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Heroes of the Storm best Bruiser 2024

Best Bruiser in Heroes of the Storm (Hots) are: Xul, D.Va Dehaka, Gazlowe, Sonya, Rexxar,… These heroes are currently extremely strong. If you can pick, you’ll have somewhat of a head-start in the game.



  • Exceptional waveclear.
  • Excellent AoE damage.
  • Mortal Wound counters healing abilities.
  • Able to apply lots of debuffs on attack speed, damage, healing and armor.
  • Good crowd control for team to follow up thanks to Bone Prison.


  • Very susceptible to crowd control.
  • Really hard to play when facing counters.
  • Susceptible to gank attempts.
  • Requires good positioning.



  • Solid initiation.
  • Impressive teamfight mobility with Boosters.
  • Can mitigate significant amounts of enemy Hero damage with Defense Matrix.
  • Incredible damage and zoning potential with Self-Destruct.


  • Mediocre waveclear.
  • No base-line crowd-control aside from knockback of Boosters.
  • Slow movement while Boosters is on cooldown.


Both of her Heroics can only be used in Mech Mode. Her first Heroic is Bunny Hop. D.Va’s mech begins hopping up and down, dealing damage in an area around it. Every fourth hit against the same hero will stun them. Her other heroic is Micro Missiles, an ability with two charges that unleashes a barrage of missiles in an area in front of D.Va, slowing enemies they hit.

In Mech Mode, D.Va does not have access to a mount or equivalent ability; however, her Boosters have a low cooldown and can be used for transport. In Pilot Mode, she can use mounts as usual.



  • Good waveclear.
  • Cannot be body-blocked while using Dark Swarm.
  • Can avoid incoming Abilities with Burrow.
  • Powerful on demand self healing.
  • Can Drag enemies out of position.
  • High map mobility via Brushstalker.


  • Drag and Isolation are difficult skillshots.
  • Limited mobility when Brushstalker is on cooldown.
  • Lacks a reliable gap-closer.
  • Susceptible to kiting.


Dehaka is an aggressive Warrior with a strong map presence. Powerful self-sustain from Essence Collection makes him very hard to kill. Dark Swarm enables him to break apart enemy formations during fights, while his brutal single target crowd control can incapacitate key targets.



  • Empowers knight and giant camps if you push with them.
  • Great at controlling space.
  • Able to solo any merc camp (golems included) while taking very little damage.
  • Sets up heavy defenses around static objectives or for defense.


  • Squishy, dies quickly if caught.
  • Much of his power comes from his team knowing how to take advantage of him.
  • Very little in the way of escape moves.


Gazlowe is a Bruiser hero, who excels at guarding a location. Instead of Mana, Gazlowe uses Scrap, which is passively generated by his trait Reduce, Reuse, Recycle over time or salvaged from his destroyed turrets. His trait can also be activated to instantly dismantle a turret.



  • Extremely strong duelist.
  • Great self-sustain through Whirlwind.
  • One of the highest single-target damage output potential in the game.
  • May quickly and safely solo claim any Mercenary Camp.
  • Outstanding solo laner.


  • Extremely strong duelist.
  • Great self-sustain through Whirlwind.
  • Outstanding solo laner.
  • May quickly and safely solo claim any Mercenary Camp.



  • Strong solo laner.
  • Decent crowd control.
  • High health pool on Misha.
  • Can easily clear Mercenary Camps on his own.


  • Very weak if Misha dies.
  • No escape mechanisms before Level 16.
  • Lack of AoE damage, especially during the early-mid game.
  • Controlling Misha requires some practise.


Rexxar is a hybrid character that combines the crowd control of a Bruiser with the strong damage potential of an Assassin. He is followed by his bear companion, named Misha, who fights alongside Rexxar and supports him in various ways throughout the game. Compared to other Bruisers, playing Rexxar is a unique experience since you have to control both him and Misha at the same time. Rexxar requires good micro management in order to unfold his maximum potential and, as such, he sometimes feels quite disappointing for newer players. Controlling Misha feels challenging at first. However, once the initial learning curve has been overcome, Rexxar’s strong chasing and kiting capabilities and the ability to stun multiple foes at the same time make him a force to be reckoned with.

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