Carano Chess

Carano chess Tulen: Build guide Items, Combo

Build guide Items and Combo for Tulen in Carano chess. Tulen is Demigod and Battlemage who ability ummons a power bird to attack.


Skill: Thunderbird

Tulen summons a power bird to attack a target target dealing 1500/3000/4500 magic damage, along with the victim’s missing health as bonus damage.

Electric birds can be blocked by other enemy champions. If the electric bird kills the enemy champion directly, Tulen will recover a lot of mana and activate its passive Lightning.

1 Sao2 Sao3 Sao
ATK DAMAGE190342684
MP START505050
MP USE100100100

Combo for Tulen



Items for Tulen

Combo items for Tulen are:

Combo 1

Combo 2

PM: Carano Chess is a new casual match mode in Arena of Valor that pits players’ strategies in the different rounds.

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