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Weekly Free Hero Rotation : Mobile Legends [New Update]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this share is about weekly free hero rotation in Mobile Legends. These heroes will appear in champion pick at the mode Classic.


New Free Hero Rotation for this week!

Weekly 1 – February 2023.

HeroesHow to Play
AuroraEarly game plan – Start out with magic necklaces (2-3 is recommended) to sustain your mana problems, if possible get blue buff early on would be extremely helpful, especially when you are low on mana. Get a non-upgraded boots early on might be useful for early-ganks as Aurora ability could actually help ganks other lane easier than any other heroes due to her crowd control potential.  You don’t have to wait till Level 4 for your ultimate. Simply stack to 4 units of your passive, proceeds into any lane you would want to gank, Bitter Frost to freeze and slow the target, finish the target with your teammate. It sound simple but it can be a very powerful gank.

Mid-late game plan – You really want to make sure you have 3-4 stack of your passive AT ALL TIMES. You will never know when a teamfight will occur, you will want to be ready all of the time, especially when your team is grouping. You can always start or initiate a teamfight with your ultimate, combined with your passive, Coldness Destroy can be extremely powerful, burst-ish and massive AOE freeze. Otherwise, if your team have another initiator for example, Tigreal, you could always wait for a wombo combo. Another reminder, 3-4 STACK Pride of Ice (Passive) at all times.
miyaMiya is a scaling hero and needs items to be useful in the battle so focus on farming in the early stages and avoid team fights as much as possible.
You can use her 3rd Skill for initiation or for escaping (Miya’s Ultimate has the same effect as the spell Purify)

I would recommend having a full stack of Moon Blessing before engaging into a fight.
Her 1st skill is good for clearing lanes.

Miya 2nd skill is her only crowd control so make sure to use it wisely.

Miya is squishy so it is important that during teamfights, just stay at the back and just engage until it is secured.
BalmondEarly game: Balmond is really strong in the early game. being too aggressive is not advisable.  If you think you have the advantage then grab it just be careful, Balmond is not that tanky in the early game but he can surely deal some damage to enemies especially to mages and marksman. Killing minions while near the tower is a good move to prevent you from ambush. If you cleared the line and the jungle, you may visit other lines to help them kill or to push.

Mid game: In mid game, begin pushing lanes and killing turtles. You can now engage with team fights because you are now durable. If you are going solo please be careful, always check the map.
Late Game: You are now very tanky at this point. You can now endure the attacks and skills of the enemy team while dealing some damage. Make sure that you live after the team fight so you could push and win. Use the Healing spell to gain extra health and to regen as much as you could using your passives. Using your ultimate will help a lot in team fight. At this point it is very crucial to make a mistake, one mistake will lead to defeat .
CyclopsIf you are against a Mage on the mid lane, start with your 2nd Skill and hide into a side bush. When you can target him walk towards him and use your 2nd Skill. This will make all 5 planets hit your target dealing higher damage than any of his skills at level one.
If by level 2, the mid laner went missing, check their blue buff. Stay in the outside bush and try to steal their buff with your 1st Skill.

Use Flicker + 2nd Skill to K.O. your opponent, even under tower. As you do not have to target anything, it will be too fast that your enemy will not be able to react.
Once you get Enchanted Talisman, you can farm waves easily with your skills. Remember to hit 1st Skill on all enemies along the path and 2nd skill near the Siege Minion to focus all the planets on him.
If you are being chased, use the bush in your favor. Hiding in the bush and casting 2nd skill will make they suffer damage even before walking into the bush, which will decrease your other abilities’ cooldowns in the process.
Always stays in the backline spamming your 2nd skill on whoever gets close, using your 1st skill to poke and your 3rd skill to set up plays. If you are confident, you can quickly use 2nd skill, walk to the frontline and move back again, so it will hit more enemies and reduce your other skills’ cooldown.
A Blue buff is only needed early game. Late game if you have a Fanny, Estes or another mana-hungry hero let them take it! You can steal your opponent buff as well.
hildaEarly Game
Hide in the bush, let the enemy come, and use your skill 2 on the enemy along with minions. This trick will clear the minion waves more quickly. If you are low on HP, do not recall back to your fountain, just hide in the bush to regenerate lost HP.

