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Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Rei Build in Paladins.

Best Rei build guides for Paladins 2023. I works hard to keep my’s Paladins builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Rei build for the meta. Learn more about Rei’s abilities, Items, Pre-Built Loadouts.



Pre-Built Loadouts

Magic in the Blood
Arcane Manipulation
Arcane Manipulation
Refreshing Break
Refreshing Break
Future Generations
Future Generations
Leipori Prayer
Leipori Prayer


Morale Boost



Unleash magical energy from your hands, dealing 450 damage every 0.7s.


Manifest arcane forces and send them outward, Chaining between your initial target and up to 4 additional allies, Healing them for 520 per bounce. Spirit Linked allies are Healed for 30% more.


Tether your spirit to an ally or enemy player. While Linked to an ally, you Heal them for 50 and grant them 0.5% Ultimate charge every 1s. While Linked to an enemy, reduce their Movement Speed by 10% and deal 50 damage every 0.75s.


Envelop yourself with Arcane energy, reducing the maximum amount of damage you can take to 275 per instance of damage and increasing your Movement Speed by 40% and your jump height by 50% for 3s. Spirit Linked allies are also Enveloped.


Unleash a burst of energy into your Linked ally and infuse them with life, making them Immune to damage for 2s and then Healing for 100% of their maximum Health after a brief delay. You also gain these benefits. Must be Linked to an ally to use this ability.




Increase the range of Chain Heal bounces by 40%.



Spirit Link’s Cooldown is increased to 7s and it now only lasts for 4s, but its base effects are tripled.



While Envelop is active and you are Linked to an enemy, prevent them from Healing.



When Rei left her warren in The Burrows, she pointed her ears towards the pursuit of a mastery of magic beyond any living being’s. Her quest led her to the seat of the Ruby Throne, where she found the means to achieve her ambitions.

She became fast allies and faster friends with the Scion of House Aico, Lian, gaining access to the resources of a powerful noble house in exchange for her services and advice. She strives to harness with even greater control and power the chaotic arcane forces that run throughout the Realm and bind it together. A rare magical prodigy, her tale has just begun.

The Scholar of House Aico pursues perfection, and she will throw the book at anyone who gets in her way.

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