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Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Caspian Build in Paladins.

Best Caspian build guides for Paladins 2023. I works hard to keep my’s Paladins builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Caspian build for the meta. Learn more about Caspian’s abilities, Items, Pre-Built Loadouts.




Pre-Built Loadouts

Both Sides Of The Coin
Both Sides Of The Coin
Deadly Flourish
Deadly Flourish
Swift Strikes
Swift Strikes
Spin to Win
Spin to Win
Rogues of a Feather
Rogues of a Feather


46.45% W/L
46.59% W/L
45.09% W/L
44.91% W/L



Consume 1 Ammo to unleash your rapier in a chain of attacks, dealing up to 350 damage per hit to enemies. Fully effective up to 65 units. War shares an Ammo pool with Love. WarHitting an enemy with War gives you a stack of Sharp Momentum, increasing the rate of fire of Love by 8% for 5s. Maximum of 5 stacks and each stack expires independently.


Consume 3 ammo to fire your gun once every 0.85s, dealing 350 damage per shot and Slowing enemies hit by 10% for 2s, stacking up to 3 times. Fully effective up to 100 units. Love shares an Ammo pool with War. Love Hitting an enemy with Love gives you a stack of Piercing Momentum, increasing the rate of fire of War by 8% for 5s. Maximum of 5 stacks and each stack expires independently.


Shoot out a Piercing projectile that travels more quickly based on the total number of your Piercing and Sharp Momentum stacks. Deals 700 damage and stuns enemies hit for 0.7s.


Twirl forwards, dealing 300 damage and knocking back enemies hit during the dash. While dashing, the damage you take is reduced by 30%. At the end of the dash, stop and whirl in place, dealing 450 damage to enemies in an area and reduce the Cooldown of this ability by 1s for each enemy hit. You can reactivate this ability early to stop and whirl sooner.


Summon 5 ethereal swords around you. Each time you fire Love or War, fire off one sword that Pierces all enemies hit, dealing 800 damage per projectile.




The Cooldown of Deadly Momentum is permanently set to 5s and cannot be modified, reduced, or increased through other means. Gain 1 stack of Piercing and Sharp Momentum for each enemy hit with Deadly Momentum.



Increase the Range and Damage of War, but decrease its rate of fire. War’s attacks now deal an additional 20% damage to each enemy hit for each enemy hit in total with your attack.



Fire a weaker copy of Rogue’s Tempo forward from your crosshairs for every 6 Ammo consumed.



There are few still alive with the skill… the alluring performance — nay! the enrapturing, dazzling SPECTACLE that is what sights behold you when witnessing this dashing rogue’s deadly skills and quicksilver tongue in action. Blessed with arcane weapons and years of streetwise knowledge and training, he takes what he wants and gives some of it away – if he likes you, of course.

Recently finding himself in possession of an abyssal artifact most would deem too dangerous to handle (Hey, it was just lying around!), Caspian, Thief of Hearts (and Treasure) will have his work cut out for him to survive what comes next.

The pursuit of hedonistic perfection is a dangerous occupation, but when has that ever stopped anyone?

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