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Top 10 best hero in Mobile Legends 2021

Best heroes in Mobile Legends for beginners 2022 are: Granger, Benedetta, Paquito, Esmeralda, Wanwan, Natalia, Floryn, Valentina, Aamon, Aulus,… Very durable heroes that can easily absorb a great deal of damage from their enemy.

Top 1: Granger

+ Very high burst damage.
+ The ultimate also has CC and AoE.
+ Long range and destructive ultimate. Can be used as an artillery.
+ Can have an element of surprise to enemies.
+ Highly-effective team fighting marksman.
+ Has a considerably effective maneuverability.
+ The 6th bullet and 3rd super bullet deals superbly high damage.
– Can easily be ambushed.
– Vulnerable to CC effects.
– Vulnerable to assassins, especially with very high damage and speedy maneuverability.
– Ultimate must be carefully aimed, especially the 3rd shot.


Granger is a marksman, but he plays more like an assassin with his crit damage allowing him to burst targets down rapidly. Once he has a few items, Granger can be an unstoppable menace, especially if he gets ahead of the enemy team with a few kills.

As a marksman, Granger needs to stay in the backline of team fights, using his critical shots on key targets if possible. His high range and even larger range ultimate allow him to keep his distance while still inflicting high damage. Work with your team to push objectives together, with Granger’s damage allowing the team to plow through enemies and take turrets.

Top 2: Benedetta

+ High Burts Damage.
+ Fast Offensive Gameplay.
+ Excellent Immune Ability.
+ Effective Skill Escape Mechanisms.
+ Hero Given Free.
– Unfriendly For Beginners.
– Covered Area Uniforms.
– Not Suitable For Teamfight.
– Lacks Crowd Control.
– Complex Skill Set.


Every single one of Benedetta’s abilities gives you mobility in the form of a blink or displacement like Phantom Slash. In total, you’ll have a minimum of four movement skills, and even more as your passive charges up in battle. Use her innate mobility to your advantage.

As you let your tank initiate on the front line, look for flank angles, or sweep in with your ultimate Alecto: Final Blow — but only after key skills have been used by the enemy.

Top 3: Paquito

+ High mobility, with skill 2 which has a very fast cooldown, Paquito can move freely anywhere.
+ High damage, one shot can instantly kill your opponent.
+ Effectively kills enemy cores.
+ It’s thick enough to have a shield too.
+ Has a really terrible crowd control effect.
– Difficulty in late game, because the opponent’s core hero is sick and it will be quite difficult to kill him.
– Weak against hero crowd control and high burst damage.
– Gabisa as long as they enter the war, like Lapu-lapu, Yu Zhong or others.
– Low lifesteal, even though buying Blodust Ax even though the lifesteal is still very low.


Early Game – Clear the first minion wave between turrets. Then take the Lizard. At 45 sec take the small gold crab.

Mid Game – This is the main phase for Paquito. Do not feed to enemies and do not waste your skill 2 like any other skills. Try to master it to avoid all kinds of ganks.

Late Game – Paquito’s weakness is getting Burst or Crowd Control. So try to play him safely in this late phase.

Top 4: Esmeralda

+ Can sustain herself really well.
+ Can deal high damage.
+ Have unique abilities.
+ Easy to use (may take a little practice).
+ Can solo kill buffs, turtles, and lord.
– She doesn’t have any CC.


Esmeralda manipulates shields and packs a hybrid punch with her moves dealing Physical and Magical damage, making her hard for teams to entirely deal with if she gets fed and out of hand early.

As a hero who gives her enemies shields, Esmeralda needs to coordinate with her team and have awareness of the proper times to engage so as to not accidentally save an enemy’s life by popping in and giving them a shield!

Because of her ability to ignore shields with her damage and drain enemy shields into her own health, Esmeralda excels at dueling enemies and winning sustained fights. Her nature as a tank can allow her to initiate with her team or split push objectives, forcing enemies to come and stop her and allowing her to duel them and draw pressure off other areas of the map where her team can push uncontested.

Top 5: Wanwan

+ High comeback possibility because of Crossbow of ultimate.
+ Can poke the enemy using 1st skill.
+ High mobility because of passive.
+ Free Purify because of 2nd skill (except Suppress effect).
+ Nightmare for Close combat heroes (Fighter).
– Low damage in early game.
– Requires to activate ultimate ultimate after hit all 4 mark of passive.
– Depends on item’s.
– Needed a support from Tank.
– Hard to master because of passive.
– 2nd skill cannot removing Suppression effect.



  • Ever since the reintroduction of Red Buff, you always want to start in the Bottom Lane. Make sure to take the buff at level one (ideally with the help of Tank or Support). As a Marksman, Wanwan needs time to scale and get her Core Items.

Mid Game

  • With Corrosion Scythe, you already have a decent powerspike. Make sure to keep farming small jungle camps and take Red Buff whenever it’s available. Try to help your team secure Turtle and look for reckless Tanks to unlock your ultimate.

