Smite Joust Tier List Season 10

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Smite Joust Tier List Season 10. A list of all Joust listed in tiers who is the strongest Joust in Smite.

Smite Joust Tier List

S+Susano, Sun Wukong, Ne Zha, Tsukuyomi, Raijin, Baba Yaga, Skadi, Zeus, Ravana, Discordia, Ah Puch
SusanoSun-WukongNe-ZhaTsukuyomiRaijinBaba YagaSkadizeusRavanaDiscordiaAh Puch
SCerberus, Bacchus, Cupid, Amaterasu, Medusa, Khepri, Erlang Shen, Achilles, Ullr, Ah Muzen Cab, Terra, Yemoja, Agni, Cthulhu, Bellona, Chaac, King Arthur
CerberusBacchusCupidAmaterasuMedusaKhepriErlang-ShenAchillesUllrAh Muzen CabTerraYemojaAgnicthulhubellonachaacKing Arthur
ARama, Baron Samedi, Chiron, Chernobog, Jormungandr, Ymir, Aphrodite, Olorun, Izanami, Cabrakan, Thoth, Sol, Shiva
RamaBaron SamediChironChernobogJormungandrymirAphroditeolorunIzanamiCabrakanThothsolshiva
BHou Yi, Artemis, Horus, Hel, Ares, Anubis, Nu Wa, Sylvanus, Nox, Chang’e, Ao Kuang, Atlas, , Bakasura, Cernunnos
Hou-YiartemisHorusHelaresanubisNu-WasylvanusnoxChang'eAo KuangAtlasBakasuraCernunnos
CMercury, Xing Tian, Scylla, Charybdis, Fenrir, Mulan, Da Ji, Nemesis, Chronos, Athena, Kuzenbo, Ganesha, Morgan Le Fay, Merlin, Hun Batz, Danzaburou, Vulcan, Kumbhakarna, Geb
mercuryXing TianScyllaCharybdisFenrirMulanDa-JiNemesisChronosathenaKuzenboGaneshaMorgan Le FayMerlinHun-BatzDanzaburouVulcanKumbhakarnaGeb
DPersephone, Odin, Thanatos, Ra, Sobek, Thor, Pele, The Morrigan, Tyr, Zhong Kui, Kukulkan, Camazotz, Hercules, Hades, Freya, Janus, Cliodhna, Guan Yu
PersephoneodinThanatosRaSobekthorPeleThe MorriganTyrZhong KuiKukulkanCamazotzherculesHadesFreyajanusCliodhnaGuan Yu
ETiamat, Vamana, Ratatoskr, Jing Wei, He Bo, Heimdallr, Gilgamesh, Xbalanque, Yu Huang, Set, Poseidon, Nike, Serqet, Hera, Osiris, Neith, Eset, Awilix, Hachiman, Fafnir, Anhur, Artio, Kali, Loki, Bastet, Arachne, Apollo, Cu Chulainn
TiamatVamanaRatatoskrJing WeiHe boHeimdallrGilgameshXbalanqueyu-huangsetPoseidonNikeSerqetHeraOsirisNeithEsetAwilixhachimanFafnirAnhurArtioKaliLokiBastetarachneApolloCu Chulainn


These gods are currently extremely strong.

About Gods:


  • High Mobility.
  • Strong CC and Lockdown.
  • High AoE Busrt.
  • Strong Early Gamne.
  • Amazing Teamfight Presence.
  • Great Boxing Potential.

Sun Wukong:

  • Good clear and poke.
  • Good buff secure.
  • Extremely safe and mobile.
  • Built-in sustain.
  • Doesn’t fall off in the late game like most warriors.

Ne Zha:

  • Nice crowd control.
  • Good combo.
  • Good movement speed.
  • ALOT of damage.


  • High Utility.
  • Many Range Options.
  • High Single Target Damage.


  • Good Poke.
  • High range of abilities.
  • Good waveclear.
  • Fairly safe.
  • Wider auto attacks.
  • Thunder Crash can work as a fast interrupt.
  • powerful late game.
  • High utility with Raiju and Taiko Drums.
  • Easy spreading of item effect like Gem of Isolation Divine Ruin.

Baba Yaga:

  • Easy to stack items using passive.
  • High sustainability late.
  • Excellent zoning abilities.
  • Debuff and buff enemies/allies respectively.


  • High DMG
  • Kaldr (More DMG)
  • Strong ULT


Great magical power

  • Hard to run away from.
  • Not so hard to play with.
  • Great abilities.
  • Can hit enemies anywhere on map with Detonate charge.


