Best Cthulhu build 2024 (Support/Solo) – Smite Season 11

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Cthulhu Build in Smite Season 11. I will help you in playing this Cthulhu God more effectively in Conquest, Arena, Assault, Joust and Slash.

Best Cthulhu build guides for Smite 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Smite builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Cthulhu build for the meta. Learn more about Cthulhu’s abilities, Items, Relics.

Guardian | Great old ones | Melee | Magical

Pros: High Area Damage

Difficulty: Average

God Tier: S+

Health: 700 (+100)Damage: 38 (+ 1.5) + 20% of Magical Power
Mana: 210 (+38)Physical: 29 (+3.5)
Speed: 370 (+0)Magical: 35 (+1.6)
Range: 16 (+0)HP5: 8 (+0.8)
Attack/Sec: 0.9 (+1.2%)MP5: 4.6 (+0.42)

Cthulhu Relics Build

Shard Relics:


Cthulhu Items Build

Duo Lane (Support):

Pro Build (Solo):

Cthulhu’s Skill Order

Skill Order: Sanity Break (Skill 1) > The Mire (Skill 2) > Rushing Terror (Skill 3) > Descend into Madness (Skill 4).

Sanity Break
Sanity Break
The Mire
The Mire
Rushing Terror
Rushing Terror
Descend into Madness
Descend into Madness

Cthulhu Combo

Find best combo skill for Cthulhu, I will help you do it.

Combo 1: Skill 3 -> Skill 2.

Rushing TerrorRushing Terror -> The MireThe Mire.

Combo 2: Skill 3 -> Skill 1.

Rushing TerrorRushing Terror ->Sanity BreakSanity Break.

Combo 3: Skill 3 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 1.

Rushing TerrorRushing Terror -> The MireThe Mire -> Sanity BreakSanity Break.

Combo 4: Skill 3 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 4.

Rushing TerrorRushing Terror -> The MireThe Mire -> Sanity BreakSanity Break -> Descend into MadnessDescend into Madness.

Cthulhu’s Weak Against & Pairs Well

Weak AgainstPairs Well With

Cthulhu is weak against: Kumbhakarna, Achilles, Nox, Thanatos.

Cthulhu is pairs well with: Ratatoskr, Chronos, Cernunnos, Cabrakan.

How To Play Cthulhu ?

Cthulhu is a guardian God has high damage, good disruption abilities, big health pool and, amazing teamfight. So, I suggest you should use Cthulhu support.


Win/Pick/Ban rate:

Win Rate45.68%44.30%26.60%
Pick Rate4.03% 2.36%0.23%
Ban Rate1.54% 2.43%0.55%

Best Relics for Cthulhu:

You can use Shard Relics: Wing Shard or Vision Shard.

Wing ShardVision Shard

You can use Relics: Corrupted Blink Rune + Thorns Of Overgrowth.


Best items for Cthulhu:

Start items – Duo Lane (Support):

BenevolencecloakChalice of HealingMulti Potion

Start items – Solo Lane:

Warrior's AxeLost ArtifactChalice of HealingMulti Potion

Full Items – Duo Lane: If you like Cthulhu support, you can refer this way: Heroism, Evolved Prophetic Cloak, Mail of Renewal, Emperor’s Armor, Lotus Sickle, Genji’s Guard.

Evolved Prophetic CloakMail of RenewalEmperor's ArmorLotus SickleGenji's Guard

Full Items – Pro Build: If you like Cthulhu solo, you can refer this way: Sundering Axe, Doom Orb, Gladiator’s Shield, Contagion, Genji’s Guard, Spectral Armor.

Sundering AxeDoom OrbGladiator's ShieldContagionGenji's GuardSpectral Armor

Best lane for Cthulhu:


Solo LaneX
Duo Lane – ADC
Duo Lane – SupportX
Mid Lane

Tips and Tricks:

You can use alternative items for Cthulhu as: Physical Protection, Magical Protection, Health, Crowd Control Reduction, HP5, Cooldown Reduction, Mana, MP5.

You should play safe in the early game and strong in the late game because Cthulhu is strong in the late game when you obtain full items.

Take advantage of Cthulhu’s ability to control, reduce damage and passive to create an advantage in teamfights.

Cthulhu’s Ability

Passive: Prey on Fear

With the final blow of his basic attack chain and stacks of Torment combined with abilities, Cthulhu weakens the mental strength of the enemy gods. Enemies suffer from Insanity after they have 4 stacks of Torment. Cthulhu also gets Magical Power for each enemy god with Insanity that is nearby.

Skill 1: Sanity Break

All foes impacted by Cthulhu’s terrible energy blast take damage and have their Attack Speed decreased. This ability also reduces Cthulhu’s damage taken from enemies it hits for 6 seconds. The adversary attacked by this ability receives 1 stack of Torment, 2 stacks if they are facing Cthulhu, or Fears them if they are insane. The base mitigation of this ability is increased by successfully eating Insanity.

Skill 2: The Mire

At the chosen place, Cthulhu conjures a portal that transforms the area into an eldritch mud that slows down. The Mire keeps expanding while Cthulhu channels, and the portal fires out two masses of corruption that impact and harm every enemy on the battlefield. A layer of Torment is applied to foes inflicted by both attacks, which additionally Slow and Root them. Early cancellation of the ability prevents The Mire from spreading or the gateway from firing further projectiles.

Skill 3: Rushing Terror

As he spreads his wings and dashes forward, Cthulhu produces two twisted bullets at his sides that damage, stun, and knock foes away. The bullets move slightly more slowly but farther, harming the adversaries as they do so. When Cthulhu or the projectiles hit an opponent, Torment is added to their stack.

Ultimate: Descend into Madness

As he plunges the battlefield into R’lyeh and damages any opponents caught in the area, Cthulhu displays his real form. In this guise, Cthulhu has more health, is immune to the effects of crowd control, and has access to new powers. Enemies get stacks of Torment close to Cthulhu, and their pace quickens if they are facing him. Sanity Break has negative effects on enemies as well, reducing the amount of damage they can do to Cthulhu.

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