Best Cerberus build 2024 – Smite Season 11

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Cerberus Build in Smite Season 11. I will help you in playing this Cerberus God more effectively in Conquest, Arena, Assault, Joust and Slash.

Best Cerberus build guides for Smite 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Smite builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Cerberus build for the meta. Learn more about Cerberus’s abilities, Items, Relics.

Guardian | Greek | Melee | Magical

Pros: Medium Crowd Control, Medium Area Damage

Difficulty: Easy

God Tier: A

Health: 686 (+100)Damage: 38 (+ 1.5) + 20% of Magical Power
Mana: 200 (+35)Physical: 27 (+3.2)
Speed: 360 (+0)Magical: 35 (+1.6)
Range: 12 (+0)HP5: 7 (+0.75)
Attack/Sec: 1 (+1%)MP5: 4.6 (+0.4)

Cerberus Relics Build

Shard Relics:

Relics – Support:

Relics – Solo:

Cerberus Items Build

Duo Lane (Support):

Solo Lane (Lifesteal):

Pro Build (Tank):

Cerberus’s Skill Order

Skill Order: Paralyzing Spit (Skill 1) > Ghastly Breath (Skill 2) > Soul Expulsion (Skill 3) > Stygian Torment (Skill 4).

Paralyzing Spit
Paralyzing Spit
Ghastly Breath
Ghastly Breath
Soul Expulsion
Soul Expulsion
Stygian Torment
Stygian Torment

Cerberus Combo

Find best combo skill for Cerberus, I will help you do it.

Combo 1: Skill 2 -> Skill 1.

Ghastly BreathGhastly Breath -> Paralyzing SpitParalyzing Spit.

Combo 2: Skill 3 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 1.

Soul ExpulsionSoul Expulsion -> Ghastly BreathGhastly Breath -> Paralyzing SpitParalyzing Spit.

Combo 3: Skill 4 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 1.

Stygian TormentStygian Torment -> Soul ExpulsionSoul Expulsion -> Ghastly BreathGhastly Breath -> Paralyzing SpitParalyzing Spit.

Cerberus’s Weak Against & Pairs Well

Weak AgainstPairs Well With
King ArthurJormungandrNikeDa-JiAphroditeCernunnoscthulhuCerberus

Cerberus is weak against: King Arthur, Jormungandr, Nike, Da Ji.

Cerberus is pairs well with: Aphrodite, Cernunnos, Cthulhu, Cerberus.

How To Play Cerberus ?

Cerberus is a guardian God has good tank, healing for him and reduce healing for enemy. So, I suggest you should use Cerberus tank, damage, support.


Win/Pick/Ban rate:

Win Rate46.45%49.00%33.93%
Pick Rate4.85%4.23%0.28%
Ban Rate 0.36%2.67%0.15%

Best Relics for Cerberus:

You can use Shard Relics: Wing Shard or Horn shard.

Wing ShardHorn shard

You can use Relics: Corrupted Blink Rune + Sundering Blast or Persistent Teleport + Fortifying Shell.

corrupted-blink-runesundering-blast or persistent-teleportfortifying-shell

Best items for Cerberus:

Start items – Duo Lane:

Tainted SteelBreastplateMana PotionMulti Potion

Full Items – Duo Lane: If you like Cerberus support, you can refer this way: Tainted Amulet, Evolved Gauntlet of Thebes, Breastplate Of Determination, Gem of Isolation, Evolved Prophetic Cloak, Mail of Renewal.

Tainted AmuletEvolved Gauntlet of Thebesbreastplate of determinationGem of IsolationEvolved Prophetic CloakMail of Renewal

Full Items – Solo Lane: If you like Cerberus solo, you can refer this way: Tainted Breastplate, Breastplate Of Regrowth, Pythagorem’s Piece, Amulet Of The Stronghold, Gladiator’s Shield, Stone of Binding.

Tainted BreastplateBreastplate Of RegrowthPythagorem's Pieceamulet of the strongholdGladiator's ShieldStone of Binding

Full Items – Pro Build: If you like Cerberus pro build, you can refer this way: Tainted Breastplate, Evolved Gauntlet of Thebes, Breastplate Of Regrowth, Contagion, Amulet Of The Stronghold, Stone of Binding.

Tainted BreastplateEvolved Gauntlet of ThebesBreastplate Of RegrowthContagionamulet of the strongholdStone of Binding

Best lane for Cerberus:


Solo LaneX
Duo Lane – ADC
Duo Lane – SupportX
Mid Lane

Tips and Tricks:

You can use alternative items for Cerberus as: Physical Protection, Magical Protection, Health, Crowd Control Reduction, HP5, Cooldown Reduction, Mana, MP5.

Early game: Take precautions because Cerberus is fairly frail and use wards to control your view.

Mid game: You can gank in other lanes and aid the team in capturing the tower.

Late game: During teamfights, stick with your friends and use combos to throw and slow your opponents.

Cerberus’s Ability

Passive: Spirit of Death

When an enemy god is healed within 40 units of Cerberus, the heal is lowered by 40%, and Cerberus gets to keep 80% of the healing. Cerberus diminishes all healing and depletes all forms of HP save for HP5. The amount taken is calculated using the healer’s basic effect and excludes any increases or decreases that may have been made.

Skill 1: Paralyzing Spit

The serpent tail of Cerberus spits venom that penetrates enemies and harms them. The dog heads of Cerberus spit poison when the ability is used if they are Alert. When a Basic Attack is used against an enemy, each head alerts the other, and all heads warn the other after Ghastly Breath. The same target is hit by each projectile with a 20% reduction in damage, but stuns an enemy when hit by all four.

Skill 2: Ghastly Breath

A cone of poisonous breath is released from each of Cerberus’s three heads in front of them, damaging nearby enemies seven times over the course of 2.4 seconds while also decreasing their magical protection by up to three times. His breath also slows down enemies in the center of it by up to three times. All three of Cerberus’ heads are immediately put on Alert for Paralyzing Spit as a result of this attack.

Skill 3: Soul Expulsion

Cerberus lunges forward a short distance, damaging enemies upon impact and severing their souls. Killing these souls heals Cerberus while also preventing them from blocking Cerberus’s assaults.

Ultimate: Stygian Torment

With his eerie scream, Cerberus calls down the souls of the damned, which knock up all the enemy gods and stretch the connection between their bodies and souls, harming them. It’s possible to clear up this mess. Later, Cerberus exploits this connection to entice the enemies to him. All three of Cerberus’ heads are immediately put on Alert for Paralyzing Spit as a result of this attack.

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