Late Game

  • Stay back and don’t get cocky. Even with one defensive item, you get blown up very quickly. Try to ambush the enemy since your first skill can easily trigger 3 Weaknesses for an easy ult. Positioning is everything now and a single mistake can easily cost you the game.

Top 6: Natalia

+ Very good assassin for countering marksmans and mages.
+ Very hard to kill in the late game.
+ Can almost kill anyone in game 1vs 1.
+ You can gank anyone with your stealth and steal enemy’s jungle creeps.
+ You can destroy towers and run away very easily with your skill number 1.
– You need to farm very hard and fast to get your items.
– Can’t initiate in team fights.
– Squishy so you need to be extra careful.
– Weak to enemies with CC skills since her silence works only for 2 secs.


Early Game
  • Natalia, with Retribution should go into invisibility and attempt to steal from the enemy’s jungle! The enemies won’t see you coming and when the time is right, activate retribution and steal the jungle creep from them!
  • In the early game Natalia has huge ganking potential as she is able to sneak up to enemies, silencing and slowing them as well!
Mid Game
  • By mid game you should have a couple of items built already and this is where you can start to be an annoyance to the opponent team during fights! Get behind the enemies and let your teammates engage first, then creep through the bushes and target the lowest HP enemies to finish them off or get rid of their backlines (Mage, Marksman, even Assassins)
  • If not team-fighting, resume farming and if you spy an enemy hero who is low on health you can creep over with your fast movement speed and invisibility and try to finish the enemy off!
  • Don’t forget to farm the new hermit crabs as well! They give a large amount of exp and will be good for giving you an advantage over your opponents!
Late Game
  • By late game you should be well farmed already and being able to easily make short work of their backline heroes. As usual, wait for the right opportunity to enter the fray and never be the first one to enter the battle!
  • Additionally, at this stage of the game, Natalia + Smoke Cloud is able to take down turrets insanely quickly. If you see your teammates fighting and you’re on the other side of the map and are unable to get there on time, don’t be afraid to push the turret and try to get their throne!
  • This is a 50-50 situation as it could go two ways.
  • If your opponents realise and try to recall home to stop you, your teammates fight at an advantage as likely more than one hero would recall back to try to prevent you from pushing their turrets, heroes that are in the midst of recalling are very vulnerable as well!
  • If your opponents don’t realise it but are able to clear your teammates, you leave your team at a severe disadvantage as you will be the only one against 4 or even 5 opponents! This allows them to get objectives such as Lord which may potentially cause disaster for your team.

Top 7: Floryn

Has a Useful, Unique Passive.
Currently the Best Healer in Mobile Legends.
Excellent Poking Abilities.
Thrives in Any Situation.
Easy to Grasp.
Flimsy CCs.
Low Mobility.
Low Defense.
One-Less Item Slot.
Vulnerable to Ganks.


Early game:

  • Help out your jungler in securing the buff and Lithowanderer.
  • Rotate with the jungler and gank other lanes along with your teammates.

Mid game:

  • Rotate around the map and help teammates secure objectives like: stealing enemy buff or creeps, killing the lord,taking down enemy turrets, or ganking out of position enemies.

Late game:

  • Provide vision.
  • As a pure support focus on helping your teammates.
  • Use your Skill 2 CC to set up a kill for your enemy or heal your teammates.


  • Always check the map or your allies’ health so you’ll be ready when to use your Ultimate to heal them.
  • Always stack on the backlines so you can properly support and help your teammates.

Top 8: Valentina

+ Main burst damage.
+ Decent cc effects.
+ Movement ability and will also reduce the cooldown of her first skill.
+ Copy their looks and ultimate skill.
+ Change her basic attacks.
– Struggles at the early game.
– Vulnerable some CC effects.
– A priority target for enemy heroes.

Top 9 : Aamon

+ Has mixed damage-dealing abilities through basic attacks and skills.
+ Providing invisibility, speed and attack.
+ Has excellent mobility
+ Good at escaping.
– The damage-dealing abilities aren’t that good.
– He doesn’t have crowd control abilities.


Aamon has mixed damage-dealing abilities through basic attacks and skills.

The first and second skill is combat initiator, which helps in building the moment to get assassin kills.

The damage-dealing abilities aren’t that good with only basic or only skills but are dangerous when used in a mixed way.

Top 10: Aulus

+ Have skill with cc.
+ Tough defense and offense.
+ Skills that increase movement speed.
+ Can play as Fighter and Tank.
+ Has attack damage area.
– Lack of CC ability.
– Weak in early game.
– Low lifesteal.
– Slow basic attack.
– Relying too muck on skill.


Early game:

  • You have to go to the Exp lane and hold it as well as push it; until your carry gets the core items to get kills.
  • Do not leave your lane open for enemy pushing.

Mid game:

  • Help your carry to get the turtle buff and do a quick rotation to the mid or bottom lane with your team.
  • Pushing turrets gives pressure to enemies to focus on your lane more rather than your team’s carry.

Late game:

  • Try to attack the enemy carry as much as possible. If you are playing as a fighter in your team then go for max 2 sustain build and if you are playing as a hyper in your team then go for max 1 sustain build (Breastplate).

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