  • High Sustain.
  • High Single Target Damage.
  • Combo Focus.


  • Strong control.
  • Gives stable pressure on the enemy.
  • Hard to catch.

Ah puch:

  • Good waveclear.
  • Good burst damage.
  • Anti-heal with Fleeting Breath.
  • Even tankier with new 8.6 health/protection buffs.
  • Huge AoE slow with the combo of Empty the Crypts and Gem of Isolation.

S Tier

Often first-pick in their respective roles.

About Gods:


  • Great sustain.
  • Heavy CC.
  • Lots of health.
  • Protection shreds and healing debuffs.


  • Very disruptive.
  • Can remain tanky even when built more towards damage.
  • Deceptive amount of damage.
  • Nice easy kit with good area of effect and good escape/gap closer


  • Has decent early clear.
  • Has a dash that has buffs.
  • Has a very large cripple and stuns.
  • Heart bomb can also stun.
  • Has self and team healing.


  • Single Target and Area Damage
  • High Sustain
  • Duel Playstyle


  • Solid mid/late game damage.
  • Can blitz enemies.
  • High mobility.
  • Sweet early minion wave clear.
  • High teamfight potential.


  • You will not die.
  • Good cc.
  • Get tons of assists.
  • Possibly some kills.

Erlang Shen:

  • Good damage.
  • Good chase/escape potential.
  • High sustain.
  • Crazy attack speed.
  • Great ultimate.
  • Nice passive.


  • High sustain
  • Versatile.
  • Execute
  • High damage without sacrificing tankiness.


  • High Burst.
  • Two Buff Abilites.
  • Decent Escapes.
  • High Sustain.
  • Cooldown Reduction Passive.
  • Long Range Poke.
  • Attack Speed and Lifesteal Passive.

Ah Muzen Cab:

  • Fantastic clear.
  • Insane mobility.
  • Extremely high power.
  • Fantastic Ultimate.
  • Works well with many supports.


  • High sustain.
  • Lots of cc.
  • Good wave clear.
  • Great engage.
  • great at countering.
  • Tanky.
  • Can deal damage.
  • Global ultimate.
  • Versatile kit.
  • Amazing late game.


  • High Sustain.
  • Naturally Supportive Kit.
  • Amazing Seige Potential.


  • Full of Swag.
  • Wonderful Objective Contestation.
  • Incredible Burst/Damage Potential.
  • Amazing Passive: Combustion.
  • Excellent Mobility with Path of Flames.


  • Consistant Annoying Damage.
  • High Damage Mitigation.
  • High Area Damage and Denial.


  • Can escape easily.
  • Amazing Late Game.
  • Great Team Support.
  • Overpowered with damage.
  • Very fast in chasing the enemy.
  • Criticals like crazy.
  • Good sustain.
  • Easy jungle clear.
  • Easy to kill.
  • Really good in ganking.


  • Versatility.
  • Power.
  • Sustain.
  • Team player.
  • Wrecking ball.
  • Wonderful clear.
  • High area damage.
  • Great Health and Mana Management.
  • CC Machine.

King Arthur:

  • Good constant damage.
  • Natural damage mitigation with energy gain.
  • High CC.
  • Incredible harassment and bully capabilities.
  • Great mobility and escapes.

A Tier

These gods will get you a win with good practice.

About Gods:


  • Easy to use.
  • Strong escape.
  • Strong Attack Speed Steroid.
  • Has a great amount of CC for a hunter.

Baron Samedi:

  • Great sustain.
  • Great early game Damage/Waveclear.
  • Has to ability to Support or play Mage, or even Hybrid.
  • Has his own potion for you and your teammates.


  • Excellent damage.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Got a sniping ability.


  • Slippery.
  • Pretty good end game damage.
  • Good wave clear.


  • Lots of CC (Slows, Knockups, Trembles).
  • Immune to hard displacement. Counters gods like Xing Tian.
  • Strong against grouped up enemies (AoE damage).
  • Ultimate provides a good escape and has fantastic peel potential.


  • Aggressive.
  • Great peel.
  • High health.
  • High defense.
  • Sets teammates up well.
  • Has killing power.
  • High sustain.
  • Small chase potential.
  • Good initiator.
  • Very cheap build.


  • Skill mechanics are easy.
  • A very OP ultimate when activated just at the right moment.
  • Very nice sustain, probably the best reason IMO.
  • Doesn’t require too high Magic Damage to sustain (thanks to Rod of Asclepius.


