TFT Best Comps Set 10 – New TFT Meta

Hey, I’m Zathong and this share is about best comps TFT Set 10. This is comp, I have compiled and it will be useful to you.

TFT Comps Set 10

Top 1: 4 Rapidfire + 2 Sentinel + 3 Spellweaver

Aphelios, Caitlyn, Lucian, Senna, Sona, Lulu, Blitzcrank, Garen.

Rapidfire TFT Comps

This is a strong late-game team comp and can easily win if it is well covered. This comp is comprehensive in attack and defense and is my favorite formation to use.

Top 2: 4 8-bit + 3 HEARTSTEEL + 3 Edgelord + 2 Rapidfire + 2 Sentinel.

Caitlyn, Riven, Kayn, Aphelios, Ekko, Yone, Garen, Corki.

8-bit TFT Comps

This is a standard team comp with huge damage from Caitlyn, Corki and Aphelios and good resistance from Garen, Ekko, Rive. Yone and Kayn take on the role of harassing the opposing team’s backline quite well.

Top 3: 7 K/DA + 3 Spellweaver + 2 Sentinel.

Ahri, Akali K/DA, Evelynn, Kaisa , Lillia , Neeko , Seraphine, Ekko.

K/DA TFT Comps

The squad I built uses Ahri and Akali as the main damage. Use Neeko and Ekko as two tank champions in the front.

Top 4: 6 True Damage + 2 Rapidfire + 2 Sentinel.

Akali True-DMG, Ekko, Kennen, Qiyana, Senna, Yasuo, Lucian, Garen.

True Damage TFT Comps

This is a team comp that favors attack over defense. However, Ekko and Garen can play this role well if you build items for them. Qiyana and Lucian will be your two main forces in the late game.

Top 5: 7 Spellweaver + 2 Hyperpop + 1 Mixmaster.

Ahri, Annie, Ekko, Gragas, Lulu, Seraphine, Sona, Ziggs.

Spellweaver TFT Comps

This team comp has poor resistance, but is capable of exploding great magic damage and easily wiping out weak squads.

Top 6: 4 Superfan + 5 K/DA + 4 Spellweaver + 2 True Damage + 2 Sentinel + 2 Guardian.

Ekko, Neeko, Ahri, Sona, Gnar, Kai’Sa, Seraphine, Kennen, Lillia.

Superfan TFT Comps

Superfan is a safe team comp and needs to be able to combine with team comp that increase magic damage or increase attack damage to win. This team comp is weak in the early game and extremely strong in the late game when the Headliner is fully equipped.

Top 7: 6 Sentinel + 2 True Damage + 2 8-bit + 2 Rapidfire.

Blitzcrank, Ekko, Garen, K’Sante, Lillia, Mordekaiser, Caitlyn, Senna.

Sentinel TFT Comps

The strength of this team comp is throughout the game. Late game, you can remove 2 Sentinels and replace them with 2 Rapidfire to increase the damage of your squad.

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