Taliyah TFT Build Set 10.5: Items & Comps Guide

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Taliyah TFT Build Set 10.5. I will help you learn about Taliyah’s abilities, items, comps, synergies & stats.


Taliyah TFT Abilities

2 gold

Seismic Shove

Passive: Throw a boulder in the direction of an enemy if they are knocked down or knocked back by anything. It hits the first adversary and deals magic damage to them.

Active: Your victim will be stunned for 2 seconds after you deal magic damage to them and knock them up.

Spell Damage: 160% / 240% / 370%.

Boulder Damage: 125% / 190% / 290%.

Taliyah TFT Items

Best items for Taliyah Teamfight Tactics are: Giant Slayer, Jeweled Gauntlet, Rabadon’s Deathcap.





Taliyah TFT Items set:

1Giant SlayerJeweled GauntletRabadon's DeathcapS
2Archangel's StaffJeweled GauntletRabadon's DeathcapS
3Hand of JusticeJeweled GauntletRabadon's DeathcapS
4Blue BuffJeweled GauntletRabadon's DeathcapA
5Hextech GunbladeJeweled GauntletRabadon's DeathcapA
6Blue BuffArchangel's StaffRabadon's DeathcapB
7Spear of ShojinJeweled GauntletRabadon's DeathcapB

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Taliyah TFT Comps

Best comps for Taliyah Teamfight Tactics are: 4 Multicaster + 3 Bilgewater + 2 Bastion + 2 Sorcerer + 2 Strategist.


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Taliyah TFT Synergies


Shuriman heals 5% of his maximum Health every 4 seconds. After 8 seconds, choose Shuriman Ascend to acquire 40% attack speed and 30% maximum health.

  • 2 – The strongest Shuriman Ascends.
  • 4 – All Shurimans Ascend, +10% Ascension bonus.
  • 6 – Instead, Ascend at combat start, +50% Ascension bonus.
  • 9 – Ascend twice, at combat start and after 8 seconds, +100% Ascension bonus.


Multicasters use their ability more than once. The efficiency of bonus spells is lowered by 66%.

  • 2 – 1 extra cast.
  • 4 – 2 extra casts.

Taliyah TFT Counter

I help you find to champions: Weak, Strong and Good with Taliyah in TFT set 9.5.

Weak AgainstStrong AgainstGood With

Taliyah is weak against: Ekko, Katarina, RekSai. These champions are strong against Taliyah at most phases of the game.

Taliyah is strong against: Graves, Jarvan IV, Neeko. These champions are weak against Taliyah at most phases of the game.

Taliyah is good with: Jinx, Aatrox, Nautilus. These champions are good connect Taliyah in the game.

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How To Play Taliyah TFT ?

Teamfight Tactics is a strategy game where you build a team of champions to battle against other players’ teams. Winning in Teamfight Tactics requires careful planning, strategy, and a bit of luck.


Position recommended

Row 4
Row 3
Row 2
Row 1x

Best Legends for Taliyah TFT

TierOption 1Option 2Option 3
ATahm Kench
Tahm Kench
Twisted Fate
Twisted Fate
BAurelion Sol
Aurelion Sol
Tahm Kench
Tahm Kench
Lee Sin
Lee Sin
Master Yi
Master Yi

Taliyah TFT Rolling Chances

You can get Taliyah when up level 3.

Level taliyah-tft-set-9-5
Level 10%
Level 20%
Level 325%
Level 430%
Level 533%
Level 640%
Level 730%
Level 820%
Level 915%
Level 1010%
Level 112%

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I have 7 tips that will help you play Taliyah to win:

Tip 1: Make sure you understand the game mechanics, such as how to buy Taliyah , how to upgrade Taliyah , how to position Taliyah in team, and how to use items for Taliyah .

Tip 2: Building a strong team is key to winning in TFT. Look for synergies with Taliyah and try to create a balanced team with a mix of tanks, damage, and support champions.

Tip 3: Pay attention to what other players are doing and adjust your strategy accordingly. If you notice that everyone have Taliyah , try to pivot and find an alternative strategy.

Tip 4: Try to balance your spending on champions and leveling up while also saving gold for later rounds.

Tip 5: Place your tanks in front to absorb damage, and put your damage champions in the back to maximize their damage output.

Tip 6: Try to combine items to create powerful combinations for Taliyah .

Tip 7: Don’t get too attached to a particular strategy or team composition and be willing to switch things up if the situation calls for it.

Taliyah TFT Stats

  • Health: 550 / 990 / 1782
  • Mana: 70
  • Starting Mana: 30
  • Armor: 20
  • MR: 20
  • DPS: 28 / 50 / 91
  • Damage: 40 / 72 / 130
  • Atk Spd: 0.7
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 4

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