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Heroes Of The Storm Tier List 2023

Hey, I’m Zathong and is will share about Heroes Of The Storm tier list for 2023 I will help you choose the best heroes in the current meta and ranks every hero in Heroes Of The Storm from the least viable to the best.


Heroes Of The Storm Tier List

Tier list is a tool that allows players to see which heroes are performing well in the current meta.

SBrightwing, Valla, Azmodan, Rehgar, Anduin, Dehaka, Hogger, Ragnaros, Johanna, Muradin.
AStitches, Anub’arak, D.Va, Gazlowe, Rexxar, Sonya, Xul, Cassia, Chromie, Falstad, Gul’dan, Hanzo, Jaina, Junkrat, Li-Ming, Nazeebo, Orphea, Sylvanas, Tassadar, Tychus, Zul’jin, Abathur, Kharazim, Lúcio, Stukov.
BArthas, Blaze, Cho, Diablo, Garrosh, Mei, Chen, Deathwing, Imperius, Leoric, Malthael, Thrall, Yrel, Kerrigan, Samuro, Valeera, Zeratul, Fenix, Gall, Greymane, Kael’thas, Lunara, Mephisto, Raynor, Sgt Hammer, Tracer, Zagara, Zarya, Alexstrasza, Auriel, Deckard, Malfurion, Lt. Morales, Tyrande, Uther, Whitemane.
CE.T.C, Mal’Ganis, Tyrael, Varian, Artanis, Alarak, Illidan, Maiev, Murky, Qhira, The Butcher, Genji, Kel’Thuzad, Nova, Probius, Medivh, The Lost Vikings, Ana.

S Tier

These heroes are currently extremely strong and very hard to counter and have the ability to carry and win every game.

About Heroes:

+ Brightwing:

  • Solid healing with Soothing Mist.
  • Pixie Dust has a lot of uses.
  • Fantastic counter to a lot of enemy heroics with Polymorph.
  • Able to almost instantly help out allies with Phase Shift.

+ Valla:

  • Good waveclear.
  • Good poke.
  • Versatile; fits any team composition.
  • Strong in all phases of the game.
  • Very high single-target and area of effect damage.

+ Azmodan:

  • Split-Pushing.
  • Large Health pool.
  • Outstanding sieging and waveclearing capabilities.
  • High damage dealing potential.

+ Rehgar:

  • Unique mobility.
  • Capable of clearing Mercenary Camps on his own very quickly.
  • Consistent multi-target healing.

+ Anduin:

  • Powerful late game.
  • Strong burst healing.
  • Can protect himself quite well.
  • Both Heroic Abilities are viable choices.
  • Leap of Faith counters crowd control.

+ Dehaka:

  • Good waveclear.
  • Cannot be body-blocked while using Dark Swarm.
  • Can avoid incoming Abilities with Burrow.
  • Powerful on demand self healing.
  • Can Drag enemies out of position.
  • High map mobility via Brushstalker.

+ Hogger:

  • Burst damage.
  • Crowd control.

+ Ragnaros:

  • Burst Damage.
  • Waveclear.
  • Self-Sustain.
  • Defend a push against a Fort or Keep.

+ Johanna:

  • Extremely resilient.
  • Iron Skin absorbs a significant amount of damage, preventing crowd control from affecting you.
  • Condemn provides very good waveclear.

+ Muradin:

  • Good mobility.
  • Strong self-sustain.
  • Decent crowd control.

A Tier

Often first-pick in their respective roles. These heroes very powerful and effective and have the potential to carry games.

About Heroes:

+ Stitches:

  • Massive Health.
  • Strong self-sustain with Devour.
  • Hook can pull allied Heroes out of danger, or into otherwise advantageous positions.

+ Anub’arak:

  • High mitigation against ability based heroes.
  • Excellent initiator and diver.
  • Several long-range crowd control and interruption Abilities.
  • Beetles can block skillshots and structure damage.

+ D.Va:

  • Solid initiation.
  • Impressive teamfight mobility with Boosters.
  • Can mitigate significant amounts of enemy Hero damage with Defense Matrix.
  • Incredible damage and zoning potential with Self-Destruct.

+ Gazlowe:

  • Empowers knight and giant camps if you push with them.
  • Great at controlling space.
  • Able to solo any merc camp (golems included) while taking very little damage.
  • Sets up heavy defenses around static objectives or for defense.

