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Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about TFT champions set 9.5 list. I will recommend to all the champions in Teamfight Tactics set 9.5.


Champions List

This list shows all of the champions as they appear in TFT Set 9.5:



World Ender

For 12/12/30 seconds, Aatrox transform, turning 80% of his increased attack speed into attack damage. Attacks while converted cause localized physical harm.

Darkin Blade: Gain Omnivamp and 350 Health. Aatrox will come back to life if another unit uses this weapon for at least five seconds before dying.

Omnivamp: Heal for percentage of damage dealt.

Damage: 275% / 275% / 2500%



Essence Theft

Mana Reaving and causing magic damage to opponents nearby the current target while stealing their essence.

Release a wave that hits all foes and deals magic damage to them after a certain number of spells. Enemies whose essence has been taken take 33% greater damage as a result.

Ionia Bonus: +3 Mana per second.

Mana Reave: 20% more maximum Mana until the following cast.

  • Essence Steal: 90% / 135% / 1000%
  • Wave Damage: 230% / 350% / 1888%
  • Casts Before Wave: 2 / 2 / 0



Moonlight Vigil

Fire a moon blast towards the greatest enemy horde to deliver physical damage to opponents around.

Equip 3 Chakram for 7 seconds, plus 1 more for every enemy the blast hits (max 10). Each Chakram worn increases the physical damage of attacks. 50% (Ability Power) of the damage inflicted by Chakrams is healed by Aphelios.

  • Moon Blast: 200% / 200% / 550%
  • Chakram Damage: 10% / 10% / 30%




Fire eight arrows in a cone, each of which deals physical damage to the first enemy struck and temporarily paralyzes them.

Chill: Reduced Attack Speed by 30%.

Damage: 160% / 160% / 170%.




Passive: A Sand Soldier hits their victim with magic damage every third assault.

Active: A Sand Soldier can be summoned to attack the target. If Azir has three soldiers already, they all deal 70% of the damage right away.

Damage: 105% / 160% / 550%



Royal Maelstrom

Six lashings are delivered to the foe in range with the least amount of health. Each lash inflicts physical damage as well as true damage equal to 2% of the target’s maximum health.

Damage: 15% / 25% / 50%.



Twin Fang

The current victim will get magic damage and will be wounded for 5 seconds. Deal an additional 30% bonus magic damage if they are already wounded.

Wound: Reduce healing received by 50%.

Damage: 170% / 255% / 385%.




Attack the adversary with the lowest nearby Health with magic damage. If this results in their death, eat them to get infinite health.

Damage: 250% / 335% / 450%.

Devour Health Bonus: 30 / 35 / 40.



Noxian Guillotine

Do the current target bodily harm. Cast this once again with damage right away if they pass away.

Damage: 100% / 120% / 150%.

Recast Effectiveness: 82% / 85% / 90%.



Phase Dive

Provide magic damage to the current target while healing 20% of damage incurred in the last four seconds.

Damage: 290% / 435% / 710%.



Blade Waltz

Become untargetable, then four times hit the current target. Each strike causes true damage and physical damage totaling 155%Attack Damage. 20% of the total damage done will be healed.

Change targeting to the closest adversary if the target dies.

True Damage: 60% / 90% / 270%



Shield of Durand

Lessen harm received, and heal for longer than 4 seconds. then inflict magic damage on nearby opponents.

Damage: 200% / 300% / 450%.

Heal: 350% / 400% / 450%.

Damage Reduction: 25% / 25% / 35%.



The Dreadway

Cutlass Passive: Gain Magic Resist and 50 Armor. Attacks set the target on fire, delivering real damage over three seconds.

Pistol Passive: Gain 3 range. Attacks result in a 5 mana bonus.

Active: Summon the Dreadway to fly across the playing field, slamming into the first opponent hit and delivering magic damage in a 3-hex radius. Citrus empowers allies the Dreadway passes through or collides with, giving them Attack Speed and a 3-second immunity to crowd control.

Spell Damage: 450% / 675% / 9001%.

Ignite Damage: 250% / 250% / 2500%.

Attack Speed: 35% / 50% / 300%.



Smoke Grenade

Strike the current target with a smoke grenade. The object explodes upon impact, delivering physical damage to nearby adversaries and leaving a chilling smoke cloud in its wake.

Chill: Reduce Attack Speed by 30%.