  • Nice wave clear.
  • Incredible objective pressure.
  • Crit mage.
  • Versatile Kit.
  • His one can deal a lot of damage.
  • Map control with Sanctified Field.
  • Strong presence throughout the game.
  • Can turn tides of teamfights easily.


  • High Damage Output.
  • Good in Teamfights.
  • Great Lane Clear.
  • Has an Escape.
  • Great ADC and Mid-Laner, capable of 1v1 and 1v2..
  • Good CC (Slow and Silence).


  • Tanky, even from the start.
  • Potential for insane burst damage.
  • Stronger Crowd Control than most solo-laners.
  • Super easy-to-use passive.
  • Decent wave clear with Tremors.
  • Damage combo can lock down enemies.
  • Tectonic Shift to trap your target.


  • High burst/poke damage.
  • Build-in penetration.
  • Decent Cooldowns.
  • High range.
  • Very good escape.
  • All abilities can go through walls.
  • Combo-orientated kit.
  • Final Judgement can one-shot squishes gods.


  • Great poke with Stellar Burst.
  • A tower’s worst enemy (yes, even worse than Izanami).
  • Good wave clear.
  • Attack speed.
  • Good camp clearing.
  • Squishy – hard to hit with AA’s (auto attacks or basic attacks).
  • Good sustain with Radience.


  • High damage.
  • Team fight.

B Tier

These gods haven’t been favourable.

About Gods:

Hou yi:

  • One of the Best ADC Boxers in Smite.
  • Amazing in 1 vs 1.
  • High Basic Attack Damage.
  • Good Area Control/Pressure.
  • Great Poke Potential.
  • Good Presence Through Entire Game.
  • Resistance to Critical Hits.


  • Very strong late game.
  • High damage potential.
  • High attack speed.
  • Very strong ultimate ability.


  • Good damage.
  • Amazing ultimate.
  • Good poke.
  • Excellent team work.


  • High Healing.
  • CC Clean.
  • High Damage.


  • High damage.
  • Locks down mobile gods.
  • High snowball potential.
  • One of the best set up abilities.
  • Provides a lot of teamwide protections.


  • Destructive ultimate.
  • Extremely good early game bully.
  • Survivability through lifesteal.
  • Innate penetration and protections.
  • Tank melter.
  • Scales immensely with lifesteal.

Nu Wa:

  • Nice wave clear.
  • Versatile Kit.
  • Really strong combo.
  • Incredible objective pressure.
  • Global damage with Fire Shards.
  • Strong presence throughout the game.
  • Hitting the combo usually equals a kill.
  • Can turn tides of teamfights easily.


  • High Defense.
  • High Crowd Control.
  • High Sustain.
  • Can heal allies.
  • Great Teamfight influence.
  • Can cause early kills before minion kills with his 3.
  • Great early game as well as a great late game.
  • Can keep you in place for over 4.5-5s with his abilities and passive.


  • Functional escape.
  • High control in her kit.
  • Can ride teammates’ global ultimate.
  • Sets up kills.


  • Easy to disengage in fights.
  • Hard to chase down (she’s a fast gal).
  • Her passive allows you to buy/sell items??? That’s whack.
  • Literally never leaves lane. I’m not joking, having you really ever seen a Chang’e leave lane?

Ao kuang:

  • Agressive.
  • High burst damage.
  • Great Mid/Late game.
  • Good Stealth.
  • Good pick off potential.
  • Passive gives some self heal.
  • Playmaker setup.
  • A Mighty Sword.


  • He has great cc.
  • His abilities have a lot of uses in offensive or defensive situations.


  • Eat Minion Is a great heal.
  • Great mobility.
  • Lots of burst.
  • Doesn’t really need hand of god because of his 2.
  • Can be great in solo, jungle, and if necessary mid.
  • He is a great counter jungler.
  • Regurgitate is great for team fights.


  • Powerful through all game.
  • Shifter of Seasons gives you everything you need.
  • Build and Role Flexible.
  • High teamfight presence.

C Tier

We would advise picking from a higher tier for better initial chances, unless it is specific to your team composition.

About Gods:


  • Great burst damage.
  • Excellent mobility.
  • Excellent 1v1.
  • Great Set-Up.
  • Very sticky, good chase.

Xing Tian:

  • Sustain is Insane.
  • fairly good amount of CC
  • Mobility.
  • So much frontline potential.
  • High damage and tankiness.


