Brawler TFT Build Set 5: Items, Comps and Abilities

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Brawler TFT Build Set 5.

Brawlers gain additional maximum Health.

  • 2 – 400 Bonus Health
  • 4 – 1000 Bonus Health

Brawler TFT Build Items

Nunu TFT
Sett TFT
Sett TFT
Volibear TFT
Volibear TFT
Warwick TFT
Warwick TFT

Brawler TFT Build Comps

Abilities Champion Brawler (Classes)

Gragas drinks from his cask, granting him % of damage reduction for 4 seconds, and causing his next attack to deal bonus magic damage.

Willump bites his target, dealing magic damage. If Willump’s target has less Health than he does before the bite, it deals an additional 50% damage and becomes true damage.

Sett pulls back for a punch, shredding Armor for 10 seconds (stacks) and dealing % of his Attack Damage as physical damage to all enemies in the area.

Volibear leaps toward his target, then slams the ground in a large area around him. This effect knocks up and stuns enemies, removing any shields and dealing magic damage.

Warwick leaps to the enemy with the lowest percent health, stunning them, dealing magic damage and healing himself for 80% of the damage over 2 seconds. If this Ability kills the target, Warwick will instantly cast again.

Teamfight Tactics

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