Best Cabrakan build 2024 (Solo/Support) – Smite Season 11

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Cabrakan Build in Smite Season 11. I will help you in playing this Cabrakan God more effectively in Conquest, Arena, Assault, Joust and Slash.

Best Cabrakan build guides for Smite 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Smite builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Cabrakan build for the meta. Learn more about Cabrakan’s abilities, Items, Relics.

Destroyer of Mountains

Guardian | Maya | Melee | Magical

Pros: High Crowd Control, High Defense

Difficulty: Average

God Tier: S

Health: 686 (+95)Damage: 38 (+ 1.5) + 20%% of Magical Power
Mana: 200 (+38)Physical: 28 (+3.6)
Speed: 365 (+0)Magical: 35 (+1.6)
Range: 12 (+0)HP5: 8 (+0.75)
Attack/Sec: 0.9 (+1.2%)MP5: 4.6 (+0.42)

Cabrakan Relics Build

Shard Relics:

Relics (Support):

Relics (Solo):

Cabrakan Items Build

Duo Lane (Support):

Pro Build (Solo Lane):

Cabrakan’s Skill Order

Skill Order: Refraction Shield (Skill 2) > Seismic Crush (Skill 1) > Tremors (Skill 3) > Tectonic Shift (Skill 4).

Seismic Crush
Seismic Crush

Refraction Shield
Refraction Shield

Tectonic Shift

Cabrakan Combo

Find best combo skill for Cabrakan, I will help you do it.

Combo 1: Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 2.

Seismic CrushSeismic Crush -> TremorsTremors -> Refraction ShieldRefraction Shield.

Combo 2: Skill 2 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 4.

Refraction ShieldRefraction Shield -> TremorsTremors -> Seismic CrushSeismic Crush -> Tectonic Shift.

Combo 3: Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 4.

Refraction ShieldRefraction Shield -> Seismic CrushSeismic Crush -> TremorsTremors -> Tectonic Shift.

Cabrakan’s Weak Against & Pairs Well

Weak AgainstPairs Well With

Cabrakan is weak against: Pele, Kali, Thanatos, Ymir.

Cabrakan is pairs well with: Awilix, Janus, Danzaburou, Maui.

How To Play Cabrakan ?

Cabrakan is a guardian God has crowd control, decent damage for tank and great protecting team. So, I suggest you should use Cabrakan support, solo.


Win/Pick/Ban rate:

Win Rate49.02%57.67%45.25%
Pick Rate6.76%6.02%0.78%
Ban Rate4.42%23.33% 0.75%

Best Relics for Cabrakan:

You can use Shard Relics: Wing Shard or Horn shard.

Wing ShardHorn shard

You can use Relics: Belt Of The Berserker + Fortifying Shell or Heroic Teleport + Chaotic Beads.

Belt Of The Berserkerfortifying-shell or heroic-teleportchaotic-beads

Best items for Cabrakan:

Start items – Duo Lane:

Sentinel's GiftEmerald MailHand of the GodsMulti Potion

Start items – Solo Lane:

Vampiric ShroudTalon TrinketChalice of Healingward

Full Items – Duo Lane: If you like Cabrakan support, you can refer this way: Sentinel’s Embrace, Evolved Gauntlet of Thebes, Evolved Prophetic Cloak, Stone of Binding, Polynomicon, Spirit Robe.

Sentinel's EmbraceEvolved Gauntlet of ThebesEvolved Prophetic CloakStone of BindingPolynomiconSpirit Robe

Full Items – Pro Build: If you like Cabrakan solo, you can refer this way: Sacrificial Shroud, Bancroft’s Claw, Chronos’ Pendant, Divine Ruin, Typhon’s Fang, Pestilence.

Sacrificial ShroudBancroft's ClawChronos' PendantDivine RuinTyphon's FangPestilence

Best lane for Cabrakan:


Solo LaneX
Duo Lane – ADC
Duo Lane – SupportX
Mid Lane

Tips and Tricks:

You can use alternative items for Cabrakan as: Physical Protection, Magical Protection, Health, Crowd Control Reduction, HP5, Cooldown Reduction, Mana, MP5, Magical Power.

Play Cabrakan as full damage or hybrid as Cabrakan works best this way.

Cabrakan good in solo or jungle.

Cabrakan’s Ability

Passive: Shadow Zone

Cabrakan and the neighborhood’s allies sustain 5% less damage.

Skill 1: Seismic Crush

Cabrakan grows furious and moves more quickly. When Cabrakan is active, his attack speed is raised by 70%, and his subsequent successful basic attack stuns without diminishing returns and deals additional damage. While this ability is in effect, Cabrakan gains Haste and is immune to Slows and Roots.

Skill 2: Refraction Shield

The shields of Cabrakan passively store energy and accumulate Protection stacks as a result of harm. Active: Cabrakan slams his shields together to produce a concussive explosion that harms foes in his immediate vicinity. The enemy gods hit are stunned if his shields have the most stacks possible. Stacks are taken down.

Skill 3: Tremors

With his shields, Cabrakan repeatedly smacks the ground, causing an earthquake and the enemy gods around him to tremble. During the earthquake, enemies sustain damage as well and are sucked into a vortex that carries them towards Cabrakan. The maximum channeling time for this power is 10 seconds.

Ultimate: Tectonic Shift

In front of him, a wall of earth and a fissure are formed by Cabrakan’s stomping, which injures any foes trapped in its path. If the walls are struck frequently enough, they might collapse. With just one Basic Attack, Cabrakan could knock down all of his own barriers.

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