  • Amazing lategame.
  • Some CC.
  • Killer Ultimate.
  • Has an escape.
  • Amazing damage potential.
  • Can turn tides of teamfights easily.


  • Major AoE


  • Good at ganking.
  • Some Sustain.
  • Potentially High DPS.
  • High 1v1 potential.
  • Good chain combo if used properly.
  • Can have potential in team fights.


  • High Damage.
  • High Utility.
  • Passive Effects.

Da Ji:

  • Great Mid-Late game.
  • She has a decent clear.
  • High burst damage.
  • She has a lot of DoT damage.


  • Good damage.
  • Great camp clear.
  • Awesome mobility and escapes.
  • Good survivavility with her Retribution and Divine Judgement.
  • Excellent ult, shreds even tanks if your team focuses on them.
  • Hard, but very rewarding AA cancels (Auto-Attack Cancel).


  • Good sustain.
  • High mobility.
  • Relatively safe.
  • High burst.
  • Low CD on Time Rift makes for easy poke.
  • High sustained damage.
  • Doesn’t fall off, gets stronger later the game goes.


  • Amazing CC.
  • Versatile Kit.
  • Global Presence.
  • Can support any hunter.
  • Can turn tides of teamfights easily.
  • Dash slows enemies.
  • Amazing Damage from Shield Wall and Defender of Olympus


  • High defenses.
  • Watery Grave can disrupt a team fight.
  • Decent harassment with Shell Spikes and Sumo Slam.
  • Sumo Slam can cancel an enemy’s abilities.
  • Nene Kappa can kill fleeing enemies or peel them off of allies.
  • Nene Kappa can be bounced off of walls to hit distant enemies and/or attack objectives.
  • Sumo Slam is a great escape tool and can peel enemies off of your allies.
  • Nene Kappa will process items like Gem of Isolation and Ethereal Staff.


  • Very tanky.
  • Loads of CC.
  • Surprising high damage.
  • He’s an elephant!
  • Very soothing voice pack.
  • Excellent zoning with Dharmic Pillars.

Morgan Le Fay:

  • Good waveclear.
  • High Area Damage.
  • Great CC with the use of Sigil Mastery and Dragonflight.


  • A wide range of combos.
  • Can provide some cc with his arcane and ice stances.
  • Very effective in both early and late game.

Hun Batz:

  • Excellent mobility.
  • Good wave & camp clear.
  • Outstanding Team-fight ultimate.
  • Very sticky, good chase.
  • Fear No Evil.
  • Always relevant, even if just to annoy.


  • High Crowd Control.
  • Good mobility potential.
  • Free power on passive.
  • Great self peel.
  • Great Burst Potential.
  • High boxing potential.
  • Good gank potential.
  • Very cute tanuki.


  • Fast Wave Clear.
  • Strong Duelist.
  • Lots of CC with [Thumper XVI].
  • Very Long Range With [Inferno Cannon].


  • You have 3 CC abilities you can chain together.
  • Good amount of damage with your full combo.
  • Excellent at clearing waves with Throw Back.


  • Very hard to kill end game.
  • High mobility.
  • Great support potential with Stone Shield.
  • Very high defense with his passive.
  • Brings a full team stun to a team fight.
  • Great for setting up kills.
  • He’s a rock!.
  • Loads of CC

D Tier

These gods are not so capable in laning or teamfights.

About Gods:


  • Amazing burst damage.
  • Decent waveclear.
  • Unique escape.
  • Controls teamfights with Grasp of Death.
  • Excelent poking.
  • Excellent healing in lane.
  • Diverse and with a lot of options to work with.
  • Extra gold, extra happiness!.
  • Can keep fighting for 8 seconds.


Strong early/mid-game control and damage

  • Great escape abilities.
  • Great ability Damage output.
  • Good Gank capabilities.
  • Strong teamfights control.


  • High sustain.
  • High Damage.
  • Great chaser.
  • Incredible ganker.
  • Very sustainable mana.


  • Has healing.
  • Safe pokes.
  • Has movement speed buff.
  • Great Mid-Late game.
  • High burst damage.
  • Can hit through walls.
  • Very good lane clear.


  • High damage output.
  • Decent sustain.
  • Annoying to deal with.
  • Great disruptive ability.
  • Decent early defense with passive.
  • Satisfying to pluck people.
  • He’s a Crocodile!


  • Versitile champion.
  • Good chaser.
  • Strong utility.
  • Huge damage.
  • Above average escapes.
  • Strong initiation.
  • Can jump over front line.


