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Mobile Legends Items List 2023 | Gears

Items (Gears) in Mobile Legends are purchasable in-game items that a hero can purchase. Each heroes are limited to 6 items inventory. Like most MOBA games, Items have tiers and higher tier Items are available from purchasing lower tier gears. They provide bonus attributes with unique passive and abilities.

All Items List




Movement combined with items Jungle or Roaming:

Full Items

Defensive & Neutral Stats

StatDescriptionCaps & Effectiveness through the game
HealthIncreases survivability against all types of damageValuable at any point, increasingly effective when paired with additional Defence
Health regenerationGrants Health sustain
ArmorIncreases survivability against Physical DamageEffective throughout the game, scales with Health
Magic ResistanceIncreases survivability against Magic Damagesee Armor
Movement SpeedAvailable from few Items and several Emblems (both % and flat), especially valuable for Midlane and Support/TankIncredibly valuable for rotating faster over the map
Cooldown ReductionGrants lowered Cooldowns on skills40%,
valuable for most classes, skill-dependant Heroes should prioritize CDR early

Offensive Stats

StatDescriptionCaps & Effectiveness through the game
Mana/EnergyResource restricting stat mostly for Mages and AssassinsMana can be increased through Items/Emblem
Energy costs can only be lowered by obtaining the Buff
Mana RegenerationGrants Mana sustainMostly important for Mages with low Cooldowns that cycle through spells a lot
Magic PowerEnhances Magic Damage and Abilities
Physical AttackEnhances Physical DamageStrong throughout the game, but prioritizing it early makes the most sense
Critical ChanceBonus chance to land a Critical Strike that deals 200% Physical Damage upon landing an Auto AttackHighly valuable for Crit Marksmen/ Fighter
Scales heavily into late game with both Physical Damage and Attack Speed
Attack SpeedIncreases the speed of basic attacks, primarily valuable for Physical Damage dealers with few exceptions250% cap,
stronger mid-late game due to synergy with Physical Attack
Magic Penetration (%)Grants % Magic Penetration against enemies that cuts through Magic ResistancesEspecially valuable late game when enemies have lots of Magic Resistance,
also good against tanky teams
Magic Penetration (flat)Reduces a flat amount of Magic Resistance of the enemyMost efficient early/ against squishy targets due to low MR
Physical Penetration (%)Grants % Physical Penetration and cuts through Armorsee Magic Penetration (%)
Physical Penetration (flat)Reduces a flat amount of Armor of the enemysee Magic Penetration (flat)
Physical LifestealProvides % healing depending on the amount of damage dealt with Auto AttacksBecomes more effective as the game progresses since more damage means more to lifesteal off
Magic LifestealProvides % healing depending on the amount of damage dealt with skills that deal Magic Damagesee Physical Lifesteal
Spell VampProvides % healing depending on the amount of damage dealt with skills that deal Physical Damage (including True Damage)see Physical Lifesteal

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