AP Damage: 30% / 45% / 60%.

AD Damage: 230% / 230% / 240%.

Duration: 3 / 3.5 / 4.



CH-3X Lightning Grenade

Throw a grenade at the most numerous enemy to stun them and deal magic damage to a huge area of them.

Damage: 150% / 225% / 3141%

Stun Duration: 2 / 2 / 15

4 Star Upgrade: Yes.



Harsh Lesson

Attack the present target with magic harm to temporarily bond souls. While linked, heal the target for a portion of the damage incurred.

Damage: 220% / 330% / 500%

Healing: 25% / 30% / 40%



Defiant Dance

Shield is gained by taking a defensive stance and rapidly wears off over three seconds. Deal opponents in front of and around Irelia magic damage plus 30% of the damage sustained when it expires.

Ionia Bonus: +40 Armor and Magic Resist.

Damage: 70% / 100% / 150%.

Shield: 350% / 400% / 450%.

Jarvan IV



Jump on a neighboring adversary. Stun and deal magic damage to nearby opponents within two hexes.

Damage: 140% / 210% / 800%.

Stun Duration: 1.75 / 2.25 / 8.



Acceleration Blast

For 3 seconds, give Jayce and nearby allies to his left and right 20% Attack Speed. When an opponent hits the current target, a blast that explodes is fired at it. Enemies nearby the blast suffer physical damage as a result.

Damage: 240% / 240% / 250%.



Curtain Call

Deal physical damage to foes in a line by aiming at them; each strike reduces damage by 40%.

Ionia Bonus: +20% Attack Damage.

Damage: 60% / 90% / 135%.




Fire 5 rockets at a selection of foes that are 2 hexes away from the current target. Each rocket deals physical damage.

AP Damage: 10% / 15% / 25%.

AD Damage: 150% / 150% / 160%.



All Out Strike

Before you smash them to the edge of the battlefield, knock up the present target. Stun and inflict magic harm on them. When the target collides with foes, do 50% of the damage and stun them for 50% of the time.

Knock the target off the battlefield if they cannot be moved back any further. In any other case, KSante will pursue them.

Damage: 250% / 400% / 1000%.

Stun Duration: 2 / 3 / 10.



Icathian Rain

Run away from all adversaries before launching rockets at the four closest foes. Magical harm is dealt by each missile.

Number of Missiles: 15 / 15 / 25.

Damage: 75% / 111% / 240%.



Inner Flame

Attack Karma’s target with a blast of energy that, when it hits, bursts and deals magic damage to nearby opponents. Three spurts are launched every third cast.

Ionia Bonus: +20% Ability Power.

Damage: 170% / 255% / 420%.



Force Pulse

Increase your shield for 4 seconds. Disarm foes in a cone by inflicting magic damage on them.

Disarm: Can only cast spells and cannot move or fight.

Damage: 150% / 225% / 325%.

Shield: 135% / 200% / 300%.

Disarm Duration: 1.5 / 1.75 / 2.




Three daggers should be thrown and should land adjacent to any adversaries within 1+ attack range hexes. After that, teleport to every enemy to deal magic damage and wound them for 6 seconds.

Wound: Reduce healing received by 50%.

Damage: 130% / 195% / 320%.



Divine Ascent

Passive: As your tactician levels up, more passive effects become available.

Level 1: Magical damage is added to attacks.

Level 6: A wave that does magic damage and 40% Shreds foes for three seconds is launched after every third attack.

Level 9: Every assault sends out a wave, and the waves grow bigger.

Shredded: Reduced Magic Resist by 50%.

Damage: 35% / 50% / 75%.

Ascended Wave Damage: 20% / 25% / 40%.



Call of the Void

Open two portals near the current target. All foes caught between the portals will receive magic damage and 50% of their shields will be destroyed.

Damage: 185% / 280% / 420%.



Ultra Mega Fire Kick

Kick a ball that stuns the target for two seconds and does magic damage. The opponent behind the target that is closest to the ball after it bounces does magic damage in a 1-hex radius.

Ball Damage: 140% / 210% / 315%.

Splash Damage: 90% / 140% / 200%.

Bounce Damage: 180% / 280% / 400%.

Miss Fortune


Bullet Time

Call down a hail of X-shaped bullets that deal magic damage and dismantle 35% of your target’s shields. When an enemy is hit, their incoming shields are reduced by 35% for 5 seconds.

