TFT how many of each unit set 8 ?

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share “How many of each unit in pool size TFT set 8”. Include cost: 1 Gold, 2 Gold, 3 Gold, 4 Gold, 5 Cost.


How many 1 cost units TFT Set 8?

Have 13 champions 1 cost.


Ashe increases her focus for the next 4 seconds, gaining Attack Damage.

Blitzcrank creates an empowered field around himself, reducing all damage taken for 4 seconds.

Galio steps back and dashes towards the nearest enemy, dealing magic damage. He then grants himself and the closest ally a shield for 4 seconds.

Gangplank removes all crowd control from himself and fires a flaming bullet at his target, dealing magic damage and reducing healing by 30% for 8 seconds.

Kayle’s next 3 attacks smite her target, dealing a percent of her Attack Damage to them and magic damage to enemies within one hex of them.

Lulu fires a bolt of magic energy at her target, dealing magic damage to the first enemy and to subsequent enemies.

Lux sends a lucent singularity at a random enemy’s location that detonates after arrival, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and reducing the Attack Damage of the enemy in the center by 40% for 4 seconds.

Nasus slams his staff on his target, dealing a percent of his Attack Damage and slowing their Attack Speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

Poppy throws her buckler at the farthest enemy, dealing a percent of her Armor as magic damage. The buckler then bounces back, granting Poppy a shield that blocks damage.

Renekton empowers himself for 8 seconds, gaining maximum Health, and causing his attacks to deal 5% of his maximum Health as bonus magic damage.

Sylas whirls his chains around him, healing himself and dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

Talon jumps to the furthest unit from the center of the board and stabs them. If this kills them, Talon heals.

Wukong spins his staff around him, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and gaining Armor and Magic Resist for each enemy hit for 3 seconds.

How many 2 cost units TFT Set 8?

Have 13 champions 2 cost.


Annie blasts a cone of fire, dealing magic damage to enemies in front of her, then creates a health shield on herself for 4 seconds.

Camille sweeps with her leg, dealing a percent of her Attack Damage and disarming enemies hit.

Draven hurls two massive axes at his target’s direction that deal a percent of his Attack Damage to all enemies in its path, reduced by 25% for each enemy they pass through. The axes reverse direction at the end of their path, dealing damage to enemies hit along the way back.

Ezreal fires an orb of physical sabotage at his target, reducing their Attack Speed for 4 seconds. Afterwards, he fires a shot at them dealing magic damage to them and nearby enemies.

Fiora lunges at her enemy, dealing a percent of her Attack Damage to all enemies hit and activates her Duelist’s Soul for 8 seconds. While her Duelist’s Soul is active, she takes 20% less damage and her attacks restore Health.

Jinx fires a rocket at her target that explodes on impact, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies and stunning them.

If there is a nearby ally, Lee Sin dashes towards them, shielding both them and himself for 4 seconds. If there are no nearby allies, Lee Sin gains a shield instead. Afterwards, he dashes back and deals a percent of his Attack Damage to his target.

Malphite slams the ground beneath him, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and granting himself Armor for 4 seconds.

Rell forms a tether between herself and her lowest percent health ally, dealing magic damage to all enemies between herself and her bound ally. She also grants herself and her bound ally a percent of Rell’s current Armor and Magic Resist for 4 seconds.

Sivir throws her pizza at her target, dealing a percent of her Attack Damage. It then splits into slices and gets delivered to the 3 nearest allies, healing them.

Vi slams the ground in front of her and releases her stored energy, granting herself a shield for 4 seconds, reducing the Armor of nearby enemies for 4 seconds and dealing a percent of her Attack Damage.

Yasuo dashes to the best position to strike the most enemies and fires a whirlwind at his target dealing magic damage and knocking up units hit.

Yuumi fires a curved missile at the furthest target in her attack range, dealing magic damage to the first unit hit.

How many 3 cost units TFT Set 8?

Have 13 champions 3 cost.


Alistar slams the ground underneath his target, dealing magic damage and knocking them up for 1.5 seconds. He then roars, healing himself and the lowest health ally champion for 15% of his maximum health.

Passive: Cho’gath has increased Magic Resist. Spell: Cho’Gath breathes a cosmic beam in a forward arc that deals a percent of his Magic Resist as magic damage and increasing their maximum Mana until they cast.

Passive: Every third attack, Jax leaps to his target and deals bonus magic damage. The bonus damage increases every third attack up to 10 times.

Passive: Kai’Sa’s attacks apply Plasma. Her next attack against a target with 2 stacks of Plasma deals bonus magic damage. Active: Kai’Sa gains Attack Speed for 6 seconds. This Attack Speed bonus can stack.

Leblanc fires sigils at her target each dealing magic damage. If the target dies, she continues casting at the nearest target and casts 1 more sigil.

Nilah whirls her whip-blade, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies while healing herself and allies over 1 second. She finishes with a burst that deals magic damage.

Passive: Rammus has increased Armor. Active: Rammus powers himself up and leaps to the largest group of nearby enemies, dealing a percent of his Armor as magic damage, knocking them up for 1.2 seconds, and reducing their Attack Damage by 40% for 4 seconds.

Riven gains a Shield for 4 seconds and empowers her next 3 basic attacks with bonus magic damage. If her attack target currently has less health than her, her bonus magic damage is increased by 100%.