  • Strong bruiser late game.
  • Maintains that high damage ability.
  • More tank ability.
  • Strong teamfights.
  • Can use most of build in the jungle as well.
  • Good ganks.

The Morrigan:

  • Good burst damage with her combo.
  • Easy to get around big maps with her invisibility.
  • Decent harassment and poking with her Dark Omen.


Strong early/mid-game control and damage

  • One of the Best 1v5’s.
  • Con’t die
  • Great Pusher.
  • High Mobility.
  • 5 abilities with 2 passives.
  • Really Tanky Late game.
  • Really fun to play.
  • Has one The best voice lines in the game !!.
  • Has High CC.
  • Can’t be Stunned, Feared, mesmerized, and Intoxicated for more than 1 second!!.
  • High Damage Early to mid game ( can be to late game if built for Damage ).

Zhong Kui:

  • Decent burst damage.
  • Great sustain.
  • A small amount of CC is always nice.
  • Can heal from pets, such as Cat Call.
  • Stronger basics than most mages.
  • Decent harassment/poking with Expose Evil.
  • Good waveclear.
  • Can attack an entire team by just being near them.
  • Tanky with enough stacks of Demon Bag.
  • Awesome beard.


  • High Area Damage.
  • Excellent wave clear and poke.
  • Almost One Shot Ultimate.
  • Excellent Objective Secure.
  • Good teamfight presence.
  • Cutest skin in the game.


  • High base damage.
  • Very high sustain.
  • Good scalings.
  • Bat Out of Hell makes him immune to crowd control.
  • Non ward vision.
  • Strong jungle clears.
  • Cool voice.


  • High Sustain.
  • High Crowd Control.
  • Hard-Hitting Combo.


  • Strong early game.
  • Decent snowball potential.
  • Huge sustain in lane.
  • Great hard for CC dive.


  • Unmatched DPS.
  • Pretty good farming ability.
  • Satisfactory escapability.
  • Good CC.
  • Great ult for many uses such as chasing and escaping.
  • Can easily mid and solo lanes whilst putting the team on her back.


  • High Utility.
  • Good Waveclear.
  • Very long-distance ultimate.
  • Can snipe enemies across the map.
  • Can teleport the entire Team.
  • Can go through walls.


  • Can walk into walls and maintain full movement control while within them.
  • She features a new type of trap ability.
  • High base damage and high scaling. All of her abilities do a lot of damage, on low cooldowns.
  • She works really well with auto-attack canceling.

Guan Yu:

  • High Defense.
  • Heal.
  • Good Crowd Control.

E Tier

Bad picks

About Gods:


  • Two stances.
  • Flexible into 4 roles.
  • High poke potential.
  • Plenty of ability.
  • 5 CC in her entire kit.
  • CC immune in ground stance ult.
  • High risk but High reward character.
  • Split push potential.
  • High sustain.
  • High health and mana pool.
  • Can take two bufs.
  • High late game pressure.
  • Have Leap and Dash.
  • Plenty of backline utility.
  • Loving mother.
  • Can clone buff she get and give it ally.
  • Very high short–time survivability with Hardened Scales.
  • Bigger than average mage defence.


  • Good Survivability.
  • Large Damage.
  • Amazing escape with Clear The Path.
  • Insta Cast Damage.
  • Tower Dive.
  • Could be built multiple ways.
  • Slow with Umbrellarang.


  • Excellent early/mid-game.
  • Excellent self setup.
  • Great Burst.
  • Excellent chase/escape potential.
  • Excellent pressure with ultimate.
  • Easy to play (and stomp).
  • Cutest god of all the game.

Jing Wei:

  • She can be played very safe.
  • Passive is decently useful.
  • Good objective shred because she is a hunter.
  • She has a lot of mobility.
  • Amazing late game because she is a hunter.

He Bo:

  • Shreds tanks.
  • Good initiation.
  • Insane damage
  • Good zoning.
  • Strong team presence.
  • Good cool down times.


  • High CC and survivability


  • High Control.
  • High Build Flexability.
  • Infinate Stim.


  • Ranged God.
  • Global Ultimate.
  • Great early game damage.
  • High Utility God.

Yu Huang:

  • Long range abilities.
  • Great mobility and escapes.
  • Strong poke.
  • Low mana cost.
  • Good basic attack for wave clear.
  • Can mitigate high damage ultimate with Celestial Flight.
  • Decent ult to position and damage large groups.


