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Super Auto Pets Meta Build 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and this update is about Super Auto Pets Meta for Pets and Team Combo. Let’s just get into the details below!

Meta Pet in Super Auto Pets

AntThe Ant’s stats are bad, but its ability is incredible for a Tier 1 Pet. Not only does the Ant’s good attack mean it can trade with most tier 1 pets, but its huge buff when fainting often allows one of its friends to get an extra KO, meaning the Ant usually trades 2-for-1.
The Ant falls off in the mid-game, but this is expected for a Tier 1 unit. The Ant should be given a Sleeping Pill if possible, as its ability will activate and give one of its friends a nice, permanent boost.
Overall, the Ant is a very powerful early game unit that can easily win early rounds, and can be sacrificed for scaling later on.
BeaverThe strength of the Beaver lies within its ability to scale by being sold, providing 2 points of permanent health and an early 2/2 statline for the net cost of 2 gold. While not having an ability that benefits combat, the beaver is a niche, but viable round one option when paired with two other pets that are likely to secure an early win regardless of the pet in the third slot.
CricketThe Cricket, with incredibly low stats and a mediocre ability, can typically be most useful in the early game. It can fit in Horse teams, as it is the only tier one summoner.
DuckFor Super Auto Pets players who are patient, ducks are a very promising early unit.
The term “the duck strat” refers to an early game approach that has gained some traction. The duck is a Tier 1 pet that, when sold, gives all other pets that are in the player’s Pet Shop a stat boost.
Having a few ducks on hand in the early game helps players get ready for more promising units later on, even though the boost to shop pets is not as significant nor comprehensive as the grant offered by the Tier 4 Canned Food item located in the Food Shop. Players may decide to hang onto their fish until they can utilize it to enhance later units because even a slightly enhanced fish is more promising than an unbuffed one.
FishThe Fish is an incredibly powerful pet in the early game.
The Fish also benefits immensely from stat buffs. With the boost from an Ant or Otter, a Fish can one-hit other Fish and survive attacks from even 3-attack pets. An Ant and a Fish can easily solo any teams without an Ant or a Fish at the front, which allows for easy early wins.
HorseThe Horse is a very situational animal. Its ability can be powerful, but with 1 HP, it can be risky to run, and will not scale well past the early game.
The obvious use for the Horse is in token-focused builds. Early on, a Horse will buff Crickets and Honeybees to the important 2-attack benchmark. This allows them to trade 2-for-1, which is very powerful on paper. However, the trading power of a Horse-buffed Cricket is only slightly better than a Fish; so even at its best, the Horse build is roughly equivalent to 2 Fish and a 2/1. And this is only for 1 round; buffing the Zombie Crickets alone doesn’t improve the Cricket that much.
OtterThe Otter is recommended to be merged so they won’t buff other otters.
Although it has low stats, its ability more than makes up for it. It’s practically an Apple, with the added benefit of another animal on your team. Levelling it up early can result in a big advantage in scaling, and will provide a lot of early wins if used correctly.
MosquitoWith its ability to rapidly eliminate a number of Tier 1 pets and its respectable stats, the mosquito can be a highly useful early game unit. With an improved ability, it can also be helpful later in the game because it can quickly shatter Melon Armor.
Of course, good fortune is the only factor in this. Occasionally, the Mosquito will hit the wrong opponent, which might either make very little difference or make things easier for the enemy if it hits a pet that has a hurt ability, like a peacock, a camel, or a pufferfish.
Overall, the Mosquito is a solid B tier pet, and one of the better picks for early game.
PigA high-risk, high-reward pet is the pig. On the one hand, it is capable of eliminating opponents with 4 health. However, because of its poor HP, it loses terribly to crickets and mosquitoes.
If you have nothing else, purchasing a pig isn’t a bad idea.

Meta Team Combo in Super Auto Pets

Team combo 1: Ant + Fish

Team combo 2: Beaver + Mosquito + Ladybug + Beetle

Team combo 3: Cricket + Horse

Team combo 4: Horse + Ox + Swan + Bison +Rabbit

Team combo 5: Otter + Penguin + Snake + Crab + Bison

Team combo 6: Mosquito + Crocodile + Dolphin + Parrot

Team combo 7: Pig + + Boar + Cow

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