Best Scylla build 2024 (Mid) – Smite Season 11

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Scylla Build in Smite Season 11. I will help you in playing this Scylla God more effectively in Conquest, Arena, Assault, Joust and Slash.

Best Scylla build guides for Smite 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Smite builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Scylla build for the meta. Learn more about Scylla’s abilities, Items, Relics.

Mage | Greek | Ranged | Magical

Pros: High Area Damage

Difficulty: Easy

God Tier: B

Health: 511 (+79)Damage: 34 (+ 1.45) + 20% of Magical Power
Mana: 298 (+56)Physical: 13 (+2.8)
Speed: 355 (+0)Magical: 30 (+1.6)
Range: 55 (+0)HP5: 6 (+0.45)
Attack/Sec: 1 (+0.8%)MP5: 4.9 (+0.4)

Scylla Relics Build

Shard Relics:


Scylla Items Build

Mid Lane:

Pro Build:

Scylla’s Skill Order

Skill Order: Crush (Skill 2) > Sic ‘Em (Skill 1) > Sentinel (Skill 3) > I’m a Monster (Skill 4).

Sic 'Em
Sic ‘Em
I'm a Monster
I’m a Monster

Scylla Combo

Find best combo skill for Scylla, I will help you do it.

Combo 1: Skill 1 -> Skill 2.

Sic 'EmSic ‘Em -> CrushCrush.

Combo 2: Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 4.

Sic 'EmSic ‘Em -> CrushCrush -> I'm a MonsterI’m a Monster.

Combo 3: Skill 1 -> Skill 4 -> Skill 2.

Sic 'EmSic ‘Em -> I'm a MonsterI’m a Monster -> CrushCrush.

Scylla’s Weak Against & Pairs Well

Weak AgainstPairs Well With

Scylla is weak against: Ares, Athena, Fenrir, Ne Zha.

Scylla is pairs well with: Artemis, Bacchus, Nemesis, Athena.

How To Play Scylla ?

Scylla is a mage God has high burst damage, good crowd control and excellent escape. So, I suggest you should use Scylla Mid.


Win/Pick/Ban rate:

Win Rate49.06%50.83%41.76%
Pick Rate 17.10%17.57%0.93%
Ban Rate5.72%23.65% 0.42%

Best Relics for Scylla:

You can use Shard Relics: Wing Shard.

Wing Shard

You can use Relics: Aegis Of Judgement + Temporal Beads.


Best items for Scylla:

Start items – Mid Lane:

Sands of TimeConduit GemMagic FocusHealing PotionMana Potion

Full Items – Mid Lane: If you like Scylla mid, you can refer this way: Pendulum of Ages, Spear of Desolation, Divine Ruin, Polynomicon, Soul Reaver, Obsidian Shard.

Pendulum of AgesSpear of DesolationDivine RuinPolynomiconSoul ReaverObsidian Shard

Full Items – Pro Build: If you like Scylla pro build, you can refer this way: Archmage’s Gem, Spear of Desolation, Calamitous Rod Of Tahuti, Polynomicon, Soul Reaver, Obsidian Shard.

Archmage's GemSpear of DesolationCalamitous Rod Of TahutiPolynomiconSoul ReaverObsidian Shard

Best lane for Scylla:


Solo Lane
Duo Lane – ADC
Duo Lane – Support
Mid LaneX

Tips and Tricks:

You can use alternative items for Scylla as: Magical Power, Magical Lifesteal, Health, Crowd Control Reduction, Movement Speed, Cooldown Reduction, Mana, MP5.

You should warding your lane to ovoid gank.

Scylla should focus on weak targets as: mage, hunter and assassin not chase tanks, warriors and support (tanks)

Farm as much as possible early game and combat in late game.

Scylla’s Ability

Passive: Quick Learner

At maximum rank, Scylla’s skills each have a new impact. Scylla also obtains 25 Magical Power for each ability with the highest rating.

Skill 1: Sic ‘Em

Two hounds are sent forward by Scylla, who deals damage, roots, and cripples the first adversary hit. Two extra foes close to the initial target will also be hit at maximum rank.

Skill 2: Crush

A magical sphere that Scylla produces slows down foes. After 5 seconds, it explodes, causing 20% more damage to Jungle Camps and Minions. Scylla might use the power once again to set it off early. At maximum rank, targets hit by the damage retain the debuff and are Slowed for 1s, and opponents nearby also have their Magical Protection decreased.

Skill 3: Sentinel

Scylla obtains MP5 via passive. Active: Scylla sends a sentinel to the designated region, giving them five seconds of enemy view. Scylla can move to the sentinel position by using the ability once more within 5 seconds. The placement range widens and line of sight barriers are used to offer vision at maximum rank.

Ultimate: I’m a Monster

Scylla exposes her true self, increasing movement speed and a 6-second immunity to Crowd Control. She might launch one particularly potent attack at this point. She gains an additional six seconds and is free to attack once more if the attack kills an enemy deity. The movement speed bonus doubles at maximum rank.

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