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AOV Carano Chess Guardian

Guardian will help with a healing rate when taking damage. The effect increases gradually according to the number of prime defenders appearing on the board. 2 Hero: Only Guardians have a 50% recovery rate of 200 health. 4 Hero: ALL allies have a 50% recovery rate of 400 health. Group Carano Chess is a new […]

AOV Carano Chess Berzerker

Berzerker that spawns on the field together deals damage to nearby targets equal to 100% of its base damage. 2 Hero: 1 random rampage hero receives a splash effect. 4 Hero: All battle-mad champions receive a splash effect. 6 Hero: All battle frenzy champions receive 100% cleave effect, plus 100% attack speed. Group Carano Chess […]

AOV Carano Chess Battlemage

Mages will recover a portion of their mana after casting the ability. 2 Hero: 40% energy recovery. 4 Hero: 70% energy recovery. 6 Hero: All team regenerates 70% of mana after casting the spell Group Carano Chess is a new casual race mode in Arena of Valor. Carano Chess is an ancient game passed through […]

AOV Carano Chess Sharpshooter

The Sharpshooter gets an increased attack damage and critical hit rate when it’s on the same team 2 Hero: 10% increase in physical attack, 15% critical hit rate. 4 Hero: 60% increase in physical attack, 50% critical hit rate. Group Carano Chess is a new casual race mode in Arena of Valor. Carano Chess is […]

AOV Carano Chess Support

Support in the squad will randomly bless your teammates at the start of the battle. Blessing effects will help teammates free from fatal damage and immunity for 0.5 seconds, restoring 20% health. 2 Hero: 1 teammate randomly received blessings. 4 Hero: IALL TEAM received blessings Group Carano Chess is a new casual race mode in […]

AOV Carano Chess Carry

The carry that spawns on the ring will receive the effect of the assault: additional attacks on basic attacks. 2 Hero: 25% rate of the consortium. 4 Hero: 50% rate of the consortium. 6 Hero: 80% rate of the consortium Group Carano Chess is a new casual race mode in Arena of Valor. Carano Chess […]

AOV Carano Chess Mage

Mage will enhance the ability effects of ALL allies 3 Hero: 40% increased ability effect. 6 Hero: 100% increased ability effect. 9 Hero: 140% increased ability effect, 30% increased magic lifesteal. Group Carano Chess is a new casual race mode in Arena of Valor. Carano Chess is an ancient game passed through magicians.

AOV Carano Chess Assassin

Assassins will jump back line behind enemy formation early in the game and receive ambush effects: increased critical damage and critical chance. The more assassins on the field, the stronger the effect increases. 3 Hero: Increase 75% critical damage and 15% critical chance. 6 Hero: Increase 250% critical damage and 60% critical chance. Group Carano […]

AOV Carano Chess Tank

Tank will increase physical armor for itself or the entire team. 2 Hero: Increases 300 armor. 4 Hero: Increases 600 armor. 6 Hero: Increase 1200 armor to ALL TEAMS and reflects 25% of the damage dealt by enemies as magic damage to enemies. Group Carano Chess is a new casual race mode in Arena of […]

AOV Carano Chess Fighter

When the health is below 50%, gladiators will receive additional health armor and physical attack. Bonus physical and armor bonus increases as there are more gladiator champions on the board. 2 Hero: Increase 80 cvl, gain 1000 armor. 4 Hero: Increase 160 cvl, gain 2000 armor. 6 Hero: Increase 400 cvl, gain 4000 armor. 8 […]

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