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Best Natalia build 2022 :: Items, Emblems & Strategy [Mobile Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Natalia Build in Mobile Legends.

Best Natalia build guides for Mobile Legends 2022. I works hard to keep my’s Mobile Legends builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Natalia build for the meta. Learn more about Natalia’s abilities, Items, Emblems & Strategy.

Gold: 32000$

Hero Tier: S+

Movement SPD: 260Physical Attack: 121
Magic Power: 0Physical Defense: 18
Magical Defense: 10HP: 2589
Mana: 486Attack Speed: 0.886
Hp Regen: 7Mana Regen: 3.2

Natalia Pro & Cons

+ Very good assassin for countering marksmans and mages.
+ Very hard to kill in the late game.
+ Can almost kill anyone in game 1vs 1.
+ You can gank anyone with your stealth and steal enemy’s jungle creeps.
+ You can destroy towers and run away very easily with your skill number 1.
– You need to farm very hard and fast to get your items.
– Can’t initiate in team fights.
– Squishy so you need to be extra careful.
– Weak to enemies with CC skills since her silence works only for 2 secs.

Natalia Spells Build

Natalia Items Build



Team Buff

Natalia Emblems Build

Emblems Guide:


Natalia Combo

  • AA > Skill 1 > Skill 2 > AA > Skill 1 > Execute
  • AA > Ultimate > Skill 1 > Skill 2 > AA > Skill 1 > Execute

Natalia Counter

Strong Against

Weak Against

Natalia Skills

  • ASSASSIN INSTINCT – Natalia deals extra 15% damage wehn attacking enemies from behind. If Natalia is in bush for 2s without taking or dealing damage, she will eneter Conceal State. 5s after leaving bush or dealing damage will make her appear. Under Conceal State, her Movement Speed is increased by 20% and her next Basic Attack will take her to the behind of enemies and deal extra 25% damage, silencing them for 1s.
  • CLAW DASH – Natalia dashes forward, dealing 250 (+50% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies along the path. This skill can be cast again within a short period of tiem after hitting an enemy.
  • SMOKE BOMB – Natalia casts a smoke bomb that lasts 4s on the current spot. In the smoke, enemies will be slowed by 55%. Meanwhile, Natalia increases her Attack Speed by 30% and becomes immune to all Basic Attacks.
  • COLD-BLOODED STRANGLING – Natalia performs multiple attacks forward continuously, each attack dealing 150 (+70% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage and slowing enemies by 40%. Using Claw Dash in this duration allows Natalia to cancel the skill.

Natalia play Strategy

Early Game

  • Natalia, with Retribution should go into invisibility and attempt to steal from the enemy’s jungle! The enemies won’t see you coming and when the time is right, activate retribution and steal the jungle creep from them!
  • In the early game Natalia has huge ganking potential as she is able to sneak up to enemies, silencing and slowing them as well!

Mid Game

  • By mid game you should have a couple of items built already and this is where you can start to be an annoyance to the opponent team during fights! Get behind the enemies and let your teammates engage first, then creep through the bushes and target the lowest HP enemies to finish them off or get rid of their backlines (Mage, Marksman, even Assassins)
  • If not team-fighting, resume farming and if you spy an enemy hero who is low on health you can creep over with your fast movement speed and invisibility and try to finish the enemy off!
  • Don’t forget to farm the new hermit crabs as well! They give a large amount of exp and will be good for giving you an advantage over your opponents!

Late Game

  • By late game you should be well farmed already and being able to easily make short work of their backline heroes. As usual, wait for the right opportunity to enter the fray and never be the first one to enter the battle!
  • Additionally, at this stage of the game, Natalia + Smoke Cloud is able to take down turrets insanely quickly. If you see your teammates fighting and you’re on the other side of the map and are unable to get there on time, don’t be afraid to push the turret and try to get their throne!
  • This is a 50-50 situation as it could go two ways.
  • If your opponents realise and try to recall home to stop you, your teammates fight at an advantage as likely more than one hero would recall back to try to prevent you from pushing their turrets, heroes that are in the midst of recalling are very vulnerable as well!
  • If your opponents don’t realise it but are able to clear your teammates, you leave your team at a severe disadvantage as you will be the only one against 4 or even 5 opponents! This allows them to get objectives such as Lord which may potentially cause disaster for your team.

Natalia Story

Natalia was raised from a little girl by the Church of Light and trained into one of the Church\’s assassins. This young phenom had risen to become the top assassin for the Church via her outstanding talents, but then on one assassination mission, she failed, causing her companion to meet with unprecedented disaster. Although she was able to escape danger with Tigreal\’s help, this was undoubtedly a severe blow to proud Natalia. To prove herself again, she exiled herself to the outskirts of the land far from the Empire and the Church to carry out more dangerous missions. Who is her target? Will she be able to win back all that she once possessed?

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