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Tower of Fantasy Claudia build 2022: Combo, Gameplay, Matrices & More

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Claudia Build in Tower of Fantasy.

Best Claudia build guides for Tower of Fantasy 2022. I works hard to keep my’s Tower of Fantasy builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Claudia build for the meta. Learn more about Claudia’s Weapon, Awakening Traits, Advancement, Matrices, Combo & Gameplay.


Element: Physical
Role: DPS


Guren Blade
Guren Blade

Build Matrices

SetBest Claudia Build Matrices
Shiro (x2)Good option for boosting damage and shatter (Guren Blade does a fair amount of shatter with the skill and discharge).
Good option for boosting damage when at high crit rate.
Slightly decent option that increases damage of other weapons and increases aerial attack damage.
A good substitute for SSR damage chips if you don’t have them. Very useful against groups of mobs, i.e. in Bygone Phantasm.

Awakening Traits

1200Go invisible for 1 seconds upon dodging.
4000Go invisible for 1.5 seconds upon dodging.


1Each time when a skill or discharge skill hits a target, a stack of damage boost is granted, which increases damage dealt but 8% for 25 seconds (stacks up to 3 times; each successful skill or discharge use can only grant one stack).
2Increase the current weapon’s base ATK growth by 16%.
3Hitting a target with a skill or discharge skill applies a stack of War Wounds to the target, increasing incoming physical damage and shatter effects from physical elemental weapons taken by the target by 10% for 15 seconds. Stack up to 1 time.
4Increase the current weapon’s base HP growth by 32%.
5Hitting targets with a skill or a discharge skill grants skill damage boost, which increases all weapon skill damage by 20% for 25 seconds (cannot stack).
6Hitting the same target no longer reduces the damage dealt. After using Guren Blade or a discharge skill, applies 1 stack of War Wounds to all targets within 8 meters and gain another 1 stack of War Wounds.

Attacks and skills


Name SkillTypeAbility
Quick SlashAttack x5While on the ground, swing the blade to attack 5 times in a row.
1. Deal damage equal to 42.9% of ATK + 2 and knock the target back a short distance.
2. Deal damage equal to 60% of ATK + 3 and knock the target back a short distance.
3. Deal damage equal to 54.4% of ATK + 3 and knock the target back a short distance.
4. Deal damage equal to 95.7% of ATK + 5 and knock the target back a short distance.
5. Deal damage equal to 163% of ATK + 8 and launch the target.
Jumping StrikeJump,
Attack x4
While airborne, tap normal attack to attack 4 times in a row.
1. Deal damage equal to 25.5% of ATK + 1.
2. Deal damage equal to 44.4% of ATK + 2.
3. Deal damage equal to 105% of ATK + 5.
4. Deal damage equal to 127.4% of ATK + 6 and deliver a knockdown.
Hold the normal attack button after normal attacks to trigger Cyclone. Knock the target, suspending them in mid-air and deal 43.8% of ATK + 2 to a single target.
Diving EdgeJump, hold:AttackTap and hold normal attack while airborne, or tap normal attack while climbing, jumping backward, or using the Jetpack to trigger Diving Edge. While falling, deal damage equal to 10% of ATK + 1 each hit. Upon landing, deal damage equal to 70% of ATK + 3 and knock the target back. The higher you are when cast, the higher the damage dealt, up to 600% of ATK.
Sneak AttackCrouch, AttackApproach the enemy from behind while crouching, then tap normal attack to use Sneak Attack, dealing damage equal to 570% of ATK + 30.


Name SkillTypeAbility
Dodge right before getting hit to activate a Phantasia, which reduces the speed of enemies within the area. Cooldown: 15 seconds. While dodging, you gain hitstun immunity for 0.5 seconds.
Leap AttackDodge,
Tap normal attack during the short period after dodging to trigger Leap Attack. The Wanderer swings their blade and deals damage equal to 34.7% of ATK + 2, knocking the target into the air and becoming airborne, then deal additional damage equal to 52.1% of ATK + 2.


Name SkillTypeAbility
Dance through targets while swinging the blade, dealing damage equal to 383% of ATK + 18 in total to up to 5 targets (attacks on the same target deal 20% less damage). At the end of the ability, slash the space in front, dealing damage equal to 290.4% of ATK + 14 to targets and knocking them into the air. Immune to crowd-control effects and gain a damage reduction of 50% while ability is in use. Cooldown: 15 seconds.


Name SkillTypeAbility
Unbridled FlurryWhen a weapon is fully charged or triggers Phantasia, switching to this weapon from another weapon removes all debuffs from the wielder, who charges and airbornes a target to deal 479.8% x ATK + 23 damage, leaving behind a bladestorm that deals 192% x ATK + 9 damage to the target, while immunizing self to grievous/freeze/burn/electrify effects for 5 seconds.


Video guide combo for Claudia in here:

Combat Tips:

1Use a weapon that restrains your opponent’s attributes. If not, then use the highest level weapon!
2Ranged attacks from the opponent to the body is easy to feel no, but blood slowly fall, so the battle priority to clear the archers on the high platform.
3Although the source weapon is good, but the CD is too long, not recommended as the main means of output.
4If you have no SSR or SR fire weapon, then take a compound bow.
5SSR is not the goal, there is a high star SR to use much better.
6Don’t mess with monsters whose levels are much higher than yours.
7Whatever the time to keep a flame weapon, not only can you fight monsters, many exploration points trigger need him.
8Many moves need to consume stamina, be sure to save stamina dodge trigger phantom time.
9Trigger the phantom time, this time control needs to be well practiced, if you can trigger the phantom time every time, then the battle will be much easier.


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