Riftwalker TFT Build Set 8.5: Comps & Trait Guide [Pro]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Riftwalker TFT Build Set 8.5. I will help you learn about Riftwalker’s Trait, build comps and items for champions.


Riftwalker TFT Trait

Riftwalkers open a gap between dimensions and summon their ally Zac, who grows in power based on the star level of Riftwalkers. Zac gains the last-listed Trait of the closest Riftwalker.

  • 3 – Summon Zac

Champions list: Jhin, Pyke, Vex.

Riftwalker TFT Comps

Position recommended:

RowJhin TFTPyke TFTVex TFT
Row 4
Row 3x
Row 2
Row 1xx

Best combination with Riftwalker: 3 Mecha: PRIME, Hacker, A.D.M.I.N, Aegis, Mascot, Ox force, Renegades. I will share for you top team comps for Riftwalker tft set 8.5.

4 Riftwalker + 3 Mecha: PRIME + 2 Renegade + 2 Hacker + 2 Defender + 2 Ox Force + 2 Aegis + 2 Mascot

Team BuilderCore Champion
Jhin TFTViego TFTGaren TFTLeona TFTZac-tft-set-8Alistar TFTVex TFTPyke TFT
Jhin, Viego, Garen, Leona, Zac, Alistar, Vex, Pyke
Jhin TFTViego TFT
Jhin, Viego

4 Hacker + 4 Riftwalker + 3 InfiniTeam + 3 Renegade + 2 A.D.M.I.N. + 2 Spellslinger

Team BuilderCore Champion
Jhin TFTTwisted Fate TFTShen TFTZac-tft-set-8Leblanc TFTVex TFTCamille TFTPyke TFT
Jhin, Twisted Fate, Shen, Zac, LeBlanc, Vex, Camille, Pyke
Jhin TFTTwisted Fate TFT
Jhin, Twisted Fate,

4 Riftwalker + 4 A.D.M.I.N. + 3 Hacker + 3 Renegade + 2 Brawler

Team BuilderCore Champion
Jhin TFTWarwick TFTZac-tft-set-8Leblanc TFTShen TFTVex TFTCamille TFTPyke TFT
Jhin, Warwick, Zac, LeBlanc, Shen, Vex, Camille, Pyke
Jhin TFTWarwick TFT
Jhin, Warwick

4 Riftwalker + 3 Aegis + 2 Mascot + 2 Ox Force + 2 Hacker

Team BuilderCore Champion
Jhin TFTAlistar TFTVex TFTLeona TFTNunu TFTEkko TFTViego TFTZac-tft-set-8
Jhin, Alistar, Vex, Leona, Nunu, Ekko, Viego, Zac
Jhin TFTAlistar TFT
Jhin, Alistar

4 Riftwalker + 4 Mascot + 2 Hacker + 2 Ox Force

Team BuilderCore Champion
Jhin TFTAlistar TFTVex TFTZac-tft-set-8Morgana TFTShen TFTAnnie TFTMalphite TFT
Jhin, Alistar, Vex, Zac, Morgana, Shen, Annie, Malphite
Jhin TFTAlistar TFT
Jhin, Alistar

4 A.D.M.I.N. + 4 Riftwalker + 3 Hacker + 3 InfiniTeam + 3 Renegade + 2 Brawler

Team BuilderCore Champion
Shen TFTLucian TFTJhin TFTVex TFTWarwick TFTZac-tft-set-8Leblanc TFTPyke TFT
Shen, Lucian, Jhin, Vex, Warwick, Zac, LeBlanc, Pyke
Shen TFTLucian TFT
Shen, Lucian

4 Hacker + 4 Riftwalker + 2 Spellslinger + 2 Ox Force + 2 Defender + 2 Mascot + 1 Corrupted

Team BuilderCore Champion
Jhin TFTShen TFTPyke TFTLeblanc TFTFiddlesticks TFTGaren TFTZac-tft-set-8Alistar TFT
Jhin, Shen, Pyke, LeBlanc, Fiddlesticks, Garen, Zac, Alistar
Jhin TFTShen TFT
Jhin, Shen

6 Mascot + 4 Riftwalker + 2 Hacker

Team BuilderCore Champion
Alistar TFTVex TFTPyke TFTNunu TFTJhin TFTZac-tft-set-8Shen TFTMalphite TFT
Alistar, Vex, Pyke, Nunu, Jhin, Zac, Shen, Malphite
Alistar TFTVex TFT
Alistar, Vex