Damage: 240% / 360% / 575%.




Passive: Attacks now have enhanced additional magic damage while God of Death is engaged.

Active: For 5 seconds, you get 1 range and a 40% shield. As long as combat is ongoing, killing enemies in this state depletes a percentage of their Health, Attack Damage, Ability Power, Armor, and Magic Resistance.

Empowered Damage: 275% / 415% / 1000%.

Damage: 100% / 150% / 375%.

Percent Stat Steal: 10% / 10% / 25%.




Passive: Gain 20% Omnivamp.

Active: Deal 120% physical damage.

Darkin Dagger: Bring packmates into battle after casting, attacking the first opponent struck for a total of 180% of AD physical damage.

Omnivamp: Heal for percentage of damage dealt



Soul Eater

For 8 seconds, steal maximum Health, 10% Attack Damage, and Defenses from nearby foes.

While empowered, every third attack deals physical damage.

Max Health Steal: 5% / 5% / 15%.

Number of Targets: 4 / 5 / 9.

Defense Steal: 5 / 5 / 30.

Empowered Attacks: 350% / 350% / 700%.




Passive: Get a 30% overall bonus in both magic resistance and armor.

Active: Activate a whirlpool to summon an enemy that knocks up and stuns adversaries within two hexes as it deals magic damage to them.

Damage: 150% / 225% / 360%.

Stun Duration: 1.5 / 1.5 / 2.


Pop Blossom

Jump toward the target in front of you to acquire Shield for 3 seconds. After a brief delay, slam down, delivering magic damage to opponents nearby two hexes.

Shield: 200% / 300% / 400%.

Damage: 270% / 410% / 650%.



Formless Blade

Passive: Attacks deal up to 2 additional foes physical damage in a cone of attack. Every third attack deals physical damage in a straight line and increases Attack Speed by 20%.

Active: Gain shield for three seconds, then run to safety.

Damage: 75% / 75% / 100%.

Shield: 200% / 300% / 600%.

Empowered Damage: 150% / 155% / 375%.



Command: Protect

Give the ally with the lowest health a shield for 4 seconds, and her subsequent attack will deal extra magic damage. When the shield wears out, it attacks nearby opponents with magic damage and chills them for three seconds.

Chill: Reduced Attack Speed by 30%

Shield: 225% / 250% / 325%.

Damage: 260% / 390% / 585%.



Steadfast Hammer

Gain Shield for 3 seconds. Damage the current target with magic.

4 Star Upgrade: Knock the target into the largest group of foes, delivering magic damage to the target and the clump equal to 33% and 15% of the target’s maximum health, respectively. Give them a 0.25 second shock.

Shield: 310% / 330% / 350% / 350%.

Damage: 140% / 210% / 315% / 315%.



Supreme Display of Talent

Dash to do physical damage to foes in a line, the first target is stunned and knocked out for 1.5 seconds, and all other targets are knocked out for 0.5 seconds.

AD Damage: 250% / 250% / 260%.

AP Damage: 30% / 45% / 65%.




Launch Valor over the most enemy-filled row or column, designating those opponents to take 10% more damage for 4 seconds. After then, arrows start falling, delivering physical damage to all marked foes.

Damage: 550% / 555% / 565%



Furious Bite

Deal physical damage to the current target. This damage turns into real damage if they have less than 66% of their original health.

If this kills the target, rip through them 1 hex and heal Health.

Damage: 315% / 315% / 315%



Cull the Meek

Deal magic damage to adjacent enemies. For the initial enemy hit, heal, and for each subsequent one, heal again.

Damage: 180% / 270% / 400%.

Heal: 220% / 270% / 320%.



Realm Warp

Wanderers’ spells change depending on the Region Portal players voted for at the start of the game.

Ryze Bandle City, Ryze Bilgewater, Ryze Demacia, Ryze Freljord, Ryze Ionia, Ryze Ixtal, Ryze Noxus, Ryze Piltover, Ryze Shadow Isles, Ryze Shurima, Ryze Targon, Ryze Zaun.




Shoot at the target in front of you to deal the initial enemy hit. For the rest of the battle, lower their Armor by 10.

Damage: 200% / 200% / 210%.

Armor Reduction: 10% / 15% / 20%.



Fury of the North

Passive: Allies deal extra true damage whenever they engage a Chilled adversary.