Mid Game
Try to play a little bit aggressive and focus on building your core items. Always roam in the bush. Help your allies by rotating in mid lane but do not ever leave your lane wide open. Try to push turrets whenever you get the chance.

Late Game
Try to complete your stacks in this phase. With full 8 stacks, Hilda’s damage will reach more than 3000 with the perfect physical damage items. Casting this skill at the right time is very essential in the late phase, use it after the enemy used their Blink skill.
HanabiHanabi has a really an easy Gameplay style when compared to any marksman.
Hanabi can literally just aim her attacks on one enemy and still deal an insane amount of damage to all her enemies.

Berserker’s Fury and Windtalker are extremely important to bring out her Maximum Damage in Team fight.
Just rotate between Gold Lane and Midlane, and just farm through killing Minion waves.
Don’t attempt to push towers, as you can easily die if you get ganked by even One Enemy.
Once you receive Berserker’s Fury, start ganking your lane and Midlane only.
You can also start pushing your lane. After destroying your lane first tower, go to Midlane and destroy the first tower.
dyrrothDyrroth is all about killing his enemies, with the play style of an assassin and the stats of a fighter. He uses his skills and Spell Vamp to help him sustain himself in battle, using his various damaging moves and the execute damage on his ultimate ability to finish off high priority targets and win fights for his team.
As a fighter, Dyrroth has some early durability that can help him win duels against unsuspecting enemies. Play safely, but get ahead early when possible. If it proves hard or impossible to kill your lane opponent, push waves of minions into their tower and then roam to try and assist your allies and get kills in the lane nearest to yours. You can then return to your own lane in time for the next wave.
In team fights, Dyrroth should seek out the enemy team’s key player, usually a marksman or immobile mage, and lock onto them, taking them out of the fight and allowing his team to push objectives with little resistance.

Dyrroth’s Circle Strike gives him some momentum in team fights when damaging multiple enemies. This allows Dyrroth to get into the thick of battle and keep going. While team fighting against a group of enemies, don’t lose focus on who you should be taking out: always aim to eliminate enemy damage heroes that can kill you and your teammates. Save the enemy tanks for last whenever possible!
ClintEarly Game
Clint is pretty strong early game so feel free to trade against the enemy if needed. Sometimes you might even get some kills!
Early game plan is fairly simple, farm farm farm. Clear your lanes, jungle, repeat. Make sure you don’t miss any minions in lane. If your enemy mid lane missing, warn your team. Proceed to push mid lane if your minions is alive, otherwise jungle or help your team. Most of the situations, it’s better to push the turret. Clint have fairly low gank potential, so don’t gank! But of course, if your team needs help, give them a hand.

Mid Game-Late Game
Stick as 5, get ready for teamfights. Don’t walk infront of your team, always stay behind. Don’t get out of positioning. Get objectives, turrets, lords and turtles. Shoot whoever you can in teamfight, no matter what, do not proceed into their backlines and try to take them down on your own. Unless.. you can!
Don’t spam basic attack in teamfights tho, use your abilities! Make use of your passive, Heel Rope out of danger zone if needed. Walk/Run to safe zone before start inflicting damage again.
Clint is too risky to split push (especially if the enemy team has assassin such as Hayabusa, Karina, Fanny, Natalia), your escape is slow and it’s either you kill them or you die. If you do, don’t get too far away into the enemy team, look at the map and prepare to whenever someone’s missing.
NanaWhen you are the only mage on the team, go to mid laen. It will give you more experience and gold.

Early Game: Buy an Elegant Gem to recover your lost Mana and HP. Then buy a normal Boot and prioritize Clock of destiny. Do not take blue buff if your carry wants to hyper.
Clear the minion’s wave and focus on upgrading your level. Try to build Clock of destiny as fast as you can, after that Build Lightning Truncheon. Do not forget to rotate with your team after reaching level 4.

Mid Game: Place your second skill in a bush and after morphing do a surprise attack with your allies. Do not fall behind gold, building items are very important. Your duty is the help your damage dealer if you are playing as support.

Late Game: Nana is not a solo player after getting nerfed by developers, so her mid-phase and late phase’s duty is to gank with the team.

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