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Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Betty la Bomba Build in Paladins.

Best Betty la Bomba build guides for Paladins 2023. I works hard to keep my’s Paladins builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Betty la Bomba build for the meta. Learn more about Betty la Bomba’s abilities, Items, Pre-Built Loadouts.

The Bomb Queen

( Damage)

Pre-Built Loadouts

Creator's Claim
Creator’s Claim 1
A Lost Realm
A Lost Realm 3
A Runaway
A Runaway 3
He Can Run
He Can Run 3
Queen's Reign
Queen’s Reign 5
  • Creator’s Claim: Increase your maximum Health by {50|50}.
  • A Lost Realm: Increase the area of effect of all your explosions by {2|2}%.
  • A Runaway: Increase the explosion radius of Hail of Bombs’ explosives by {10|10}%.
  • He Can Run: Increase your Movement Speed by {15|15}% for 2s after activating Hail of Bombs.
  • Queen’s Reign: Reduce the Cooldown of Cluster Grenade by {0.1|0.1}s for each enemy hit by the initial and secondary explosions.


Haven 2
Life Rip 2
Nimble 2
Master Riding 1



Fire a grenade from your launcher that can bounce and explodes after 2s, dealing 510 damage in a small area. The grenade deals 600 damage and has a larger area of effect if you hit an enemy directly.


Launch a grenade that creates additional secondary explosives based on the number of enemy targets hit. The initial explosion deals 250 damage in an area after 0.4s and secondary explosions deal 500 damage in an area after 3s. The grenade can spawn up to 6 additional explosives.


Send out a magazine chalk full of explosives that spray upward and outward to land randomly in a large area around where it deploys. Each explosive deals 390 damage in a 20 unit radius.


Jump forwards and upwards, damaging and knocking back enemies caught behind and below you. You can use this ability up to three times before it goes on Cooldown. Each blast deals 300 damage to enemies within 35 units.


Summon the biggest bomb in your arsenal and hop on, gaining the ability to control your flight. Hitting an enemy will cause an explosion, dealing 1700 damage and knocking the enemy and you away from each other. Reactivate this ability or fire to send the rocket flying out in a straight line towards where you are looking.




Reduce the range of Hail of Bombs by 50%, concentrating the explosions in a smaller area, and reduce the Cooldown of Hail of Bombs by 2s.



Explosive damage sets enemies on fire for 0.3% of their maximum Health every 0.1s for 1.5s. Additional hits refresh the duration.



Reduce the Cooldown of Explosive Personality by 6s, but reduce your Movement Speed by 15%.



She had it all. The brains, the looks, the POWER. None of the other lords dared defy her wishes, and her wish was for EVERYTHING. She designed and commissioned the creation of living weapons: bombs meant to bring her enemies’ defenses crumbling down and her foes to their knees. What she didn’t expect was for one of her newly-created bombs to develop a mind of its own, such as it was.

Having lost her domain to the rampant explosions of this new “Bomb King”, Betty La Bomba has determined that it is time for her creation to return to his rightful place, under her thumb. Whether that is as her partner in expanding her new rule or as bits of scrap for her new toys has yet to be determined. NOTHING will stand in the way of her gadgets and explosives as The Bomb Queen reestablishes herself as the RIGHTFUL ruler of the Realm.

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