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Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Deathwing Build in Heroes of the Storm 2024.

Best Deathwing build guides for Heroes of the Storm 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Heroes of the Storm builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Deathwing build for the meta. Learn more about Deathwing’s abilities, Talents, Tips and Tricks and Counters.


Deathwing’s Talent Build

Deathwing’s Abilities

Aspect of Death

Deathwing is equipped with four armor plates, each of which provides 10 armor. Deathwing loses a plate every time his health drops by 25%. Only when Dragonflight is employed, and according on how much health Deathwing has when landing, are plates recovered.

Deathwing is a powerful Dragon Aspect who does 100% more spell damage to Heroes and is unstoppable forever. However, he views his comrades with disdain and disregards any beneficial effects they may have.

Form Switch

Changes Deathwing between the World Breaker and Destroyer forms, giving each one access to two different Basic Abilities.

Deathwing can lunge at foes while using Onslaught and Incinerate to damage enemies surrounding him.

Molten Flame

Deathwing exhales a torrent of flame that deals 21 damage every 0.125 seconds after 1.5 seconds. 30 Energy are lost every second.


Deathwing flaps his wings after 0.75 seconds, causing 65 damage to adversaries nearby.

World Breaker: Lava burst
Make a lava puddle that slows and causes harm.

Lava Burst

Create a pool of magma that delivers 24 damage per second and slows foes by 35%, and after a one-second delay, deal 30 damage to all enemies around. 6 seconds long.


After 0.5 seconds, Deathwing lunges in that direction, slowing foes for 2 seconds and dealing 38 damage while doing so. At the conclusion of the lunge, Deathwing bites the target, causing an extra 72 damage.

Earth Shatter

Make an earthen fissure that stuns targets for 0.75 seconds and deals 90 damage to all enemy it hits.


Deathwing flies in the chosen direction after two seconds, causing 90 damage upon impact and 36 damage every second over burnt earth. 6 seconds long.


Fly into the air after three seconds to become immune to all effects and gain 2.5% more health each second. This ability cannot be stopped after it has been cast. After receiving damage, using basic attack, or using an ability, a spell cannot be cast for four seconds.


After 1.75 seconds, Deathwing slams to the ground in Destroyer form, causing 52 damage to nearby opponents. After landing, Deathwing has three seconds to start casting abilities.

World Breaker

After 1.75 seconds, Deathwing slams to the ground in World Breaker form, causing 52 damage to nearby opponents. After landing, Deathwing has three seconds to start casting abilities.

Deathwing’s Pros and Cons


  • Mobile world.
  • CC.
  • Regional harm and zoning.
  • His powers are unstoppable and immensely strong.
  • A large reserve of life, and passive armor.
  • He is immune to all crowd control effects because he is Unstoppable Permanently.


  • Poke harm.
  • Cannot be healed or buffed: Unaffected by allied abilities.
  • Attacked with low % damage.
  • Opponents are challenging to pursue and flee from.
  • After using Dragonflight, Deathwing’s options for movement are constrained.

Deathwing’s Counters

Deathwing can be strong against:

Deathwing can be weak against:

Deathwing’s Gameplay

According to Adam Jackson, the live game designer for Heroes of the Storm, and Kyle Dates, the hero designer, Deathwing is bigger than all the other dragons in the game, even Alexstrasza when she transforms into a dragon. Deathwing, however, plays primarily in his dragon form rather than his human form, in contrast to Alexstrasza.

Deathwing is an exceptional and distinctive melee Bruiser. He portrays comparable characters in totally diverse ways. Because Deathwing is invincible and immune to all crowd control spells, opponents cannot move him, slow him down, or stun him. He is immune to all ally abilities, though. He cannot be cloned, accelerated, have his damage increased, or even be healed by other players. Additionally, the Hall of Storms is unable to heal him.

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