Aov Teeri build 2024: Items, Arcana and Rune

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Teeri build in Arena of Valor. I give you information about Teeri and assist you in selecting: Items, Summoner Spells, Arcana, Rune and Ability Order.

Teeri is a Marksman has high damage and strong in team fight. How to play Teeri AOV ? How to build Items, Arcana and Rune for Teeri?

Role: Marksman

Lane: Dragon

Tier: S+

Physical Attack: 182Cooldown Reduction: 0
Magic: 0Critical Rate: 0
Max Health: 3588Running speed: 0
Armor: 137Heal /5s:
Magic Armor: 80Mana Regen /5s: 0
Attack Speed: 0Attack Range: Long Range

Teeri’s Summoner Spells

Dragon lane

Teeri’s Items

Teeri best build:

Teeri pro build:

Teeri’s Arcana

Arcana list:


Rampage x 10.

  • Critical Chance: +0.7%
  • Critical Damage: +3.6%

Guerrilla x 10

  • Attack Speed: +1%
  • Movement Speed: +1%

Skewer x 10

  • Attack Damage: +0.9
  • Armor Pierce: +6.4

Teeri’s Rune



Teeri’s Ability Order

Ability Order: Skill 2 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1.

Teeri Counters

Extreme Threats

 Ideal Synergies

How To Play Teeri ?

Best summoner spells for Teeri are: Flicker.

Best items for Teeri are: War Boots, Claves Sancti, Dawnning Star, Fafnirs Talon, Slikks Sting, Blade of Eterenity,

Best Arcana for Teeri are: 10 Rampage, 10 Guerrilla, 10 Skewer.

Best Rune for Teeri are: Veda + Human.

Teeri’s Abilities

Passive: Fos’s Ring

Teeri’s subsequent normal attacks inflict an extra 45 (+11/lv) physical damage when her skill or normal attack hits three or more foes, and her subsequent enhanced normal attack does not shorten the duration of her stored attacks for three seconds.

When this skill is activated, it goes on an 8 second cooldown.

Skill 1: Comet Strike

If there are more than 5 targets within range, heroes will be hit first by Teeri’s bullets. Each bullet marks the target, delaying marked units by 30% for 1 second, and deals 275(+50%AD) physical damage (subsequent bullets will only deal 20% damage when they hit the same unit).

Skill 2: Piercing Heart

Teeri increases the power and range of her usual attack by 4/5/6 times (+1/2 skill lv). Her standard attack causes up to two units within a 12-meter radius to be struck, and when it does, the units it strikes fly backward for a short distance before turning around and delivering 80% physical additional physical damage (following hits on the same target deal 40% damage). The maximum cooldown period of skill 2 is now reduced by 5% whenever a normal attack affects several units. If skill 1 has marked a hit target, the mark will be conveyed to units that are subsequently hit. In the meantime, Teeri speeds up her movement by 90% for 4 seconds until it drops to 20% inside that time. Only 10 seconds can be spent maintaining enhanced assaults.

Skill 3: Ember’s Gaze

Teed launches her weapon in the intended direction, extending its range after each enemy hero it strikes before returning to do 450 (+55%of AD) physical damage to any foes in its route while also disclosing enemy heroes to the ls. It will deal an additional physical damage equal to 5% of the target’s lost HP while returning (up to 15%) for each enemy hero hit. When she touches a terrain edge, her weapon quickly returns.

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