can use combo items: Arcane Boots, Genius Wand, Divine Glaive, Holy Crystal, Winter Truncheon, Feather of Heaven.

Emblems are suitable for Julian:

Mage emblems set:

  • Magic Power: +30.
  • Cooldown Reduction: +5%.
  • Magic Penetration: +8.

Best lane for Julian:


Exp LaneX
Mid LaneX
Gold Lane

Win/Ban/Pick Rate for Julian:

  • Win Rate: 52.37%.
  • Pick Rate: 0.6%.
  • Ban Rate: 1.64%.

Julian best for rank:


How to play Julian:

Julian can upgrade skills to get 5 times more impact.

When you use any skill, the cooldown is 7s to be able to use another skill. If you use another skill during this time, skill 3 (Chain) will be enhanced for another 7s.

Skill 3 (Chain) is the best-enhanced skill.


Early game to mid game (level 1-12): Upon reaching level 3, Julian can use three skills while other heroes only have two. He is able to forge a lead during this period.

Late game (level 13+): In the late game, Julian needs to reduce the cooldown. Julian shall jump into the late teamfights with more sét of combos maximize his advantage in the late game.

Julian Skill

Passive – Smith’s Legacy

Julian refines his third skill after casting two others. His Basic Attack will deal 75 (+100% Total Physical Attack) (+100% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and draw the opponent toward him within the next 5 seconds after casting the enhanced skill. All of his skills will go on a 10-6.5 second cooldown as a result of casting the enhanced talent.

Every time Julian uses one of his talents to damage an opposing hero for up to three stacks, he obtains 15% more Hybrid Lifesteal for 5 seconds.

Skill 1: Scythe

Julian launches a soaring scythe in the target direction, delaying foes by 30% for 1 second and causing 380-700 (+140% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to them as it travels.

When an enemy who is not a Minion is hit, the scythe vanishes.

Skill 2: Sword

In the specified direction, Julian conjures a flying sword and charges, dealing 400–540 (+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to foes in his path.

Skill 3: Chain

After a brief delay, Julian casts chains at the target area, causing 300–440 (+100% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to any opponents struck and rendering them helpless for 1.2 seconds.

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