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Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about D.Va Build in Heroes of the Storm 2024.

Best D.Va build guides for Heroes of the Storm 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Heroes of the Storm builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best D.Va build for the meta. Learn more about D.Va’s abilities, Talents, Tips and Tricks and Counters.


D.Va’s Talent Build

D.Va’s Abilities

Mech Mode

After 0.75 seconds, D.Va’s mech dies, and she is ejected outside where she can continue to fight. When D.Va’s Mech dies, only 50% of a typical Hero’s XP is awarded.


D.Va’s movement speed is increased by 115% for 1.75 seconds. When an enemy is hit, they suffer 135 damage and are thrown away.

Defense Matrix

For three seconds, project a protective field in that direction, which will mitigate enemy Heroes’ damage by 50%.

Reactivate to adjust the projection’s angle.

The amount of Self-Destruct Charge awarded to the Mech when attacked by foes within the Defense Matrix remains unchanged.


Calls for Mech Mode. The Mech will self-destruct after 4 seconds if you eject from it. Depending on the distance from the center, does 400 to 1100 damage over a wide region. Inflicts 50% damage to Structures.

Gain 1% Charge for each two seconds spent Basic Attacking and 25% Charge for each hundred percent of lost Mech Health.

Bunny Hop

Every 0.5 seconds, D.Va’s mech enters unstoppable mode and stomps, causing 70 damage across a wide area. A Hero is stunned for 0.5 seconds and receives 100% extra damage with every fourth consecutive hit. 4 seconds long.

Calls for Mech Mode.

Micro Missiles

Channel to fire a volley of 12 missiles in the direction of the target after 0.375 seconds. Each missile strikes the first foe it encounters, slowing the target by 30% for two seconds and delivering 40 damage locally.

2 charges are stored, with a 5-second cooldown in between uses.

Mechanized Walker

The Mech of D.Va may fire while moving. The Mech’s movement speed is rapidly decreased by 25% while firing or using an ability.

Pilot Mode

Call Mech’s cooldown is lowered by 0.5 seconds by Basic Attacks. D.Va only receives 50% of a typical Hero’s XP when she dies because she is a Pilot.

Torpedo Dash

Run while dodging opponents in the direction of the target.

At level 13, the Good To Go talent makes this Ability available.

WConcussive Pulse

Knock back opponents within a cone of 120 damage.

At level 13, the Good To Go talent makes this Ability available.

Call Mech

Enter Mech Mode and call a fresh Mech. This cooldown is decreased by 0.5 seconds for each Basic Attack.

Big Shot

To all foes in a line, deal 150 damage. For 1.5 seconds after a hit, heroes’ movement speed is decreased by 25%. For each enemy Hero hit, Call Mech’s cooldown is shortened by 5 seconds.

Calls for Pilot Mode.

D.Va’s Pros and Cons


  • Solid beginning.
  • Excellent increases teamfight mobility.
  • Can use Defense Matrix to significantly reduce opponent hero damage.
  • Self-Destruct has amazing zoning and damage potential.


  • Waveclear is only fair.
  • The only crowd control at the base level was booster knockback.
  • While Boosters is on cooldown, move slowly.

D.Va’s Counters

D.Va can be strong against:

D.Va can be weak against:

D.Va’s Gameplay

She can only employ both of her heroics in Mech Mode. Bunny Hop is her first heroic move. D.Va’s mech starts to jump around, doing damage to the area it is in. When a certain hero is hit four times, they become stunned. Micro Missiles, another of her heroic abilities, has two charges and fires a barrage of missiles in front of D.Va, slowing any foes they hit.

D.Va does not have a mount or a comparable ability in Mech Mode, although her boosters have a short cooldown and can be used for transportation. She is able to utilize mounts normally in Pilot Mode.

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