Best Terra build 2024 (Support) – Smite Season 11

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Terra Build in Smite Season 11. I will help you in playing this Terra God more effectively in Conquest, Arena, Assault, Joust and Slash.

Best Terra build guides for Smite 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Smite builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Terra build for the meta. Learn more about Terra’s abilities, Items, Relics.

Guardian | Roman | Melee | Magical

Pros: High Sustain, High Area Damage

Difficulty: Hard

God Tier: A

Health: 700 (+100)Damage: 38 (+ 1.55) + 20% of Magical Power
Mana: 200 (+35)Physical: 28 (+3.5)
Speed: 365 (+0)Magical: 35 (+1.6)
Range: 12 (+0)HP5: 8 (+0.8)
Attack/Sec: 0.9 (+1.4%)MP5: 4.6 (+0.4)

Terra Relics Build

Shard Relics:


Terra Items Build

Duo Lane (Support):

Pro Build:

Terra’s Skill Order

Skill Order: Monolith (Skill 3) > Crushing Earth (Skill 2) > Force of Nature (Skill 1) > Earthen Fury (Skill 4).

Force of Nature
Force of Nature
Crushing Earth
Crushing Earth
Earthen Fury
Earthen Fury

Terra Combo

Find best combo skill for Terra, I will help you do it.

Combo 1: Skill 3 -> Skill 2.

MonolithMonolith -> Crushing EarthCrushing Earth.

Combo 2: Skill 4 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 2.

Earthen FuryEarthen Fury -> Force of NatureForce of Nature -> MonolithMonolith -> Crushing EarthCrushing Earth.

Terra’s Weak Against & Pairs Well

Weak AgainstPairs Well With

Terra is weak against: Ganesha, Ares, Artio, Odin.

Terra is pairs well with: Hachiman, Janus, Vamana, Terra.

How To Play Terra ?

Terra is a guardian God has great crowd control, tanky, high sustain and great at countering. So, I suggest you should use Terra support.


Win/Pick/Ban rate:

Win Rate48.34%51.74%36.67%
Pick Rate3.94%2.44%0.07%
Ban Rate0.25%1.43%0.11%

Best Relics for Terra:

You can use Shard Relics: Wing Shard or Horn shard.

Wing ShardHorn shard

You can use Relics: Cloak Of Ascetic + Sundering Blast.


Best items for Terra:

Start items – Duo Lane:

Sentinel's GiftBenevolenceCleric's CloakHealing PotionHand of the Gods

Full Items – Duo Lane: If you like Terra support, you can refer this way: Sentinel’s Embrace, Evolved Prophetic Cloak, Evolved Gauntlet of Thebes, Stone of Binding, Soul Reaver, Chronos’ Pendant.

Sentinel's EmbraceEvolved Prophetic CloakEvolved Gauntlet of ThebesStone of BindingSoul ReaverChronos' Pendant

Full Items – Pro Build: If you like Terra pro build, you can refer this way: Heroism, Evolved Gauntlet of Thebes, Lotus Sickle, Contagion, Stone of Binding, Spirit Robe.

Evolved Gauntlet of ThebesLotus SickleContagionStone of BindingSpirit Robe

Best lane for Terra:


Solo Lane
Duo Lane – ADC
Duo Lane – SupportX
Mid Lane

Tips and Tricks:

You can use alternative items for Terra as: Physical Protection, Magical Protection, Health, Crowd Control Reduction, HP5, Cooldown Reduction, Mana, MP5.

Terra is quite weak at the beginning of the game, your main task now is to chase the enemy with skill 2 (Crushing Earth) and heal the ADC with skill 3 (Monolith).

Mid game: Terra is stronger and can clear some jungle camps, assist the jungle in ganking other lanes.

Late game: Join or organize as many fights as you can.

Terra’s Ability

Passive: Standing Stones

Standing Stones are a result of Terra’s powers. Terra is immune to knockup while any Standing Stones are in operation. Additionally, foes will be cleaved, slowed, and dealt additional damage by her Basic Attacks. Items effects are not triggered by this Bonus Damage. If Terra breaks any stones, she will continue to benefit from it for three seconds after they are all gone.

Skill 1: Force of Nature

As Terra acquires speed, she charges ahead, dealing damage to any foes in her path. Terra has the ability to smash her own standing stones by charging through them. If so, she may charge again within the following three seconds.

Skill 2: Crushing Earth

Two Standing Stone walls are built by Terra on either side of a designated area. If both stones are still in place, Terra can use this ability once more to crash them together, damaging and stunning nearby opponents for 1.5 seconds. With Force of Nature, these stones can be shattered into a cone of shrapnel that harms nearby opponents.

Skill 3: Monolith

A Standing Stone monolith that lasts for up to 10 seconds is conjured by Terra. The monolith can be destroyed early if hit by five enemy basic attacks, however it heals adjacent allied gods every.5s for the duration and offers Protections. With Force of Nature, Terra can shatter this stone, causing a devastating area to persist for five seconds and rooting nearby opponents for a single second.

Ultimate: Earthen Fury

Terra uses her strength to benefit her allies and hinder her foes for ten seconds. If all 4 are activated, allies receive 10% damage reduction and healing stones. If all 4 are activated, enemies take 5% extra damage from all sources and hazardous stones that injure the enemy. When an ally or enemy takes damage, stones become active.

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