Senna fires a laser beam in the direction of a nearby enemy, dealing a percent of her Attack Damage to all enemies in a line.

Sona cycles between 3 phases, firing 2 beams that: 1: Deals magic damage to the closest enemies. 2: Heals the lowest health allies. 3: Deals magic damage and stuns the closest enemies for 1.5 seconds.

Vayne fires a heavy bolt at her target, dealing a percent of her Attack Damage as true damage.

Vel’koz freezes the enemy champion that has dealt the most damage this round, dealing magic damage.

Zoe launches a bubble at the nearest non-infected enemy’s location, infecting all enemies hit with a virus that deals magic damage over 10 seconds. Infected enemies take more damage.

How many 4 cost units TFT Set 8?

Have 12 champions 4 cost.


Aurelion Sol calls down meteors on random enemies that explode on impact. Each meteor deals magic damage and applies a burn for 10 seconds, dealing 10% of the target’s maximum Health as true damage and reducing incoming healing by 25%.

Bel’Veth dashes around her target and unleashes a flurry of attacks, each dealing a percent of her Attack Damage. Each time this is cast, Bel’Veth gains 20% bonus Attack Speed for the rest of combat.

Ekko dives in, granting himself a shield for 5 seconds and taunts nearby enemies. When the shield breaks, he emits a time field, dealing damage to nearby enemies and slowing their attack speed by 50% for 2 seconds.

Miss Fortune channels for 2 seconds, firing 8 waves of bullets in a cone in her target’s direction, with each wave dealing magic damage to the first target hit. Enemies hit by bullets in short succession take magic damage for each bullet instead.

Samira knocks up and juggles her target for 1.5 seconds, rapidly firing bullets that deal a percent of her Attack Damage. The bullets ricochet to nearby enemies, dealing 50% reduced damage.

Sejuani throws a cryo grenade at the closest enemy that explodes after a 2-second delay. Enemies within a 3-hex radius are dealt magic damage and are stunned.

Sett begins charging up, becoming immune to crowd control and gaining a shield for 2.5 seconds. After the shield breaks or at the end of its duration, he unleashes a blast in a cone at the most enemies in range, dealing physical damage to all enemies inside. The damage increases depending on how long he charged.

Soraka launches a star at her target. Each star deals magic damage and heals Soraka for 10% of her max health. Every 3 casts, she launches stars at the nearest enemies instead.

Taliyah summons torrents of spiraling rocks at a line of enemy units, dealing magic damage to all enemies it hits. After a brief delay, the wall explodes, dealing additional magic damage to nearby enemies.

Viego becomes unstoppable, leaping to the largest cluster of nearby enemies and slamming his sword down on the enemy with the lowest health, dealing magic damage to the primary target and magic damage to enemies nearby. If Viego kills an enemy, he casts again with reduced damage.

Passive: Upon dying, split into smaller Zac Blobs with a percent of Zac’s maximum Health that taunt nearby enemies. Spell: Zac bounces into the air and slams back down, dealing magic damage + 11% of his current Health to nearby enemies and healing himself for 20% of his missing Health.

Zed teleports behind his target and marks them for death, shredding armor for 6 seconds. He then enters an Empowered Kill Mode. While active, Zed’s attacks deal an additional bonus physical damage and every third attack damages all adjacent enemies, dealing 100% of his Attack Damage plus physical damage to adjacent enemies.

How many 5 cost units TFT Set 8?

Have 8 champions 5 cost.


Place Aphelios on the board to choose his spell. Duskwave: Aphelios unleashes a wave of energy in a cone in his target’s direction, dealing magic damage to all units hit and locking onto them. After a delay, Aphelios fires a volley of attacks at each locked-on target, dealing a percent of his Attack Damage. Blinding Eclipse: Aphelios casts forth a lunar spotlight towards the largest group of units, dealing a percent of his Attack Damage plus bonus base damage and stunning all enemies in the area. Onslaught: Aphelios enters an onslaught for 1.75 seconds, automatically performing 6 attacks over the duration at the nearest 2 enemies, dealing 300% of his Attack Damage plus base damage to each enemy.

Fiddlesticks teleports into the largest cluster of enemies and fears them. For the next few seconds, Fiddle drains the life from nearby enemies dealing magic damage per second and healing himself for 20% of the damage dealt.

Janna sends a twister towards the largest group of units. Enemy units caught by the twister are knocked up for 0.5 seconds. When the twister stops, it expands and all nearby enemies are knocked up and take damage over 3 seconds.

Leona locks onto and calls an orbital laser strike onto her target. After a short delay a laser fires on the locked on target dealing true damage per second to the target and dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

Mordekaiser transports the board into his realm, shredding the Magic Resist of all enemies, before summoning a building behind him and slamming it onto the board, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit.

Passive: Nunu and Willump slowly roll a ball around the board, dealing magic damage to all enemies it passes through, and gaining mana per second. Nunu and Willump grow the ball, increasing their speed and radius of the ball and its damage dealt by 10%.

Syndra enshrouds a random unit on your bench in an orb, granting them a shield and flinging them onto the board towards the closest enemy, knocking up and dealing magic damage to any enemies hit. Traits are unaffected except Corrupted.

Urgot summons a gigantic wave behind his enemies that moves towards him, dealing a percent of their maximum Health as magic damage. The wave’s force knocks enemies forward 1 hex and stuns them. For each champion hit, he has a chance to dredge up treasure.

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