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Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Kasumi Build in Paladins.

Best Kasumi build guides for Paladins 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Paladins builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Kasumi build for the meta. Learn more about Kasumi’s abilities, Items, Pre-Built Loadouts.

Death’s Howl

( Damage )

Pre-Built Loadouts

Essence Drain
Cursed Doll
Cursed Doll
Folk Tales
Folk Tales
Sealed Fate
Sealed Fate
Surrounded by Fear
Surrounded by Fear






  • Nimble: 59.37%
  • Life Rip: 54.93%
  • Haven: 46.6%
  • Kill to Heal: 45.76%



Stab your straw doll to inflict 200 damage every 0.6 seconds and deal stacks of Curse to the enemy you have your eye on. Up to two stacks may be taken away from other targets who have been struck by Curse, increasing the Curse applied to your target by one. Doubles the damage dealt to deployed shields and deployables. Astrid Doll You can use up to five stacks of Curse using your abilities. The target receives 20% more damage from Yokai Doll and Savage Tear and deals 2% less damage outward for every stack. Enemies with a curse can reveal something to you.


With 400 damage and up to three stacks of Curse, viciously tear through your Yokai Doll, disarming your victim for one second. increases the damage that your victim takes from each layer of Curse.


Set three or more traps. Reactivate this ability to teleport to the most recent lure that triggered, causing 100 damage, laying down three stacks of Curse, and giving nearby enemies a 1.5-second fear effect. Spirit Lure will enter a lengthier Cooldown following reactivation.


For two seconds, project yourself forth, creating a tangible trail in your wake. You become more agile and ethereal while moving, but your body is more susceptible to harm at a slower pace. Reactivating this ability will allow you to teleport back to your body; if you don’t, your body will teleport back to you.


Cast a devastating curse on the person you have targeted, labeling them as a Betrayer. Your target detonates in a burst of projectiles after 1.75 seconds. Every 0.2 seconds for 3.2 seconds, they will take 42 damage and each opponent they touch will gain 5 stacks of Curse. The amount of damage is proportional to the number of Curse stacks.



Empowered Curse
Per stack of Curse presently on foes, increase your Ultimate charge rate by 3% and Movement Speed by 5%.

Spirit Bombs
Spirit Lures change into timed mines that can no longer be reactivated and explode briefly after being triggered to deliver damage, instill fear, and add stacks of curses. Your trap placement’s current Cooldown has been raised.

Unfinished Business
Increase your Body and Soul’s duration by 1 second. When the ability expires, you will heal for 70% of the damage your body sustained while traveling (minimum 15% maximum health), unaffected by Anti-Healing.

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