4 Ox force + 3 Riftwalker + 3 Renegades.

Team BuilderCore Champion
Annie TFTFiora TFTPyke TFTAlistar TFTVex TFTJhin TFTViego TFTLeona TFT
Annie, Fiora, Pyke, Alistar, Vex, Jhin, Viego, Leona
Alistar TFTJhin TFT
Alistar, Jhin

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Riftwalker TFT Items

ChampionsItems 1Items 2Items 3
Jhin TFT
Jhin TFT
Giant Slayer
Giant Slayer
Infinity Edge
Infinity Edge
Last Whisper
Last Whisper
Pyke TFT
Pyke TFT
Ionic Spark
Ionic Spark
Jeweled Gauntlet
Jeweled Gauntlet
Blue Buff
Blue Buff
Giant Slayer
Giant Slayer
Jeweled Gauntlet
Jeweled Gauntlet

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Riftwalker TFT Abilities

Jhin TFT

Passive: Jhin always attacks a certain number of times per second. He converts each 1% of bonus Attack Speed into 0.8 Attack Damage. Every fourth shot instead fires a piercing bullet towards the lowest health enemy, dealing a percent of his Attack Damage to all enemies in a line, increased based on a percent of their missing health. The bullet deals 44% reduced damage for each target it pierces through.

Pyke TFT

Pyke stabs his current target dealing true damage, summons a phantom at his current location, and dashes behind the furthest enemy. After 1 second, the phantom returns to Pyke, stunning all enemies it passes through for 1.5 seconds and dealing magic damage to them.


Vex launches a damaging missile at her current target, dealing magic damage. Every third cast, her missile is empowered, dealing magic damage and passing through enemies.

Riftwalker TFT Augments

Riftwalker Heart
Riftwalker Heart
Riftwalker Crest
Riftwalker Crest
2Gain a Riftwalker Emblem and a Pyke.
Riftwalker Crown
Riftwalker Crown
3Gain a Riftwalker Emblem, a Zzrot Portal, and a Pyke.
Rule of Four
Jhin TFT
(Jhin Carry)
heroGain a Jhin. Every 4 enemies he kills each combat, he drops 7 gold. He occasionally also drops an item component.
Wrath of the Rift
Jhin TFT
(Jhin Support)
heroGain a Jhin. When you field him, your units that start combat in the back 2 rows deal 20% bonus damage.
Your Cut
Pyke TFT
(Pyke Carry)
heroGain a Pyke. After player combat rounds, gain 1 free Shop refresh(es) for every 2 time(s) your strongest Pyke cast his Ability last round
Small Game Hunter
Pyke TFT
(Pyke Support)
heroGain a Pyke. When you field him, your team’s abilities and attacks deal 10% more damage, increased to 25% against enemies with less than 1400 maximum Health.
Joy Siphon
(Vex Carry)
heroGain a Vex. Vex heals her allies for 25% of the damage she deals.
Endless Darkness
(Vex Support)
heroGain a Vex. When you field her, your team gains 20 Ability Power, and 5 when they cast Abilities (this can stack).

Riftwalker TFT Rolling Chances

LevelPyke TFTVex TFTJhin TFT
Level 1000
Level 2000
Level 325%00
Level 430%15%0
Level 533%20%2%
Level 640%30%5%
Level 730%35%15%
Level 820%35%25%
Level 915%30%30%
Level 1010%20%40%
Level 112%12%50%

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Riftwalker TFT Guide

Teamfight Tactics is a strategy game where you build a team of champions to battle against other players’ teams. Winning in Teamfight Tactics requires careful planning, strategy, and a bit of luck.


I have 7 tips that will help you play Riftwalker to win in TFT:

Tip 1: Make sure you understand the game mechanics, such as how to buy champions, how to upgrade them, how to position your team, and how to use items.

Tip 2: Building a strong team is key to winning in TFT. Look for synergies between your champions and try to create a balanced team with a mix of tanks, damage, and support champions.

Tip 3: Pay attention to what other players are doing and adjust your strategy accordingly. If you notice that everyone is going for a certain champion, try to pivot and find an alternative strategy.

Tip 4: Try to balance your spending on champions and leveling up while also saving gold for later rounds.

Tip 5: Place your tanks in front to absorb damage, and put your damage champions in the back to maximize their damage output.

Tip 6: Try to combine items to create powerful combinations and equip them to champions that can make the most of them.

Tip 7: Don’t get too attached to a particular strategy or team composition and be willing to switch things up if the situation calls for it.

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