  • Agressive.
  • Good Engage/Disengage.
  • High burst damage.
  • Low Cooldowns.
  • Immunity to slow with Sandstorm.
  • Spawns works as Wards.


  • High damage.
  • Strong late game.
  • Good Basic attacks + Good Skills.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Good CCs.
  • Very useful in teamfights.
  • Sexy voice on Riptide skin.
  • Most memorable phrase in the game.


  • Good Jungler.
  • Good lane clear.
  • Good amount of health and health regen.
  • Combos extremely well with healers (supports that heal.)
  • Decent Tanking against warriors, hunters, guardians, and mages.


  • High Damage.
  • 2 Escaping Abilities.
  • High Mobility.
  • Good Kit.


  • Lots of AoE.
  • Nice Sustain Damage.
  • Has an AoE CC with her 3 ability and Ultimate.
  • Has an escape/shield with her 2.


  • High Defense.
  • High Basic Attack Damage.
  • Damage Mitigation.


  • Amazing Ability Damage.
  • Easily secures kills.
  • Lots of CC.
  • Versatile Kit.
  • Great Escape.


  • A versatile ultimate.
  • Decent ability CC.
  • Decent escape with Wing Gust.
  • Can control battlefield.


  • Extremely high early damage.
  • Very high mobility for farming and ganking.
  • Great for picking of the enemy.


  • Great Early & Late game.
  • Has mana regeneration buff.
  • Has team attack speed buff.
  • High AA potential.
  • Decent Clear.
  • Safe pokes.


  • Good escape.
  • Disarm can be very useful.
  • High distance in both forms, especially dragon form.


  • High amount of CC.
  • High single target damage
  • Has 3 abilities to help escape.
  • Good wave clear.
  • Nice for Securing objectives


  • Consistent Lane Pressure.
  • Lane Sustain.
  • Stance Switcher.
  • Lockdown Ability.


  • High single target damage.
  • Some mobility and cc.
  • Huge sustain.
  • Bonus gold.


  • Insane Burst.
  • Vanish.
  • High Mobility.
  • Split Push.


  • Amazing ability damage.
  • Good burst and bleed damage.
  • Strong and Fast Basic attack damage.
  • Great kill confirm to enemy’s retreating.
  • Great ganking and surprises with high damage quick escape.
  • Good pressure and poke with abilities (carefully).
  • Slow/Root Ability.
  • Fast cooldown reduction and alot of penetration.


  • High mobility.
  • High single target damage.
  • Incredibly high attack speed.
  • Incredible Gank potential.
  • Fairly good escape.
  • Great jungle clear time.


  • Global Ultimate.
  • Good cc.
  • Hard damage output.
  • Lots of sustain.
  • Lots of mobility.
  • Can get into and out of fights easily
  • Can splitpush

Cu Chulainn:

  • Hard CC ultimate.
  • Amazing team fight presence.
  • Antiheal in the solo lane.
  • No need for mana conservation.

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Learn which are the best heroes to play in Mobile Legends: Novaria, Arlott, Joy, Fredrinn, Julian, Melissa, Xavier, Edith, Yin, Phylax, Valentina, Aamon, Floryn, Natan, Aulus, Granger, Benedetta, Brody, Paquito, Alice, Esmeralda, Wanwan, Diggie, Natalia, Chang’e, Chou, Selena, Jawhead, Khufra, Roger, Lancelot, Kagura, Tigreal, Bruno, Mathilda, Kaja, Guinevere, Rafaela, Hanabi, Miya, Johnson, Gatotkaca, Zhask, Helcurt, Phoveus, Ling, Claude, Hayabusa, Beatrix, Gusion, Gloo, Yve, Zilong, Estes, Harley, Aldous, Luo Yi, Angela, Alucard, Uranus, Hylos, Atlas, Silvanna, Layla, Lesley, Yi Sun-shin, Eudora, Sun, Popol and Kupa, Lapu-Lapu, Franco, Pharsa, Barats, Alpha, Clint, Vale, Saber, Yu Zhong, Cyclops, Ruby, Fanny, Karina, Cecilion, Bane, Balmond, Freya, Lolita, Belerick, Carmilla, Lunox, Harith, X.Borg, Akai, Grock, Khaleed, Argus, Moskov, Leomord, Kadita, Nana, Valir, Baxia, Minotaur, Irithel, Lylia, Odette, Hanzo, Faramis, Badang, Karrie, Kimmy, Thamuz, Martis, Hilda, Aurora, Dyrroth, Masha, Minsitthar, Gord, Terizla, Vexana.

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