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Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Xul Build in Heroes of the Storm 2024.

Best Xul build guides for Heroes of the Storm 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Heroes of the Storm builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Xul build for the meta. Learn more about Xul’s abilities, Talents, Tips and Tricks and Counters.


Xul’s Talent Build

Xul’s Abilities

Raise Skeleton

A nearby enemy Minion that perishes transforms into a 12 second-long Skeletal Warrior with 240 health and 21 damage attacks. Skeletal Warriors’ deaths cause 40 damage to adversaries nearby. When generated in this manner, up to 3 Skeletal Warriors may be active at once.

Spectral Scythe

Create a scythe that deals 190 damage to foes, travels to Xul after 1 second, and spawns a Skeletal Warrior when it strikes enemy heroes. They don’t contribute to Xul’s Raise Skeleton cap.

Cursed Strikes

Wide-ranging damage is dealt by Xul’s Basic Attack, which also slows the attack speed of Heroes and Summons by 40% for two seconds. once triggered, lasts for 4 seconds.

Bone Prison

Deal 80 damage and root the targeted enemy Hero for 1.75 seconds after a 2-second delay. For the duration of their fixation, all adjacent Skeletal Warriors will focus on the target.

Poison Nova

Release toxic missiles that cause 630 damage over 10 seconds to all foes hit after 0.5 seconds.

Skeletal Mages

Bring forth a line of four Frost Mages who deal 47 damage per second to nearby opponents and slow them by 30% for two seconds. up to 15 seconds long.

Bone Armor

Activate to receive a Shield for 3 seconds that is equal to 25% of Xul’s maximum health.

Xul’s Pros and Cons


  • Excellent wave clarity.
  • Great area-of-effect harm.
  • Mortal Wound interferes with healing powers.
  • Able to apply a variety of debuffs to armor, damage, healing, and attack speed.
  • Bone Prison provided effective crowd control so that the team could follow up.


  • Incredibly vulnerable to crowd control.
  • Incredibly challenging to play against counters.
  • Prone to ganking attempts.
  • Needs to be positioned properly.

Xul’s Counters

Xul can be strong against:

Xul can be weak against:

Xul’s Gameplay

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