+ Rexxar:

  • Strong solo laner.
  • Decent crowd control.
  • High health pool on Misha.
  • Can easily clear Mercenary Camps on his own.

+ Sonya:

  • Extremely strong duelist.
  • Great self-sustain through Whirlwind.
  • One of the highest single-target damage output potential in the game.
  • May quickly and safely solo claim any Mercenary Camp.
  • Outstanding solo laner.

+ Xul:

  • Exceptional waveclear.
  • Excellent AoE damage.
  • Mortal Wound counters healing abilities.
  • Able to apply lots of debuffs on attack speed, damage, healing and armor.
  • Good crowd control for team to follow up thanks to Bone Prison.

+ Cassia:

  • Can poke from long range with Lightning Fury.
  • Good waveclear with Fend if Minions are Blind.
  • Durable against damage as long as she can keep moving.

+ Chromie:

  • Outstanding poke.
  • High burst damage output.
  • Extremely long range.

+ Falstad:

  • On-demand burst damage.
  • Flight offers global map control.
  • Solid single-target damage output.
  • Strong in all phases of the game.

+ Gul’dan:

  • High AoE damage output.
  • Incredible sustain by means of Life Tap and Drain Life.
  • Fel Flame provides good waveclear.

+ Hanzo:

  • Long Range.
  • Combo Potential.
  • Poke Damage.

+ Jaina:

  • Outstanding burst damage.
  • Excellent waveclear.
  • All Abilities apply a strong Slowing effect on hit.

+ Junkrat:

  • Poke Damage.
  • Sustained Damage.
  • Crowd Control.

+ Li-Ming:

  • Good escape.
  • Exceptional poking.
  • Long-range burst and sustained damage.
  • Strong sieging potential.

+ Nazeebo:

  • Outstanding poke.
  • Strong Late Game.
  • Good Siege Damage.
  • Extremely high sustained damage.
  • Zombie Wall provides a unique form of crowd control.

+ Orphea:

  • Damage.
  • Sustain.
  • Dueling.
  • Zone control.

+ Sylvanas:

  • High sustained damage.
  • Powerful waveclear.
  • Very mobile, with a strong gap-closer.
  • Able to stun most Structures, Minions, and Mercenaries.

+ Tassadar:

  • Waveclear.
  • High poke range.
  • Heavy AoE damage.
  • Has great zoning potential, being good in small choke points.

+ Tychus:

  • Can kite very effectively.
  • Good waveclear.
  • Extremely high sustained damage, especially against Tanks.

+ Zul’jin:

  • Regeneration adds self-sustain in lane and between teamfights.
  • Can be utilized as either a Basic Attack sustained damage dealer or Basic Ability burst “mage”.
  • Can fill multiple roles to accommodate a multitude of team compositions and match-ups

+ Abathur:

  • Both Heroics are viable.
  • One of the best split-pushing Heroes in the game.
  • Can soak multiple lanes at once, creating an XP lead.
  • Excellent synergy with specific Heroes.
  • Can teleport anywhere on the map using Deep Tunnel.

+ Kharazim:

  • One of the strongest early game healers available due to his passive.
  • Divine Palm if mastered can turn the fight around.
  • Very strong talent choices on every tier.
  • Insane mobility through Radiant Dash which can be used either to chase or get out of sticky situations.

+ Lúcio:

  • Slippery.
  • Area sustained healing.
  • Frequent peel for allies.
  • Granting movespeed speed for allies.

+ Stukov:

  • Burst Healing.
  • Crowd Control.
  • Sustained Damage and Healing.

B Tier

The impact of these heroes is often lower than the above. In the right situation, these heroes can perform very well.

About Heroes:

+ Arthas:

  • Strong self-sustain.
  • Powerful crowd control abilities.
  • Resilient against Basic Attacks.
  • Decent laner.
  • High damage output compared to other Tanks.

+ Blaze:

  • Area Denial.
  • Sustain.
  • Mobility.
  • CC.

+ Cho:

  • Good self-sustain.
  • Great gap-closer.
  • Large Health pool.
  • Abilities do not use Mana.
  • Strong Late Game due to his scaling.

+ Diablo:

  • Can build for self sustain.
  • Greatly punishes bad positioning.
  • Very tanky (when fully stacked).
  • Resurrects immediately when fully stacked.
  • Good at bodyblocking.
  • Decent damage when maximizing ability usage.
  • Great for ganking.
  • A lot of interrupts.

