Aov Ryoma build 2024: Items, Arcana and Rune

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Ryoma build in Arena of Valor. I give you information about Ryoma and assist you in selecting: Items, Summoner Spells, Arcana, Rune and Ability Order.

Ryoma is a Warrior who has high damage and good cc. How to play Ryoma AOV ? How to build Items, Arcana and Rune for Ryoma?

Role: Warrior

Lane: Solo

Tier: S

Physical work: 165Cooldown Reduction: 0
Magic: 0Critical Rate: 0
Max Health: 3150Running speed: 390
Armor: 96Heal /5s: 48
Magic Armor: 50Mana Regen /5s: 0
Attack Speed: 0Attack Range: Melee

Ryoma’s Summoner Spells

Solo lane

Ryoma’s Items

Ryoma best build:

Ryoma pro build:

Ryoma’s Arcana

Arcana list:


Onslaught x 10

  • Attack Damage: +2
  • Armor Pierce: +3.6

Assassinate x 10

  • Attack Damage: +1.6
  • Movement Speed: +1%

Skewer x 10

  • Attack Damage: +0.9
  • Armor Pierce: +6.4

Ryoma’s Rune


Afata – Veda

Ryoma’s Ability Order

Ability Order: Skill 3 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 1.


Ryoma Counters

Extreme Threats

Ideal Synergies

How To Play Ryoma ?

Best summoner spells for Ryoma are: Flicker.

Best items for Ryoma are: Rankbreaker, Sonic Boots, Frost Cape, Muramasa, Fenrirs Tooth, Blade of Eterenity.

Best Arcana for Ryoma are: 10 Onslaught, 10 Assassinate, 10 Skewer.

Best Rune for Ryoma are: Lokheim + Afata – Veda.

Ryoma’s Abilities

Passive: Naginatajutsu

Every 5 seconds, Ryoma launches a shadow blade with a greater range, +1.2 AD in physical damage, and a 2 second 50% reduction in enemy movement speed. At the edge of the range, enemies struck by the shadow blade will take an additional 50% physical damage.

Skill 1: Pinwheel 

While extending his naginata, Ryoma jumps backward, causing 250/300/350/400/450/500 (+1.25 AD) physical damage to all nearby foes. The duration of Pinwheel’s cooldown is shortened by 3 seconds if Ryoma damages an opposing hero. This impact cannot be stacked.

Skill 2: Wailing Blade

Ryoma unleashes a physical attack that does physical damage to the first target it hits and 50% damage to successive enemies at a range of 350/395/440/485/530/575 (+2.1 AD). When an enemy is struck at the edge of the ability’s range, they are stunned for 0.75 seconds.

Skill 3: Spectral Ire

Ryoma attacks adversaries ferociously with his naginata, dealing up to 4 occurrences of damage. Physical damage of 130/180/230 (+0.7 AD) is dealt with each hit. Ryoma gains 70/100/130 (+0.35 AD) HP for every stab that hits an opponent hero (there is no additional HP earned for hitting numerous enemies with a single stab).

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