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Best Chang’e build 2024: Items, Emblems & Strategy [Mobile Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Chang’e Build in Mobile Legends. I will assist you in playing this Chang’e champion more effectively in Rank and Classic.

Best Chang’e build guides for Mobile Legends 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Mobile Legends builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Chang’e build for the meta. Learn more about Chang’e’s abilities, Items, Emblems & Strategy.

Role: Mage – Gold: 32000$ | 599 Diamond

Specialty: Poke/Burst

Lane: Mid

Hero Tier: S

Movement SPD: 240Physical Attack: 115
Magic Power: 0Physical Defense: 16
Magical Defense: 10HP: 2301
Mana: 505Attack Speed: 0.808
Hp Regen: 6.8Mana Regen: 4.2

Chang’e Spells Build

Spells are something that you can utilize in-game to give Chang’e an extra skill.

Chang’e Items Build

You need get the strongest items for Chang’e. This is how to make your heroes stronger and easier to win.

Sustained DPS

Late-game Core


Pro Build (Recommend)

Effects items build:

EffectsRecommend Items
 Magic PowerEnchanted_TalismanIce_Queen_WandGenius_WandGlowing WandDivine GlaiveHoly_CrystalBlood_Wings
Movement SPDArcane_BootsIce_Queen_WandGenius_WandGlowing WandMagic_Shoes
Reduce Magic DefenseGenius_WandDivine Glaive
CD ReductionEnchanted_Talisman
HPEnchanted_TalismanIce_Queen_WandGlowing WandBlood_Wings
 Spell VampIce_Queen_Wand

Chang’e Emblems Build

Emblems are enhancements for Chang’e that provide effects as well as bonus attributes.

Chang’e Mage emblems set 1:


Chang’e Mage emblems set 2:


Chang’e Combo

These are the basic combos for Chang’e, I hope you’ll do well with it.

Combo 1: Skill 1 -> Skill 3.

Starmoon ShockwaveStarmoon Shockwave -> Meteor ShowerMeteor Shower

Combo 2: Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 3.

Crescent MoonCrescent Moon -> Starmoon ShockwaveStarmoon Shockwave -> Meteor ShowerMeteor Shower

Combo 3: Skill 2 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1 -> AA.

Crescent MoonCrescent Moon -> Meteor ShowerMeteor Shower -> Starmoon ShockwaveStarmoon Shockwave -> A

Chang’e Pros & Cons

+ Has extremely high range.
+ High burst good range poke goddess.
+ Passive gives her extremely high damage.
+ Advantage in any kind of fights.
+ Highest mobility.
– Squishy.
– Weak against ambush.
– Weak against high burst.

Chang’e’s Rival & Teammates

Chang’e is strong against: Layla, Lesley, Eudora, Pharsa, Nana.

Chang’e is weak against: Harley, Freya, Kagura, Akai, Martis.

Chang’e must team up with: Wanwan + Angela + Gusion + Julian.

Chang’e Play Strategy

Chang’e is a Mage has high mobility and good poke. You can use Chang’e for Mid lane.


Spells are suitable for Chang’e:


Using spell Flicker for Chang’e mid lane.

Items are suitable for Chang’e:

Magic Items:

Enchanted_TalismanIce_Queen_WandGenius_WandGlowing WandDivine GlaiveHoly_CrystalBlood_Wings

Movement Items:


If you like Chang’e sustained DPS you can use combo items: Enchanted Talisman, Arcane Boots, Ice Queen Wand, Genius Wand, Glowing Wand, Divine Glaive.

If you like Chang’e late-game Core you can use combo items: Ice Queen Wand, Magic Shoes, Genius Wand, Holy Crystal, Blood Wings, Divine Glaive.

If you like Chang’e burst you can use combo items: Ice Queen Wand, Magic Shoes, Glowing Wand, Genius Wand, Holy Crystal, Divine Glaive.

If you like Chang’e pro build you can use combo items: Magic Shoes, Enchanted Talisman, Genius Wand, Ice Queen Wand, Glowing Wand, Divine Glaive.

Emblems are suitable for Chang’e:

Mage emblems set:

  • Magic Power: +30.
  • Pengurangan Cooldown: +5%.
  • Magic Penetration: +8.

Best lane for Chang’e:


Exp Lane
Mid LaneX
Gold Lane

Win/Ban/Pick Rate for Chang’e:

  • Win Rate: 49.43%.
  • Pick Rate: 0.17%.
  • Ban Rate: 0.01%.

Chang’e best for rank:

Mythical Glory
Mythical Glory

How to play Chang’e:

Chang’e is a mage hero that excels at dealing damage and disrupting the enemy team’s positioning.

Use skill 1 (Starmoon Shockwave) to deal magic damage to enemies and slows them.

Use skill 2 (Crescent Moon) to gain a shield and movement speed.

She can also disrupt enemy movements with skill 3 (Meteor Shower).

Most of her skill has a really low CD. However she has a paper thin health, making her one of the most easiest hero to be killed.


Early game (level 1-7): Focus on farming to gain gold and experience. She can poke tenemies with skill 1 (Starmoon Shockwave).

Mid game (level 8-12): Chang’e should focus on dealing damage and using skill 3 (Meteor Shower) to disrupt the enemy team’s positioning.

Late game (level 13+): Chang’e is a true threat. She should focus on dealing damage and using her crowd control abilities to prevent the enemy team from making plays.

Chang’e Skills

Passive – Trouble Maker

When Chang’e deals damage to an opponent unit, she leaves a mark, and the further damage she deals to that unit is enhanced by 2% (up to 40%).

Skill 1 – Starmoon Shockwave

Chang’e launches an energy ball that slows foes by 20% for 1.5 seconds and does 300–450 (+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to them.

Crescent Moon: Four energy balls that each deal 20% of Chang’e’s damage dealt and slow foes are sent by Crescent Moon with Chang’e. (Slowing Effect may be added to for a 40% bonus.)

Skill 2 – Crescent Moon

When Chang’e summons the Crescent Moon, she receives a shield with a permanent range of 300–500 (+150% Total Magic Power) and an additional 10% movement speed up until the shield is destroyed. With each skill cast, she also receives a 50% increase in movement speed, which degrades over 2.5 seconds.

Chang’e abilities and Basic Attacks will be improved by the Crescent Moon. Chang’e’s enhanced basic attack delivers 40 additional magic damage (40 + 30% total physical attack + 70 + total magic power).

Skill 3 – Meteor Shower

Chang’e gathers strength and for 4 seconds, she boosts her Movement Speed by 10%. She simultaneously fires 30 meteors forward, each of which deals 50–80 (+30% total magic power) magic damage (minions and creeps are dealt an additional 100% damage).

Crescent Moon: Chang’e and Crescent Moon will both cast Meteors, each of which deals 33% of Chang’e’s damage.

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