+ Garrosh:

  • Solo Tank.
  • Crowd Control.
  • Initiation.

+ Mei:

  • Mobility.
  • Survivability.
  • Crowd control.

+ Chen:

  • Dive potential.
  • Not reliant on Mana.
  • Conditional mobility.
  • Strong bodyblocker.
  • Versatile playstyle.
  • Hard to gank.
  • High single target sustained damage versus Heroes.
  • Powerful and flexible HeroicAabilities.
  • High in-combat sustain through Shielding.

+ Deathwing:

  • Global mobility.
  • CC.
  • Area damage and zoning.
  • His abilities are incredibly strong and uninterruptible.
  • High health pool and passive armor.
  • Permanently Unstoppable, making him immune to all crowd control effects.

+ Imperius:

  • Dueling.
  • CC.
  • Initiation.

+ Leoric:

  • Good self-sustain.
  • Can deal Percent Damage.
  • Fast respawn thanks to  Drain Essence.
  • Solid waveclear.
  • Decent mobility.
  • Can become Unstoppable when needed.
  • Strong in the late game.

+ Malthael:

  • Punishes Melee.
  • Self-Sustain.
  • Sustained Damage.
  • Percent-Based Damage.

+ Thrall:

  • Strong self-sustain.
  • Very strong solo-laner.
  • Solid crowd control.

+ Yrel:

  • Tank.
  • Sustain.
  • Crowd Control.

+ Kerrigan:

  • Excels at ganking.
  • Deceptively tanky due to Assimilation.
  • Excellent burst damage and crowd control.
  • Strong inititaition by means of Ravage.

+ Samuro:

  • Ganking.
  • Very good at capturing Mercenary Camps.
  • Can create disposable copies of himself making him difficult to kill.

+ Valeera:

  • Exceptional at roaming and ganking.
  • Diverse kit with lots of utility.
  • Anti-Assassin, can take down high priority targets deep within the backline.

+ Zeratul:

  • High burst damage.
  • Excellent ganker.
  • Very mobile.
  • Stealthed when out of combat.
  • Dependable melee waveclear.

+ Fenix:

  • Self sustain.
  • Adaptable Basic Attacker.
  • Poke/Trading.

+ Gall:

  • Great poke.
  • Great waveclear.
  • Humongous Health pool.
  • Abilities do not use Mana.
  • Outstanding Damage.
  • Wide and flexible vision thanks to Eye of Kilrogg.
  • Permanently immune to Stun and Silence effects.
  • Permanently tied to Cho, a Warrior, making coordination easy.
  • Strong Late Game due to his scaling.

+ Greymane:

  • Potent duelist.
  • Strong poking potential.
  • Outstanding on-demand burst damage.
  • Excellent PvE damage output and waveclear.

+ Kael’thas:

  • Excellent waveclear.
  • Good at zoning.
  • Very high single and area damage.
  • Gravity Lapse provides crowd control.

+ Lunara:

  • Good poke.
  • Strong damage over time abilities.
  • Wide and flexible vision.

+ Mephisto:

  • Sustain Damage.
  • AoE damage.
  • Strong against Crowd Control.

+ Raynor:

  • Low learning curve.
  • Strong Basic Attacks with long range.
  • Adrenaline Rush makes him quite durable compared to other Assassins.

+ Sgt Hammer:

  • Excellent duelist.
  • Good poke.
  • Very high single-target and area of effect sustained and burst Physical Damage.
  • Excels at fixed Objectives (like Battlefield of Eternity).
  • Outstanding Siege Damage and waveclear.

+ Tracer:

  • Can move while Basic Attacking.
  • Excellent mobility allowing her to dive, escape and avoid skillshots.
  • High Basic Attack speed.
  • Has sustained and burst damage.
  • Can remove debuffs and can safely overextend with Recall.

+ Zagara:

  • Great waveclear.
  • Excellent long range, sustained damage.
  • Incredibly strong sieging and pushing power.
  • Good poke and harass.

+ Zarya:

  • Does not require Mana.
  • Her Basic Attacks allows her to damage multiple enemies.
  • Offers great protection with her Shields against burst damage.

+ Alexstrasza:

  • Burst Healing.
  • Point Control.
  • Sustained Healing

+ Auriel:

  • Very high burst healing.
  • High survivability.
  • Good laneclear for a Healer.
  • Crowd control.