Active: Gain 4 seconds of shielding. Enemies in the area will get magic damage and be chilled for 4 seconds.

Chill: Reduced Attack Speed by 30%

Magic Damage: 160% / 240% / 1200%.

Bonus Damage: 1.5% / 1.5% / 10%.

Shield: 600% / 700% / 2000%.




Take hold of an adversary on either side, then slam them together to knock them out. Stuns them and deals magic damage to them.

The damage and stun duration are enhanced by 50% if only one adversary is grabbed.

Ionia Bonus: +200 Maximum Health

Damage: 180% / 270% / 420%.

Stun Duration: 1.25 / 1.5 / 2.



Ki Barrier

Gain shield and for four seconds, give shield to the two allies with the lowest health. Shen’s shield refreshes with a burst, dealing magic damage to nearby opponents after shielding his teammates.

Ionia Bonus: +9% Damage Reduction

Ally Shield : 225% / 275% / 1500%.

Damage : 240% / 360% / 2500%.

Self Shield : 350% / 450% / 2000%.



Undercity Tactics

Toss a vial at an adversary in the area to blanket surrounding hexes with shimmer. The enemies shimmered take magic damage per second. Shirmish-affected allies heal their health every second.

Duration: 6 / 6 / 10.

Healing: 20% / 30% / 70%.

Damage: 75% / 115% / 345%.



Glory in Death

Passive: Reanimates with 100% health after death and loses health slowly over time. Sion loses his ability but receives immunity to crowd control and a 150% increase in attack speed and ability power.

Active: Charge the most hostile hex within three plus attack range. Any adversaries you encounter along the route, deal physical damage to them, knock them over, and stun them.

Reanimation Health Decay: 20% / 13% / 0%.

Charge Damage: 225% / 235% / 500%.

Stun Duration: 1.25 / 1.5 / 15.




Send a sonic wave at the biggest group of adversaries, dealing magic damage to any that are hit. Allies struck by the wave have a 5-second increase in attack speed.

Damage: 105% / 155% / 255%.

Attack Speed: 35% / 40 / 45%.



Astral Infusion

Heal the ally with the worst health for % of AP. Increase the ally’s healing by 33% if their health is under 40%.

Over the next 5 seconds, 5 stars hit the enemy closest to them. Each deals magic damage.

Damage: 125% / 185% / 290%.

Heal: 170% / 190% / 220%.




For 5 seconds, change and increase your maximum health. Enemies within 2 hexes will receive magic damage every second while you are changed.

Health Bonus: 375% / 450% / 650%.

Damage: 35% / 50% / 75%.



Seismic Shove

Passive: Throw a boulder in the direction of an enemy if they are knocked down or knocked back by anything. It hits the first adversary and deals magic damage to them.

Active: Your victim will be stunned for 2 seconds after you deal magic damage to them and knock them up.

Spell Damage: 160% / 240% / 370%.

Boulder Damage: 125% / 190% / 290%.




Gain 4 seconds of shielding. 50% of the damage taken by nearby allies is diverted by it.

Shield : 550% / 650% / 750%.

Twisted Fate


Stacked Deck

Throw a hand of cards at the current target that deal magic damage. The cards detonate after 1.5 seconds, delivering magic damage to adversaries nearby.

Delayed Damage: 200% / 300% / 465%.

Initial Damage: 165% / 250% / 375%.



Plasma Fission

Fire a plasma bolt that deals magic damage to the first opponent struck and targets the current target. When it passes through an adversary, it deals 50% less damage after splitting in half.

Damage: 230% / 345% / 560%.



Blast Shield

Gain 4 seconds of shielding. Enemies within 1 hex of the current target will take physical damage and become Sunder for 4 seconds.

Sunder: Reduced Armor by 40%.

Shield: 325% / 350% / 400%.



Primal Howl

Passive: Attacks heal for % of AP.

Active: For 2.5 seconds, the passive healing will be increased by 50%. After that, stun nearby enemies.

Heal: 30% / 35% / 40%.

Stun Duration: 1.25 / 1.5 / 2.




Bring out feathers, each of which deals physical damage to the current victim. Up until the end of the battle, each feather takes 6 armor off of the first opponent it hits.

Ionia Bonus: Attacks restore an additional 5 Mana.

Number of Feathers: 7 / 7 / 12.

Damage: 12% / 20% / 30%.

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