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Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Chaac Build in Smite Season 9.

Best Chaac build guides for Smite 2022. I works hard to keep my’s Smite builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Chaac build for the meta. Learn more about Chaac’s abilities, Items, Relics.

God of Rain


Chaac’s Pros and Cons

Better understanding of Chaac…


  1. Versatility.
  2. Power.
  3. Sustain.
  4. Team player.
  5. Wrecking ball.
  6. Wonderful clear.
  7. High area damage.
  8. Great Health and Mana Management.
  9. CC Machine.


  1. Loses Damage in Late Game.
  2. Anti-Heal is his Downfall.
  3. Must Build Up Passive to Keep Mana.

Chaac build Season 9

Best build Chaac: Damage.

Chaac build Damage



Full Items

Chaac’s Ability

Passive: Overflow

After 5 successful Basic Attacks, the next ability Chaac uses costs no Mana and has its cooldown reduced by 2s.

Skill 1: Thunder Strike

Chaac throws his axe forward, damaging all enemies in a radius around its landing location. The axe remains idle in the ground for 5s or until another ability is used.

  • Damage: 80/140/200/260/320 (+70% of your Physical Power)

Skill 2: Torrent

Chaac spins his axe around him, damaging all enemies, and gaining Protections for each enemy hit (max. 5). Gods hits provide 2 stacks. If his axe is out from Thunder Strike, he will first dash to the axe location, doing 50% base damage to enemies he passes through and then executing his spin attack. This dash can go through walls.

  • Damage: 100/150/200/250/300 (+70% of your Physical Power)
  • Protections: 4/8/12/16/20
  • Protection Duration: 6s

Skill 3: Rain Dance

Chaac summons a rainstorm around his current location for 6s. While it rains, he regains Health, and enemies are caught in the mud and have their Movement Speed and Attack Speed reduced. If his axe is out from Thunder Strike, a rainstorm will also spawn at that location. Enemies caught in the area of both rainstorms will have the Movement Slow and Attack Speed Reduction applied twice.

  • Slow: 20/25/30/35/40%
  • Attack Speed Reduction: 5/10/15/20/25%
  • Healing: 10/15/20/25/30 (+15% of your Physical Power) every 0.5s

Ultimate: Storm Call

Chaac charges up his lightning axe for a short duration then unleashes a blast, Silencing, Knocking Up and damaging all enemies around him. While charging up, Chaac has Damage Mitigation and is immune to Crowd Control effects.

  • Damage: 250/300/350/400/450 (120% of your Physical Power)
  • Silence Duration: 3s
  • Damage Mitigation: 50/55/60/65/70%

Chaac’s Skill Order

Skill Order: Skill 1 > Skill 3 > Skill 2 > Ultimate


Combo Chaac

Combo 1: Ultimate -> Skill 2.

Combo 2: Ultimate -> Skill 3.

Combo 3: Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> Ultimate -> Skill 3.

Chaac’s Tips and tricks

If you’re being chased by an enemy that you can’t fight against or low on health, throw your ax, run in a different direction, and teleport to it to distance yourself from your enemy.

His passive is his greatest tool to sustain. Make sure you throw in some autos between abilities to get that passive charged to keep yourself from wasting mana to bully your opponent or healing yourself.


  • Early Game: Chaac is at his most powerful during this stage, his opponents cannot fight back since they will have a hard time keeping up with Chaac’s ability to keep his health and mana properly sustained longer than any other god in the game as of right now.
  • Mid Game: A Stalemate stage for Chaac. Just survive the lane and push up on them to keep the pressure high.
  • Late Game: After dealing enough damage to your lane, roam the map and become the teams CC Machine alongside the support.

Counter Chaac

Chaac’s Lore

Rain is life. Showers from above soak the earth, feeding seeds which grow into precious fruits and grains. Man and beast alike are sustained by this cycle. Without rain, this world would be barren and all living things would turn to dust. Thus is the power of Chaac, God of Rain. But, like all great power, it did not come without cost.In mankind’s earliest days there were no farmers, so they starved beneath the sun. For days, Chaac sought a way to feed them. Deep in the mountains he discovered a golden boulder and cleft it with his mighty axe. Within was Maize, the crop that would change the Maya people forever, and Chaac was worshipped and adored for it.Drunk with pride, Chaac sought the object of his deepest desire, the wife of his brother. For a time, their affair remained secret, but that was not to last. Chaac’s brother, the Sun God, discovered them. Without a word, she dutifully returned to her husband and Chaac, realizing what he had done, let her go, but a rift formed between the two brothers that would never heal. In his grief, Chaac drove his axe into the sky, and from the wound tears of regret fell.Since then, Chaac has chosen a life free of pride and selfishness, devoting himself only to mankind. As a reminder of his greatest failing, he continues to cleave the heavens, washing the land in sustaining waters. Thus do crops grow. Thus do the people survive. Thus is the power of Chaac, God of Rain.

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