Mystic TFT Build Set 5: Items, Comps and Abilities

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Mystic TFT Build Set 5.

All allies gain Magic Resist.

  • 2 – 40 Magic Resist
  • 3 – 100 Magic Resistance
  • 4 – 180 Magic Resistance


Mystic TFT Build Items

Lulu TFT
Kindred TFT
Kindred TFT
Morgana TFT
Morgana TFT
Ryze TFT

Mystic TFT Build Comps

Abilities Champion Mystic (Classes)

Lulu enchants several units nearest to her. Enchanted allies gain % bonus Attack Speed for 4 seconds. Enchanted enemies are stunned and transformed into a docile feline for a few seconds, taking 20% increased damage. If there are less targets nearby, Lulu will enchant herself.

Kindred: Lamb creates a zone around herself for a few seconds that prevents allies within from falling below a specific amount of Health or dying. While Lamb’s Respite is active, Wolf is invulnerable.

Lux launches her wand toward her farthest ally, then calls the wand back to her hand. The wand shields each ally in its path for 3 seconds. Lux also empowers her next attack to deal an additional magic damage.

Morgana fires chains to nearby enemies, dealing magic damage. After 3 seconds, all chained enemies are dealt an additional magic damage and stunned.

Ryze imprisons the nearest enemy, dealing magic damage and stunning them for a while. His next cast spreads from his target, applying the same damage and stun to all enemies in a large area around that target.

Teamfight Tactics

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