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Tower of Fantasy Nemesis build 2024: Combo, Gameplay, Matrices & More

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Nemesis Build in Tower of Fantasy.

Best Nemesis build guides for Tower of Fantasy 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Tower of Fantasy builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Nemesis build for the meta. Learn more about Nemesis’s Weapon, Awakening Traits, Advancement, Matrices, Combo & Gameplay.


Element: Volt
Role: Support



Build Matrices

4-SetBest Nemesis Build Matrices
2A target’s volt ATK increases by 8%/10%/12%/15% for 20 seconds while they are receiving healing. Only the effect of the highest level is applied when it is earned repeatedly; this impact does not stack.
4A “Lightning” charge is added to the target of your healing when you heal yourself or your Electrode. The target will be struck by lightning during the following 30 seconds of attack, resulting in volt damage equal to 240%, 300%, 360%, or 420% of volt ATK and a 50% reduction in damage from electrodes. not to be activated more than once per ten seconds. Charges labeled “lightning” don’t stack. When attained repeatedly, only the effect of the greatest level is applied.

A staple in any volt team thanks to her Volt Resonance, Nemesis functions as a Sub DPS with access powerful healing with her Dodge.

Awakening Traits

1200 Awakening4000 Awakening
Once an Electrode has been summoned, all allies (including the user) within its range will be healed by 120% of ATK and all opponents within 30 meters will take volt damage equivalent to 60% of ATK.Once an Electrode has been summoned, all allies (including the user) within its range will be healed by 200% of ATK and all opponents within 30 meters will take 100% of their ATK in volt damage.


1Creates 1 Electrode upon utilizing Particle Beam Burst or Pulse Lock, giving the user 5 stacks of healing chain enhance right away. Moreover, release a healing chain that deals 135% of the Wanderer’s ATK in healing to allies in close proximity.
2Up the base ATK growth of the current weapon by sixteen percent.
3The Electrode can release Ring Lightning every 6 seconds, which can cause damage in a target area up to 205% of ATK.
4Boost the base ATK increase of the current weapon by 32%.
5Increase the Wanderer’s ATK by (6.5 + (Number of Electrodes x 6.5))% for 25 seconds after utilizing Pulse Lock.
6Two electrodes can be active simultaneously. The Electrodes that are farthest away from the user will be replaced by summoning more.


Name SkillType
Volt ResonancePassive
Normal AttackAttack
Aerial DischargeJump,
Forward PursuitAttack,
Hold: Attack
Dual FocusHold: Attack
Twin Spinning FocusPerfect Attack,
Parallel BeamsPerfect Dodge,
Pulse LockSkill
Particle Beam BurstDischarge

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