+ Deckard:

  • Healing.
  • Area Denial.
  • Debuffing.

+ Malfurion:

  •  Innervate is valuable to Mana-hungry allied Heroes.
  • Extremely versatile Talent choices to adapt to a broad variety of situations.
  • Outstanding healing over time with Regrowth and Tranquility.
  • Very strong area of effect crowd control through Entangling Roots.

+ Lt. Morales:

  • Strong damage reduction.
  • Strong late game.
  • Powerful single-target heals.

+ Tyrande:

  • Significant burst damage potential.
  • Great single target healing.
  • Offers major offensive utility.
  • Access to long range stun.
  • Access to a good scouting tool.

+ Uther:

  • Has high burst healing (From the benediction talent).
  • Uther When killed in the battlefield you will appear as a ghost to continue healing (passive skill).
  • Uther is able to interupt ultimates or stop engages through stuns.
  • Uther offers more utility than other supports (through this build).

+ Whitemane:

  • Debuffs and Disruption.
  • Flexible Healing Style.

C Tier

These heroes have little to no benefits when playing them. We would advise picking from a higher tier for better initial chances, unless it is specific to your team composition.

About Heroes:

+ E.T.C:

  • Doesn’t die as easy as most heroes.
  • Brings alot of utility.
  • Always has plays to make.

+ Mal’Ganis:

  • Survivability.
  • Sustain damage.
  • Crowd Control.
  • Outstanding healing over time with Regrowth and Tranquility.

+ Tyrael:

  • Acceptable Solo Laner.
  • Exceptional mobility.
  • Offers offensive and defensive talent builds.
  • Capable of boosting allies’ Movement Speed and shielding them.

+ Varian:

  • Has access to multiple crowd control abilities.
  • High Basic Attack damage.
  • Extremely flexible playstyle.
  • Hard to read in drafts.

+ Artanis:

  • Great sustained damage.
  • Once below 75% health, Shield Overload can make Artanis very difficult to kill if not focused.
  • Phase Prism can be used during Blade Dash, which provides Artanis with unexpected mobility.
  • Both Suppression Pulse and Purifier Beam are global.

+ Alarak:

  • Great gank potential.
  • Strong solo laner.
  • Good counter pick to heavy melee compositions.
  • Can Silence enemies often by using Discord Strike.
  • Can reposition enemies or himself with Telekinesis.

+ Illidan:

  • Excellent duelist.
  • Nearly impossible to escape from.
  • May quickly and safely solo capture Mercenary Camps.
  • No reliance on Mana and excellent self sustain.

+ Maiev:

  • Escape.
  • Multi-Hero Damage.
  • Engagement.

+ Murky:

  • Strong revival mechanic.
  • Good waveclear.
  • Very threatening late-game presence.

+ Qhira:

  • Good Solo Laner.
  • Excellent duelist.
  • Great mobility.
  • Strong damage-over-time.

+ The Butcher:

  • Strong Late Game.
  • Strong duelist.
  • Extremely high Basic Attack Damage.
  • Ruthless Onslaught allows for easy engages and ganks.
  • Can recover massive amounts of health with Butcher’s Brand.

+ Genji:

  • Damage.
  • Initiation.
  • Mobility.
  • Takedowns.

+ Kel’Thuzad:

  • Control.
  • Siege.
  • Burst Damage.

+ Nova:

  • Stealthed when out of combat.
  • Extremely good burst damage.
  • Long Basic Attack and Ability range.
  • Effective ganks and threatening battlefield presence.

+ Probius:

  • Strong area control.
  • High burst damage.

+ Medivh:

  • Powerful crowd control abilities.
  • Exceptional scouting capabilities.
  • Superior utility.
  • Synergises extremely well with melee Assassins and Bruisers.

+ The Lost Vikings:

  • Large experience gains through soaking multiple lanes.
  • Excellent at clearing and maintaining control of Mercenary Camps.

+ Ana:

  • Long range.
  • Healing negation.
  • Healing throughput.


Brightwing, Valla, Azmodan, Rehgar, Anduin, Dehaka , Hogger, Ragnaros, Johanna, Muradin are best heroes for meta current. But Heroes Of The Storm is game requires communication and time investment to excel in it. You need talk with your team to make sure you have the same game plan and pick the heroes that fits.

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