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Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Dehaka Build in Heroes of the Storm 2024.

Best Dehaka build guides for Heroes of the Storm 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Heroes of the Storm builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Dehaka build for the meta. Learn more about Dehaka’s abilities, Talents, Tips and Tricks and Counters.


Dehaka’s Talent Build

Dehaka’s Abilities

Essence Collection

Heals Dehaka for 29 Health over 5 seconds, one stored essence at a time. During Drag and Burrow, it is possible to cast.


Dehaka lashes out his tongue, stunning and dragging the target with him for 1.75 seconds while causing 160 damage to the first opponent struck.

Drag has no further impact if Dehaka is stunned or silenced while using it.

Dark Swarm

For 3.5 seconds, deal 52 damage each 0.5 seconds to foes nearby. You are able to move through units when you are active. During Drag and Burrow, it is possible to cast.


Enter stasis by burrowing into the ground, becoming invulnerable for two seconds. Dehaka can move with a 50% movement speed while buried.


The first enemy hero is hit by a biomass attack that deals 200 damage, reveals them, silences them, and slows them by 30% for three seconds. Additionally, for 6 seconds, their eyesight radius is significantly decreased.


Heals Dehaka for 100% of the damage she sustained during the previous 4 seconds after that.


Burrow to a bush on the battlefield by activating.

Dehaka’s Pros and Cons


  • Nice wave clarity.
  • Body blocking is not possible while using Dark Swarm.
  • Can burrow to block oncoming abilities.
  • Powerful self-healing on demand.
  • Can move foes from their spot.
  • Brushstalker offers high map mobility.


  • Isolation and Drag are challenging skillshots.
  • When Brushstalker is on cooldown, it has restricted movement.
  • Has no trustworthy gap-closer.
  • Capable of kiting.

Dehaka’s Counters

Dehaka can be strong against:

Dehaka can be weak against:

Dehaka’s Gameplay

Dehaka is a warrior who is aggressive and has a significant map presence. He is extremely difficult to kill due to his strong self-sustain from the Essence Collection. He can dismantle opponent formations with Dark Swarm, and his harsh single target crowd control can take out important targets.

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