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Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Brightwing Build in Heroes of the Storm 2024.

Best Brightwing build guides for Heroes of the Storm 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Heroes of the Storm builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Brightwing build for the meta. Learn more about Brightwing’s abilities, Talents, Tips and Tricks and Counters.


Brightwing’s Talent Build

Brightwing’s Abilities

Soothing Mist

Activate to remove all effects of Stun, Root, Slow, and Silence on allied Heroes in the area.

Arcane Flare

Fire a flare that deals 105 damage to opponents in the center and 75 damage to enemies it hits. The passive healing of Soothing Mist kicks in right away if a Hero is struck in the center.


A target can be polymorphed for 1.5 seconds, which reduces their movement speed by 30% and silences them. Targets who have been polymorphed cannot attack.

Pixie Dust

Target gains 30 spell armor for 3 seconds, which reduces the amount of spell damage they take by 30%, and their movement speed is increased by 20%.

Blink Heal

Charge Downtime: Two seconds
To an ally nearby, teleport. Heal a Hero for 200 when you teleport to them.

Emerald Wind

Create an expanding nova of wind that deals 225 damage and drives foes away after 0.5 seconds.

Phase Shift

Teleport to an ally Hero after 2 seconds, then heal them for 25% of their maximum Health.

Brightwing’s Pros and Cons


  • Soothing Mist provides strong healing.
  • There are many uses for pixie dust.
  • With Polymorph, you can effectively negate a lot of enemy heroics.
  • Able to use Phase Shift to virtually immediately assist teammates.


  • Very floppy.
  • Bursts only at level 10.
  • Phase shifting may be stopped.
  • For a Heroic, Blink Heal doesn’t heal too much.
  • Significantly slower than other heroes.

Brightwing’s Counters

Brightwing can be strong against:

Brightwing can be weak against:

Brightwing’s Gameplay

Avoid getting stuck all by yourself due to the absence of escape.

Unless you’re going out to bribe a merc camp, try to always stay with a Warrior or an Assassin.

Avoid being alone as much as possible in the late game because Brightwing performs best with her allies.

Don’t be hesitant to polymorph the Support over the Warrior or Assassin if the opposing side has a Lili or a Malfurion keeping them alive in battles.

Always keep an eye on the rest of the map and be prepared to phase shift onto allies who need assistance. One of the main characteristics of a bad Brightwing player is a lack of map awareness.

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