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Mobile Legends Mage Tier List 2023

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will update the Mobile Legends Mage Tier List for 2023. I will help you choose the best Mage heroes in the current meta and ranks every hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang from the least viable to the best in ranked games.

Mobile Legends Mage Tier List

S+Valentina, Xavier, Esmeralda, Cecilion.
SKagura, Yve, Vale, Lylia.
A+Cyclops, Lunox, Luo Yi, Kadita, Eudora.
AChang’e, Odette, Pharsa.
BHarith, Aurora, Alice, Nana, Harley, Gord.
CValir, Vexana, Zhask.

S+ Tier

Heroes should be on top ban priority. They perform well on practically any game and are significantly difficult to counter and with the right usage.

Strength Rating:

+ Valentina:

  • Main burst damage.
  • Decent cc effects.
  • Copy their looks and ultimate skill.
  • Change her basic attacks.
  • Movement ability and will also reduce the cooldown of her first skill.

+ Xavier:

  • Tremendous Damage.
  • Excellent Poke Abilities.
  • Strong Early Game.
  • Powerful CCs.
  • Strong in Duels and Team Fights.

+ Esmeralda:

  • Has a very Strong shield.
  • Great Damage.
  • Have a good escape mechanism skill.
  • Short skill cooldown.
  • Has high mobility.
  • Can sustain herself really well.
  • Have unique abilities.
  • Easy to use (may take a little practice).
  • Can solo kill buffs, turtles, and lord.

+ Cecilion:

  • Can spam skill 1 with high damage.
  • Cecilion is very dominant in late games.
  • Has a very large Burst Damage.
  • Very good for teamfight.
  • Have good crowd control skills.
  • Passive skills are very useful.

S Tier

These heroes are powerful and are part of the meta. They excel at what they do and perform well on practically any game.

Strength Rating:

+ Kagura:

  • Flexible in roles.
  • High Mobility.
  • High Burst Damage.
  • High Crowd Control.
  • Decent Wave clear.

+ Yve:

  • Very Strong in the Early Game.
  • Has a very large damage.
  • Hero Mage With Annoying CC.
  • Have Immune Ability.
  • An extremely wide range of attack skills.

+ Vale:

  • Hero that is quite easy to play.
  • Has a fast cooldown skill.
  • Has deadly burst damage.
  • Strong hero mage in late game.
  • Deadly crowd control skill.
  • Good poke/harass.

+ Lylia:

  • Very tough in the early game.
  • Difficult to target opponents.
  • Fast cooldown skill.
  • Has hight mobility.

A+ Tier

These heroes are impressive and are great at their role. They generally perform well on practically any game.

Strength Rating:

+ Cyclops:

  • Has good mobility.
  • Can do lock easily.
  • Has large damage.
  • Can deal poke damage well.
  • Suitable for team fight.
  • Good attack speed.
  • Is not mana hungry.

+ Lunox:

  • Very Strong in the Early Game.
  • Unpredictable Gameplay.
  • Mage With Good Durability.
  • Hard To Counter.
  • Can be used by all roles.
  • Her skills have considerably large AoE.
  • Can gain kill streaks, especially in team fights.
  • Her skills can deal high damage.
  • Highly versatile hero.
  • Her ultimate skill can both be able to be invincible temporarily and deal high damage rapidly.
  • Excellent in team fights.

+ Luo Yi:

  • Very capable crowd control.
  • A Very Useful Teleport Ability.
  • Could Be A Very Good Initiator.
  • Become the Team’s Main Damage Dealer.
  • Attack Combos That Are Hard to Avoid Your Opponent.

+ Kadita:

  • Deadly Combo Skill.
  • Hero Support With Good Initiators.
  • Support With High Mobility.
  • Very High Burst Damage.
  • Excellent Crowd Control Skill.

+ Eudora:

  • The easiest hero to master.
  • Deadly combo skill.
  • Has deadly combo skill.
  • Has deadly crowd control.
  • Fast cooldown skill.
  • Very strong in early game.

A Tier

With the right usage, they perform great, but their impact is often lower than those in higher tiers.

Strength Rating:

+ Chang’e:

  • Has extremely high range.
  • High burst good range poke goddess.
  • Passive gives her extremely high damage.
  • Advantage in any kind of fights.
  • Highest mobility.

+ Odette:

  • Have good crowd control.
  • High burst damage.
  • Extensive aoe attack.
  • Deadly combo skill.
  • Able to combine with other heroes.
  • Great poke.
  • Very good at team fights.
  • Amazing AoE Ultimate.
  • Amazing wave clear.
  • Has a 2-second Immobilize skill.
  • Ultimate with Flicker is very hard to escape.
  • Very easy to master.

+ Pharsa:

  • High area of damage high burst damage high skill range.
  • Roaming fast wherever he wants.
  • The cooldown skill is relatively short.
  • The damage from the ultimate skill is terrible.
  • Easy to master because he is a beginner-friendly hero.
  • Can turn into a bird and penetrate all walls in Mobile Legends.

B Tier

Heroes with average performance. Heroes generally don’t do well in the current meta. Their impact in the game is often lower than those in higher tiers.

Strength Rating:

+ Harith:

  • Weak in Early game.
  • Hard to use.
  • Weak against high tier CC (Suppress, Freeze, Airborne, etc.).

+ Aurora:

  • No mobility.
  • Squishy.
  • Mana is a problem for your first ability

+ Alice:

  • High Mana usage. Is susceptible to running out of Mana in a team fight if not managed correctly.
  • Needs time to come online as a tank. Cannot be played as a main tank in most team compositions.

+ Nana:

  • Squishy.
  • Lacks of Blink skill.
  • Needs a teammate to dominate in teamfights.
  • Has a thin cellphone.
  • Cannot do much when alone..

+ Harley:

  • Squishy.
  • Requires to manual aim.
  • Mana-hungry.
  • Weak before level 4.
  • Both first skill and ultimate can be blocked.

+ Gord:

  • Low Mobility.
  • Low Durability.
  • Ultimate Easy on the Counter.
  • Does not have Escape Mechanism Skill.
  • Highly Rely on High Accuracy.
  • Doesn’t have any mobility/blink ability.
  • Can be caught off-guard easily.
  • Can be very vulnerable while using ultimate.
  • Weak to against crowd control.

C Tier

Not Pick. This is Heroes with low benefit that perform poorly in the current meta.

Strength Rating:

+ Valir:

  • Low mobility.
  • Weak when late game.
  • Does not have escape.
  • Easy on the counter.
  • Very squishy.

+ Vexana:

  • Hero that is quite complicated to play
  • Very Squishy Hero.
  • Weak against Burst – Type of Heroes.
  • Very bear cc skill.
  • Single target attack.
  • Very wasteful of mana.
  • Low level of mobility.

+ Zhask:

  • Hero that is quite complicated to play
  • Very Squishy Hero.
  • Weak against Burst – Type of Heroes.
  • Very bear cc skill.
  • Single target attack.
  • Very wasteful of mana.
  • Low level of mobility.


Valentina, Xavier, Esmeralda, Cecilion are best Mage heroes for meta current. But Mobile Legends is game requires communication and time investment to excel in it. You need talk with your team to make sure you have the same game plan and pick the character that fits.

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